Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld is gonna be in Grand Theft Auto!!

omfg big news! well i heard it liek 2 weeks ago but i forgot to blog about it. sue me. anyways Karl Lagerfeld(my fave designer :D ) will be a character in the grand theft auto game! hes going to be a dj in the game for a radio station.

On meeting the executives of Rockstar Games and inking the deal:
Lagerfeld … called the encounter a "friendship at first sight." He didn't hesitate about participating. "They are the games of our times," he said. "Those games in a way changed the world."
On killing hookers and bustin' caps:
"They had written a politically incorrect dialogue," the designer said. "I loved it, [particularly] in a time when everybody wants to be so politically correct when they talk."
On his qualifications for the role:
"Music is part of the life of fashion, too," he said. "Through the famous sound stylist Michel Gaubert, I'm very much 'au courant' and know what's going on."
On controller aversion and his future:
"I prefer to be in a video than to play with it," Lagerfeld said. "I would love to be a very nasty, politically incorrect character."

oh my lord! i soo have to go over to one of my fucking straight friends's house just to see this. oh lagerfeld how i love you.... :D. now all i need to do is buy me some PS3 system and the game and im good to. well actually once i see lagerfeld in the game ill just give it to my brother. hell use it more than me.

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