Monday, March 24, 2008

ohhh dear teacher will yah fuck me?

OMFG ok so i have this fucking essay(rough draft thank god) thats like bloody due on wednesday! as in the wednesday i spend to watch the real houswives of NY!!!! ol so the problem is i havent been fucking doing it! i know im such a bad boy no? wanna spank me mark wahlberg? and suck me too while ur at it? omfg but i CANNOT do bad on this assignment! ive been bringing my grades up and my fucking mom would like totally have a OMG moment if i get a bad grade. ugh no more marc jacobs for me in a long time is whats coming up if i turn it in late!!! ugh my english teacher is a fucking bitch no? shes fat, wears the same outfit everytime but yet shes soooo fucking nice and is soo vulnerable. hah if i said there was a fucking fight outside the bitch would run out of class and would run! hah muy stupida! noooo though i mean how do they expect my fabulous gorgeous ass to do "ESSAYS" on fucking spring break? i mean isnt spring break where im supposed to be waearing my missoni bathing suit to the beach where all the hot gorgeous pervs will stare and crap and i do the same. and then i get drunk, smoke, get fucked, get money from parents and buy myself some YSL crap and get gang banged by some hot white gollege studs! sooo may memories it brings no? but ugh stupid bitches give me hw! SOOOO not lindsey lohan of me to have hw no? maybe a tyra banks right? ahh screw it im a lindsey lohan! i get fucked, i love partying, maxing out my fucking credit card for some comme des garcons crap yah no! ugh wish me luck bitches....oh and wish me a boyfriend ASAP NO? SI!