Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coming soon........

since sales are like right around the fucking corner....why not share my list of what i want!?! no?!?!

Bye Bye Victoria, Hello.......???

ok so from various sources and crap(fashionista,fashionologie and yahda yahda) Marc to the motherfucking J is having models for his Fall/Winter08 campaign instead of a celebrity!!! omfg yay!!!! thank god! i mean whos going to pull off those intersting coats and gowns........the olsens? no!............kate beckinsale? NO!.......any other celeb!?!? NO!!!! only a fucking thinspirational model can u dimwits. anywhoooo.......i really really hope its someone cool and hot and oh so wow! i mean i LOVE vicky b's ads for MJ but no more celebs puhlease! im tired of them like i am of fucking 80's newwave inspired glasses! give me Freja MJ! FREJA!!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Vogue Paris June/July Editorial: Ca, c'est Paris

OMFG!!! have u seen the Ca, c'est Paris ed in the latest Vogue Paris?!?!?!? omfg IM LOVING IT!!!! omfg sooo many of my fave models! and the styling is perfection!!!! and omg soo many fall/winter08 goodies already! wow im kinda loving how this looks soo kinda supermodely though!!! me likey mucho! the only problem though i wish Doutzen wasnt in this ed though. she seems the most out of place with all the other models....almost like as if shes lost or just not in the same presence as lily,catherine,natasha, and sasha. you know i actually wouldve rather of had lara instead of doutzen...........maybe cause i hate once-skinny-now-fat obese models. lol im jk i like,LIKE not LOVE bitches dont get your fucking info twisted, Doutzen but Lara wouldve fitted in better. but other than that im loving this ed!!

Vogue Korea June 2008: Caroline Trentini

Hey Blair Waldorf called Caroline and she wants her outfit back! I actually kinda like it. I mean IM NOT IN LOVE with it but i like it. Good cover though. the yellow probably couldve/shoulve/maybe couldve been a different color but yellow does fine i guess. omfg are we going to see mizz trentini jump? if she DOES!....then sue the asian mothefuckers anna! sue them! lol anywhoo.....ill edit this post with editorials if they pop somewhere k. :)

Behati is a hottie!

According the the NY Post, lovley gorgeous stunna Behati Prinsloo is being groomed to be the next Gisele Bundchen at Victoria Secret! shes also been signed as the face of Victoria's Secret Pink Line and that the company sees her as the next big spokesmodel for the ENTIRE BRAND!!!! wow! congrats Behati though i hope and i MEAN HOPE that cause of this she doesn't stop doing runway shows cause well look at what happened to Hilary! i miss that bitch and cause of her cosmetics shit she doesnt do runways no more! but other than that congrat behati! i rather see her on fucking VS commercials and ads and yahda yahda cause that fucking Miranda Kerr is well.....she has a fucking weird ass nose i swear it get sooooo annoying! :0

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank You.Bye Bye. Fuck you.

ugh testing is over................ :)

I was going for Chanel cruise09 but i got Dior Homme SS07!

thank god today wasnt hot! Well today i went to the mall for some quick errands and well can i be such an attention whore? people were like staring like in negative ways lol and well....................... i love it! i really do! i live for that shit i swear! i mean its not my fault im such a beautiful bitch with a not bad taste in clothes no?.gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. anywho omg my hair was looking great! well sorta. at some moments it was sooo Chanel cruise09 then it was Dior Homme SS07 then it was fucking YSl FW08 .ugh suprisingly though the mall wasnt packed. ugly people everywhere! like practically clones of beyonce and tom cruise....blegh. ugh i had a mochachino. bad bad bad! i need fucking discipline.....whip me wontcha?. omgg i found these shirts at JCPenny and omg ewwwww! can u say lil wayne! ewwww would tony wear that? As cher from clueless would say: UGH! AS IF!. ugh. i dont get it. i just dont find whats appealing with big baggy polo shirts that are rainbow! well i love rainbow but i rather wear it in another matter. those shirts are just hideous.

anways my brother invited me to go to this concert, which the the somthing hooligans( idk i forgot the name) was going to play cause it was a tribute to morrissey which i love since its his bday. ive heard them before and theyre really good but you know i kinda regret not going.

my brother even invited me like 2 days before but noooo being the dumb fuck i am i said no cause i had to study and blah blah. and i thought my mom wouldve had a bitch fit and not let me go but suprisingly she was like ok with it. DAMN! i sooooshouldve! couldve shouldve wouldve! oh well.i wouldve missed ugly betty....and if I MISSED IT AGAIN i would had a fucking Anna Wintour style fit! there'd be vogue books everywhere thrown and fucking Carine Roitfeld heads being stabbed. and me talking to the fucking walls saying "jump caroline JUMP!" ...well something like that but in my version. omfg ugh its 11:51 im sooo tired. geeez.......i wouldve had one fucking cig in my hand a fucking cosmo on the other by now :(

What does a boy do when his pelvic bone still sorta hurts?

ok so last sunday i went to ameoba right, and as im going up the stairs i was like walking really funky. idk but i felt like power walking in a way ala lanvin fall08 lol. so as im walking upstairs i hit my pelvic bone on the edge of the handlebars of the stairs. i mean it doesnt hurt but it feels a little funky but kinda feeling better. ugh i swear i need to really fucking watch where i go. i mean if i can fucking spot a fake louis from a mile away, then i can defitanely watch where i walk no.

on a side not though i bought the thesenewpuritans debut album! i really like them. if u dont know them theyre the fuckers responsible for that cool song for DiorHomme's fall07 show(omfg i miss hedi slimane soooo badly)

anywhhoooo......the cd rocks. it should atleast distract me from my injury. well i wouldnt really consider it an injury anymore but oh fuck i think i should pretend poor rich girl with fucking car hit me in the ass role........ id sooooo be getting fucking service with a snap of my finger. very anna wintour. :)

Happy Birthday Naomi!

Happy bday u hot sexy son of a bitch. may you be the fiercest fucker of the night...well not more than me you know but you get the point honey. love ya and my gift to you is like i said a hot hunky construction worker with a nice bottle of whip creme and a whip. you do the magic. :)
xoxo tony :)

Happy Birthday Morrissey!

Happy Bday to one of my favorite singers! love yah!!! xoxo tony :)

omfg Ugly Betty 5/22/08

AHH! omfg best episode yet! omfg for starters im fucking tired of the 4 eyed guy. personally if i was betty i get the fucking geek squad bitch to fuck me and then done. period. hes like a fucking boy at my school...you know theyre ok but theyll do for a quick fuck in the bathroom. ahaha i swear that little boy thats daniel thing was funny when the assistant asked him to put makeup on him. ahahah if i was a little french fucker id fucking pretend i had some fucking goneria shit to go to the "mode" closet the steal all the precious things. material whore...i know. they dont call me material girl for nothin you know... oh and LOVED the lindsey lohan cameo. sheesh im glad shes ATLEAST getting some work....hopefully shes back by next season. oh oh and the best part of all was when naomi took her cellphone...AHHHAHAHA!!!!!! if i was there id go alittle like this

N: *takes out phone* hello bono!
Me: omfg u fuvking fucker!!!
N: oh bloody hell fagit wat u want?
Me: oh HELLLLLL NOOOOO BITCH! dont make me get anna wintours oscar de la renta squined skirts and start cutting u like a fucking japo bitch @ sushi pucci palace!
N: "goes away".....
Me: ahaha i thought so bitch....now whos the real queen bitch bitch!! me me me me me!!! me and my fucking proenza schouler color pencil skirts bitch!

you know i really do wonder though whats gonna happen next! i mean whats gonna happen to Daniel and and the little secretly queer french bitch? and whatabout aunt hilda....will she still saty with the coach,which we know i would cause i have this fucking fantasy of getting but fucked in the locker, so what will happen there? oh oh and who the fuck did betty pick in the end?!?!? i REALLY hope it was the Gio guy....i mean who wants to live in teh desert with henry...right?....am i right? so not chic or in this case "mode". Rome seems sooo better.

oh btw: wasnt the whole choosing between rome and arizona land sooooo like the hills when lauren "hotdog" conrad was choosing bear bitch and france? :0

This is what you call fierce Tyra u fat fucker!

you see that bitches you fucking see that!!! thats what i fucking call fierce! oooooh I love Natasha......fucking no one can beat this bitch...not even coco nor doutzen nor nada! thinspiration at its finest no?!

(natasha poly at cannes film festival at Roberto cavalli party may 21)
(photo from fashionologie)

ps: i wish i was that gorgeous :(

fuck Dior its all about CHANEL CHANEL CHANEL!

OMFG!! did u hear how Dior is going to be producing fucking cellphones now!!!! io know i swear i mean whos next gucci? valentino? balenciaga? ugh. i whats fucking annoying my fucking glitter balls is that theyre charging a whopping 5000 for a phone!!! thats way more than the fucking Prada LG one. ugh. i know I wouldnt buy it cause
a. 5000? give me those balenciaga rainbow heels from fall07 instead honey
b. again its 5000!!!
c. and i rather have the chanel phone thats coming out(well theyre still planning on it)
d. im a cheap bitch and i rather stick to my ooowy goowy iphone :D thank u very much
so theyre charging to make sales go higher right? umm well then maybe make better bags atleast!

Oh Gywneth......tod loves ya

According to fucking Vogue UK Gwyneth bitch has been confirmed as the face of Tod's fall/winter 2008 collection and its going to be shot by Mr. Mario T. . ugh im not a BIG fan of Gwyneth but her? i really like the ones with Sienna but ugh....Gwyneth.....bitch is old! i think......

Bye Bye Agyness, Hello Rosie!

Guess what guess whatt Guess what?!?So yeah like Agy was dropped as the face of Burberry. sad no? according to a fucking insider, Mr. sexy Testino was tired of like the british bitch. well more like shes getting popular and he wants something new and unique. now whos the new Burberry chick you ask? well testino has Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lined up as a replacement. :D :( :0 :0 <-8

Pollini loves a little Saunder with their soup no?

from Vogue UK:

"Jonathan Saunders has been named the creative director of Pollini. Saunders, who trained at the Glasgow School of Art and Central Saint Martins – will debut his ready-to-wear collection for the Italian house in Milan in September – alongside fellow Brits Matthew Williamson at Pucci and Christopher Bailey at Burberry, Vogue UK reports.
"I am absolutely delighted to be the new Creative Director of Pollini. I have a great deal of respect for them and Aeffe and am really looking forward to working together with them," he told us this morning."

Oh my! :D. good for him! cant wait for his debut at Pollini. shit i already love his main line imagine at Pollini? :D

Would you boys love a menswear Balmain?

lookey what i found out! :

from frillr but also from WWD:

"Balmain designer Christophe Decarnin is rumored to be extending his creative duties to men's wear, WWD reports. Word has it Decarnin has been working on a new men's collection for the French house and could unveil his first designs at Men's Fashion Week in Paris next month."

omg I LOOOOVEEE Balmain! imagine a menswear? well nothing has stopped me from wearing womenswear....but a menswear would be cool too no? omg hopefully though they show at mens fashion week in paris for ss09 season :D

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


ill start blogging more people like strating tommorow its cause recently weve been having exams and crap at school so when i get home its as if a fucking white trash trailer hit me like the hillbillys they are. i need vodka... ill be back tommorow
XOXO thenewclubkid

Balenciaga is fetch no?

guess what you balenciaga freaks and trolls?!? Balenciaga finally has its online store available. reason numero500000 why to have a fucking sugerdaddy. i swear with my budget i cant have anything(well for right now) but i mean mucho beautful things. i only checked out the scarves and i think Nicolas Ghesquiere would make Carrie Bradshaw one lucky bitch.
Fleurs Buvard print scarf is for right now what i want from the online store....isnt it lovely? hello lover! if i cant have the sculptural peices why not settle for the pretty print in another manner no? how to get the money u ask? its like 385 dollars! why cant they have price points like Philip lim i swear. i mean thats alot for a scarf. to sell my body on hollywood? omfg i would BUT NO! im a classy bitch and prancing in fucking thongs around town is soo not vogue of me.....oh fuck it! prance prance prance! licks some dicks fo mucho dinero.

Chanel Cruise 2009 Miami

Can you say love at first sight? Can you say rock n roll with a little seventies?? Can u say going in debt cause of this??!? I LOVED Chanel's cruise collection ...from thhe Brian Jones hair to the colors to the accessories to everything!!!! loved it!! I loved the hair for starters. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I NEED THAT HAIRCUT! Even the runway,which was a curvilinear runway built on the pool, was cool and made a perfect backdrop for the show. Thank god no one fell in though...well i have my bets Stam wouldve fallen but then again she wasnt casted so thank god. Anywhooo....I loved especially the very adrogynous looks. sooo me! even the 70's inspired peices(tie dyes,legged light washed jeans,headbands etc) were just cool and amazing. It wasnt a dramatic collection as say past chanel collections but it was a really interesting and amazing one from my point of view. well i guess you can say dramatic in away i guess idk. whatever. the point is i loved Karls collection. Way better than his last cruise show.

omg I LOVE THIS LOOK!! FROM HEAD TO TOE!!!! LOVES IT!!! soooo me!!
I also love this one!! ugh geeez.....im like having a fucking orgasm from this.
Vlada looks sooo god with that hair i swear it puts Brian Jones to shame! lol jk but i love this tooo,........

Can u say love at first sight? and then fuck at first sight! omg love the silhoette of the coat.and the pants.... :D
i likey this one too.....

OMFG SIRI!!!!! love it!

i know i know.....its soo outthere Chanel logo shit but i really like it! pink=chic no?

OMFG i see a bunch of fucking scene dorks at school that do the fucking headband thing but i mean i cant go wrong with a jeweled one no? muy chic!

omfg did Taryn get a tan? omfg i loved her pale skin...why bitch why? u look like 5 years older.
omfg i LOVEd this look on siri! soo light soo angely soo cute!

i swear the hair......must......have.....hair.....or.....die.......


omfg can u believe i thought Milanna was Raquel when i first saw this pic! its the fucking mouth expression that go me. btw im loving the heart bag with the interlocked C's

this one was probably my fave look of all! I love the look from head to motherfucking fungus toe! woudl hedi slimane agree? i think YES!
loves it I LOve that sheer cardigan!

the fuckinng dress!!!!

mi likey!

omfg i love it! im fucking crying!

suck in those cheeks sasha and sell me that dress bitch!

omfg im crying like tha fucking gay ass fagit that i am...i mean i swear my ass is gonna be in debt after wanting to purchase practically everything from thsi collection! i love it!! I was a little dissapointed though with the swimwear....not really digging it. the only swimwear i loved from Chanel was from way back ion SS07.... the evening wear was excellent as always and the day wear is just stunning. Im in love with soo many things i swear. i always love when Karl incorporates rock n roll in a collection and with incorporating it here with a little 70's glam i think made a great outcome. I would comment on everylook but i just cant cause im lazy lol. Im practically loving almost everylook besides the swimwear and all. does anyone wanna be my sugardaddy and buy me mucho mucho chanel? i give good head and make the best betty crocker cakes :)