Thursday, April 10, 2008

My toilet got fixed!

hah no thats not my toilet but Guess what!?!?! my vajayjay was quivering from seeing tom brady on tv? i met hedi slimane? i cried like a fucking pussy watching the notebook?the bitches at proenza gave me clothes? ugh no no no no my toilet got fixed! bye bye old bastard..hello bulimia! well now now my big bathroom was well lets say having problems. i mean i fucking cried! well not cried but i mean when i couldnt use that bathroom i was heartbroken! well anywho like last friday i told my dad when he was gonna get someone to fix it. hes all like why r u asking me? what he actually meant was why am i not asking my mother! who the fuck says ask ur mom when it comes to toilets u know! the only fucking things my mom fucking knows is spanish telenovelas, cosmopalitan, tweed jackets, and some hot red lipstick yall. but ugh as if dad i said. well not as girly as cher from clueless but u bitches get the idea right? yeah.... so then today after a whole week bummed about my dad not fixing it yet i get home and wahla! the fucker was getting fixed!!! i felt as if i was barneys heaven with racks of proenza schouler and dolce. right there and then it was getting fixed. now my toilet works......the faucets work again and everything is perfect! i was tired of using the other toilets. tony needs his own bathroom back. hairspray anyone?

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