Saturday, January 9, 2016

Gucci Spring Summer 2016 Campaign by Glen Luchford

You know what, I've always talked about being a Saint Laurent gurl at heart but oh my god, maybe just maybe I'm truly a Gucci gal? #SorryFrida
Alessandro Michele is absolutely killing it by evoking a youthful, fun, and enticing spirit at Gucci. The new ad campaign and video are a testament to that.
Besides 'Goodbye Horses' by Q Lazzarus being one of my favorite classic tunes, the video and imagery showcase the Gucci girl and boy as free-spirited and oozing individuality yet they form a gang that we all somehow seek to join, at least I do. Like, I love how it all evokes a sense of nostalgia especially with those John Hughes films (am I the only one getting Breakfast Club from this somehow?!?). I love that Glen and Michele are creating a narrative with everything from the collections to the imagery. While everything is so hypersexualized on one end of the fashion spectrum to others churning out minimalist collections on the other end, it's great to see someone doing something quirky, nostalgic, and yet artistically individual in its own right. 
The last shot is absolutely breathtaking with the Berlin skyline in the background. It's great to see imagery exude such a fresh, youthful mood that really makes you want to wear a Gucci piece, whether it's the new Gucci horsebit fur loafers or the vintage GG logo belt or even the silk jacquard bomber jackets. The new Gucci is here and I'm so here for it.

Photographer: Glen Luchford
Creative director: Alessandro Michele
Art director: @christophersimmonds
Music: "Goodbye Horses" Q Lazzarus / William Garvey

p.s. can someone confirm if that's Tami Williams in the ad? Like if so, yassss gurl!! Also, kudos to Peyton Knight! One of my new faves. Werq, mama.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Hey, Kelela

Yes, I've been MIA once again and I truly apologize for that but can we take a minute to fully understand and appreciate that yah gurl met Kelela a couple of weeks ago. From sickening looks to the sweetest personality, Kelela is everything.
We talked briefly about how she's amazing and such a style icon to me but we also had a #FashionGurls moment and had a quick conversation about how rad it was hearing her music at the Fendi and Opening Ceremony spring/summer 2016 shows.

I mistakenly said Louis Vuitton but remembered she was front row at the show rather than having her music played on the soundtrack. Nonetheless, she's taking ovah the fashion scene and I'm living for it. She was so sweet and like immediately was so down with taking photos and talking. I wish nothing but success for her and can't wait for a full debut album.
Oh! and if you're new to Kelela, I'd suggest checking out her music video to 'Rewind', which goes the fuck awf and gives me 90s, dancin' vibes and the art direction and styling is right up my alley. We also talked about the direction of the video and the inspiration behind it and like the styling in the music video was so good.

Also check out 'A Message', which features a stunning animation scene.

'The High' is one of my newer favorites off of her EP, which is a more darker tune than the others I've mentioned.

And where my obsession started: her collaboration with BOK BOK.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibit Los Angeles

Hey, everyone! Yes, I've been quite MIA for the past couple of months but in all honestly it was all for the best. I managed to thankfully pass all my classes and receive fantastic grades, including the damn economics course I was repeating, but that's an entirely different post I can ramble on about how the professor is a complete moron and a pervert (I do have receipts! lol). Anyway, within the last past months, there have been subtle differences that have occurred, but nothing quite dramatic. New job, new hair, and a new perspective on life, I suppose. I never got to upload about the Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibit in Los Angeles that I was able to attend in February thanks to my university. Our class managed to attend the exhibit, but regardless of that it was open to the public and I absolutely would've attended on my own if I wasn't afforded the opportunity to attend with my peers.
What I absolutely enjoyed the most about the exhibit was the fusion of art, fashion, and technology, that is absolutely something I quite found compelling about Nicolas' own work for the house of Balenciaga. The exhibit managed to showcase the new aesthetic of what Louis Vuitton is now and for the future and just what exactly the brand is able to do. It's Louis Vuitton, for god's sake! The label, with it's fantastic, numerous resources and Nicolas' futuristic, fresh aesthetic are a match made in heaven
I managed to spot one of my current faves, Mica Arganaraz, in the 'Backstage' area of the exhibit. 
Mijo, my queen!!!
Not gonna lie, I kind of freaked out in a positive way when I saw these white, stone mannequins that literally resemble Marte Mei Van Haaster, who's an LV staple every season. 
(Outfit: Black t-shirt and jeans by Gap, denim distressed jacket by BDG, Balenciaga cutout boots, and vintage leather backpack by Coach)
Personally, I loved the 'Backstage' room of the exhibit. The whole process from hair to makeup to the stylists dressing the all screams glamour, really. Brought me back to Isaaz Mizrahi's 'Unzipped' doc where the models were just unabashedly glamorous. It also was a great opportunity to see the clothes and accessories up close. The intricate details were sublime and honestly the basket-weaving-looking dress and the leather dress screamed luxury. As one of Ghesquire's biggest fans, I can't wait for what's to come next.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear

I want to say "same ol', same ol'" with this Givenchy collection by Riccardo Tisci (who I find caliente) since I always try to be optimistic in everything (it really has a lot of downfalls, tbh), but alas what exactly is super new or questioning about this collection? I haven't been raving about a mens Givenchy collection from Riccardo in years, so this comes to no surprise that I'm not exactly ecstatic about it. When I think of the quintessential Givenchy by Tisci colors, I think of red, nude, and black, which is exactly what this collection offered. It did feel very derivative of earlier collections, especially with the skirts and pants combo. Let's start with what I really enjoyed about the menswear: the prints. I feel like I've seen him do these prints in the past. However, they were absolutely gorgeous. Some prints reminded me of wall cave paintings you'd come across in history books or prints that certain cultures or tribes would've created. I think what also sparked this whole idea were those teeth necklaces, that I feel would be something a indigenous tribe would create for adornment or sacred reasons. There's a print in there that has a dog figure in it that reminded me of Inca and the culture pertaining to that location. I'm not exactly sure where the prints derive from or from what culture, but that feature of the collection felt the most fresh and quite exciting. For the usual Givenchy urban, streetwear guy, there's a couple of pieces he'll find in here, particularly a logo sweater and a couple of impeccable outerwear pieces. I can already see it now....that "Givenchy, Paris" t-shirt (or is it a sweater?) will fly off the shelves once the fall/winter season hits next year.When it came to the womenswear, I loved it all. The look Ajak is by far my favorite. I see fur, feathers, and red glitter...I love it. The girls were giving me gothic, chola, spanish realness and I'm living for it. Alas, here are my favorite looks and beauty/detail shots: