Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hedi slimane is still in Cali!!

Ok i blogged earlier like i dont know like a fucking 2 weeks ago on my myspace blog that my favorite menswaer designer is in cali well........fashionista is still reporting that he still is in CALI! especially in the melrose/hollywood area etc. the fabulous pic to your right is actually a pic of some bitch that spotted hedis car! so look out for that car out in hollywood ok! but anywho omfg i mean i still have a wopping chance to actually meet him? you willie wankers think that if im posing my bony ass body down on hollywood with some short shorts that the bitch will recognize me? can he? will he? ahhh! i dont know maybe ill just give the genious some baby food. he loves baby food duh. apples? peaches? grape? PLEASE CROSS your fucking fingers, legs, tongues, penis's, vajayjays, 4 arms, i dont know but just fucking cross every fucjking organ thats crossable so that I as in the fabulous tony can meet hedi slimane! newest campaign: Tony meet hedi slimane. btw i wonder what he actually is doing down here in cali? my bet is that it has nothing to do with work. maybe partying perhaps? cant a guy have some fun? remember if u spot the car....please tell me....ill give you some hand job or balenciaga bag whatever......

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