Monday, June 30, 2008


Natasha Poly backstage at Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter08. O.M.G. this is how u do fucking fabulous fierce!

ugh i wanna be friends with Poly! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Dsquared Mens Spring/Summer 09 Backstage

i wonder if dean and dan had an orgy with all those muscley men?

Your love affair is making me fucking blind

omfg i LOVE this song. love it love it love it.

Feel it
Feel it
Feel it
Like Im going blind
ugh i cant stop singing it i swear.

thanks chanel and versace. :)

R.I.P. Ruslana Korshunova

omg sooo sorry for not blogging as soon as possible about this, but omg its soo sad and horrible how Ruslana died. just horrible. she died what seems to appear as a suicide but i dont think its actually been confirmed its just what everyone seems to be saying. she jumped off her apartment building(9th floor i think) and fell to the floor which anyone would assume it was suicide.

(shes the one in the pink*left*)

omfg and she was only 20 years old! she was soo young and so beautiful. what saddens me the most is that she was soo young and to end her life at a very young age just like that is horrible. no one should be suffering from depression you know. no one. she didnt get to even experience life. her most recent thing shes done is the nina by nina ricci perfume campaign below. she was beautful and to see her gone, is well very very depressing

im in tears. this is just horrible. a young person to end her life just like that. its horrible. just looking at pictures of her makes you wonder why she did this and whats going on in her mind you know.

R.I.P. Ruslana
we love you

Friday, June 27, 2008

Best news ever....HEDI!

OMFG this has to be the best news/rumor/idk whatever thingy ive heard all day( well more like yesterday its already like 3:05 and im like ugh). okso heres what i read today at fashionista:
"A little fashion spy in LA tells us that Dior Homme is trying to get Hedi Slimane back into place.
According to them, Kris Van Assche is feeling the same corporate bullshit that Hedi felt and has had it with the whole thing.
Meanwhile, Dior itself is realizing that perhaps the reason Dior Homme was so lucrative under Hedi was because he was awesome, not because they tried hard to micromanage him."
UmmmHELLO ofcourse the only reason dior was making money WAS IN FACT CAUSE HEDI DESIGNED PURE GENIOUS AND IT SOLD! theres not one designer i can name that has had a bigger infleunce on me than hedi(weight loss, music, clothes, fashion, yahda yahda) and on others other than raf simons and miuccia and many others. hes a fucking pure genious. his clothes are AMAZING. interesing. perfection. i can wear say those white painty splash looking peices from his fall 07 collection for Dior Homme out in the street and there would be not one single person with the same look or the same aestetic. his clothes were fucking cool and oh so interesing. his collections after every season, to me personally, were soo interesting with soo many peices i loved. theres not one collection i hate from him. theres no one like him and there will never be anyone like him
if this is true, which could because fashionista didnt say this was a rumor, i really really hope it happens. REALLY. fashion lately is well....idk. i mean i do look forward to designers showing their collections but theres not one designer that has had that impact as hedi, actually there are but not as close lol. now anorexics lets combine forces and crose our fingers, legs, toes, tongues, and every fucking crossable organ so that our precious hedi can come back and make us look super duper fab.
btw: kris Van Assche really really REAlLY needs to go. his last collcetion for Dior was horrible. pathetic. yeah sure its a change from the hedi slimane aestetic but i stil dont like it. i will forever be a dior homme "homme". sorry kris but better to stick with your own line. atleast concentrate to make it a bigger label than it is already
bring back hedi
"we look good together"

milan collections yahda yahda and yahda

(omfg this photo is like 2 months old, ugh my skin is horrible but my bod is beautiful :) )

sorry if i havent reviewed the milan collections. i "was" going to last saturday when they were like right away on the same day like review all of them but being the lazy beautiful fagit i am i got lazy and and u probably know what happened. i masturbated

no i wish.........wait why the fuck wish when i can right now IF i wanted to u know

but anywways.....

ill start reviewing them tommorow...hopefully. . ugh i wish i had organized everything,

oh and im also gonna do a post on like the hottest models id like to fuck from like fashion houses that funds mucho dinero to hunky boys :)

youll enjoy that

love ya bitches

Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 09 Video

ugh theyre all bloody hot
especially the third guy in the first video at 50 secs
sucky sucky?
besides loving the men and naomi, im not impressed with the collection but then again i never like a menswear collection from domenico and stefano.

D&G Menswear Spring/Summer 09 Video

umm am i the only pretty person here that sees or do u also see a similarity between this and the main DG line?
hot boys again

Calvin Klein Menswear Spring/Summer 2009 Video

OMFG sooo many gorgeous men no? uhh hmm YEAH! im not a calvin klein boy but heck yeah would i love to meet oneof those omfg hotness bitches. the guy at 2 secs of the vid is no? wanna be ma babys daddy? heck wanna let me blow yah? heck wanna let me touch you? heck wanna atleast take a little fucking sec to look at me?
i love my calvin klein underwear

Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 09 Video

awww christopher bailey never fucking dissapoints!

Alexander Mcqueen Menswear Spring/Summer 09 Video

Kim Noorda is fucking fucking motherfucking fabness!
omfg i love this collection. after that hideous fall collection thank u mr.mcqueen
i give u a nice cake and whip cream
from me to u
love yah


Alexander Mcqueen Menswear Spring/Summer 08 Video

i cant believe i couldnt find those polka dot pants! ugh
soo many nice peices

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Theres a love bug in Milan

Omfg whats happening in Milan? is there a flirty dirty std virus in Milan? Thanks to fashionologie(this was before the anna and gerard thing) frida was seen being really close with james franco at the Gucci Pour Homme fragrance launch. u go frida! frida is hot! hot hot hot!

now...on the other side of the world theres a reallly lonely chanel-loving queer in the USA that neeeds a boy. ugh.

anywhoo....whos next?

donatella and george clooney?

miuccia and richard gere?

lagerfeld and brad Kroenig? oh wait.....well.........yeah lets forget that one


Im Jealous

ugh Anna bitch better not even try to be doing what i think she might be doing! i love uber hotness manly hotness gerard butler but isnt he spending tooo much time with anna?
i mean theyve been like fucking hanging together throughtout Milan Men's fashion week no? ugh jealousy much tony?

gerard call me?
and i think ur fucking sexy ala 300

Hit me baby

holy lagerfeld lord did u bitches read this at fashionista:
"According to a hospitalized eye-witness at the Tom Ford party in Italy, one of the spotlights came crashing down at the bash, landing square on the head of a former male model.
He was shipped to l'ospedale, informed he needed stitches, and given some really good painkillers.
Meanwhile, according to the boy with the split skull, Tom's "people" phoned him the next morning to ask how he was doing, saying Tom wanted to know."
who could it be? who? u? me? him? her? that? it? what? huh?
if it was me id make that bitch of a pain hurt soooo much like a burning crotch.
me(as in model): oh uh mr. ford my head hurts sooo much.
tom: oh um tony im very very sorry for whats happening(starts touching my head)
me: oh tom its ok. can i speak to u alone.
tom: ok*makes every paparazzo and etc etc leave*
me: now lookie here. fuck me fuck me fuck me! fuck me u fucking hunk bitch. fuck me now
tom: oh honey i was gonna make everyone leave in like 1o and THEN i was gonna fuck u
me: oh why u dirty little texan
me: oh.NOW. give me mucho mucho mucho mucho discounts too.....ill suck harder for u
tom: ahuh
ahahahaha.oh im fucking delusional.

Liya and Jourdan are hotness! + its finnally out!

so so so the black italia vogue issue is out tommorow! i need to get that little fucker. all those pages with gorgeous bitches. but for me jourdan and liya are forever hotness. oh and naomi too :)

but other than that why oh why is tyra in the issue? can ANYONE get rid of her wavy jello-e curves ugh. oh well. oh fuck shes had sooo much impact to the fashion industry though in a way. OMFG im soo excited though. i really have to get it tommorow.
oh chanel iman....... oh fuck i love that bitch too. shes young, gorgeous, and ugh thinspiration.
get the issue fast my lovers.

Manorexic hotness where?

omfg where the fuck was manorexic galore hotness cole at milan fashion week for ss09 season? where? why?

why why why why? i sooo wish he was there.....probably couldve made that boring fendi collection ACTUALLY nice but anywhoo.... can a bitch like me have things his ways anymore?
ehh no one can.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

No Bravo Bravo and and i like buttery morning wood

ok ok was i the only queer mad about Bravos a-list awards winner for designer of the year/fashion yahda award? i mean anna sui is a talented designer, dont get me wrong, but her winning over jack and lazaro from proenza? wtf? I think the proenza bitches were cheated! yes cheated! those bitches have been giving gorgous after gorgous after gorgeous after every season and anna sui wins? :0

Margaret cho much Anna? cho cho cho san! alala choni rice bowls.

but oh well. what can u do? wan can a gay boy do? wat can a beautuful gay boy do?
would you blow mr.sui? why i would. yeah right. i rather blow the school janitor. well..........actually...... No. nevermind. lets just leave it at no.

oh and stammy wammy was the presentor for the award. isnt she gorgeous? i wanna be a model

i wanna be a model thats fabulous and goes to paris and milan adn weighs 90 poiunds and has like kilos and kilos of coke and yahda yahda.

oh OH remember that fat bitch that won make me a supermodel? well yup holly lost weight? baby got back ? as if.

is she thinspiration? i think yes...well pics dont serve her justice. she looked better on tv.

well welcome holly. the anorexic gods are crying at this moment. we have a new thinspirational newcomer. you make princess ana very happy. :)

btw: omfg i forgot to post these pics of the croissant bread i was eating like 2 weeks ago and i was like fucking bored to i started like playing with it anf wahla! croissant cock? extra extra buttery. mhhmmmmm just how momma likes it.

in my butt. where? in my butt. in ma butt, in ma butt, in ma butt,
where tony? in ma butt

well i gotta go to the haysack and masturbate and like sleep and dream of like couture dresses. tommorows day 2 of milan menswear fashion week. and prada is showing tommorow. give me crazy miuccia. crazy and fabulous.

love ya bitches


Geez dont i look thin in the pic below? ok ok soo sorry for not blogging since like oh i dont know like a fucking long time. hey even my bulimia is falling behind. Sooo many things i just had to have had to share on here but since im still in school(well was at the time i just got out for summer) my familia insists that i soley put all my attention on school. sure i do but they dont fucking understand that school isnt always easy for me. they think oh since tony can get good grades in the past he can defitanely get good grades now cause well hes smart. well....NO!!!. i cant. well i mean i can but theres soo many things to do. like hw and essays and books yahda yahda. i guess with all this pressure ive had this whole year and with the problems that ive been having since like the beginning of the year have totally affected me in school. i havent been getting the grades im supposed but i do blame myself somewhat for it. Ive made a pact that for 10th grade i will really really REAAlLy put effort to school. just like how a model puts effort to not eating and walking 30 shows in milan u know. school isnt hard but i guess if u dont put your mind to it then it does get hard. idk. whatever. its not my fault im on fashionista all day long through my phone at school u know. thanks apple. what would a fagit like me do without such a luxury of a phone to feed my fashion brain of ol fashion goodness.
oh so one thing i forgot to blog about was that i dissected a frog. eww. yuck. yucky. yummy? oh soo far from it. cutting one of these fuckers was not on my agenda. heck i even had to smell the little peice of turd and that was disgusting. haha my bio teacher told me to not post pics that we take onto the internet but oh fuck that shit. i mean cmon whats the worst that can happen. peta attacks her and forces her to go through a process of how a michael kors chinchilla coat goes thhrough? AHAHAHAHAH
can anyone make me a frog skinned loafers? AHAH

I had to wear those nasty ass gloves. eww. heck if i had it my way i wouldve done some feirce sheer gloves ala louis vuitton ss08. imagine me a cute sheer nurse coat? beautiful. geeez that LV collection was beautiful no? haha luckily though i didnt touch anything. all the other fuckers in my group had to. why would i wanna touch it. i mean im fucking pretty and beautful and thinspirational fucking pretty and for me to touch that? well sorry but NO. lol oh im jk but seriously who would want to touch that. its already bad enough im infected with herpes. kidding kidding.

Oh and the best part so far of like now is that school finished on friday! yes now i can fullfill my dreams of getting fucking fucked by hot college studs at the beach. orgy anyone? u know whats funny? i HATE the sun and i HATE walking. but since ive been having problems and just felt like walking and losing weight i walked like last tuesday, wednesday, and thursday.
but Is sooooooooooo fucking hot here in cali i just had to take the bus. im sorry but i a bitch like me that wears fucking black alot cant take the heat. why couldnt there be some hot boy that pulled over and gave me a spank and a ride u know. soo im waiting for the bus on thursday which was the last day of school and finals and as im waiting there some fucking ugly ass scene loseer as obese 130+ pound bitch was there. idk but she was talking to some guy and wispering somehting in his ear and like staring at me and i was wearing these funny glasses(they were my friends). i mean IFand i mean IF the bitch was mentioning about me then what a fucjking ugly ass bitch. i mean can u get any more scene and obese? ewww. but If and i mean IF she wasnt then i take that back but then again people these days talk about everyone. who knows maybe she did talk about me maybe she didnt. all i know is that im the most fabulous bitch at any bus stop. bitch with rainbow ass scene bracelets aint got shit on me and my dior homme bracelets.
so then it was friday. yup good ol end of the fucking week friday. omg oi woke up early too and thankfully i had the opportunity to watch the view. i fucking love those bitches. esepcially whoopi golberg. bitch is smart. i like barbera but only cause i LOVE when Kathy G. makes her little impersonation of her.
haha the fucking topic on todays episode was if u think someone was born gay or do they become gay. the lady in the middle(the black one) was all like oh i believe ur born with it but i have a hard time with this issue cause of my beliefs and yahda yahda and she was like i have a gay friend but this is a difficult issue i live with. omfg that bitch needs to shut the fuck up. well what do i care. ive done soo many sins im going to hell either way. ill see you and you and you anf you and you and you and even fucking you there. i got my little place down there reserved. but she sounds soo fucking stupid. shes practically the stupid obese bitchof the show u know. but haha its just funny when watching ur average straight bitch what they think about gay yahda yahda yahda etc etc.
oh and can u believe everyone one of my fucking friends was busy on friday! they were also today but on friday aswell too! omfg i was horrified! que horror! well what does a boy do when hes bored on a friday and has nothing to do? he goes to block buster u silly bitch. i had my mind on getting the devil wears prada and something else. and while looking i found this movie with tyson(make me a supermodel) and omfg he is not that big on the show but if he was like that in real like than omfg, hunk no? no. he looks nasty with all that muscle. i think he should lose some. plus the picture doesnt serve the bitch justive. he looks like those nasty ass mechanics that live in like obese-ville atlanta with a little touch of rico-suave no?
well in all i got the devil wears prada which i swear i shoudl i buy cause i practically rent like every 2 weeks. geeeeeez. and i also got this margeret cho stand up video. mi make nooddlls. oh oh vety goodo ohhhh suuuunnnnnnn. OHHHH!
i laer went to the pharmacy store. can u believe hilary has blondish hair with streaks in the latest issue of elle?!? omfg i dont like it one bit. she looks like those latina chicks that have like streaks and say ay papi.
oh and btw im goping to summer school. i really dont want to but many people i know are going well idk i feel like i mustgo. well the be fucking truthfullly, which is weird cause i lie like fucking ryan seacrast, i just wanna see all the new gorgeous boys and skinny bitches that are attending.
oh im such a whore.
i know

Friday, June 20, 2008

D&G Fall/Winter Ad Campaign: Iris Strubegger, Martha Streck, Aline Weber, Olga Sherer, & Alice Burdeu by Mario Testino

Is it me or are u also liking the scottish/ireland/upperclass rich esate family/family portrait vibe to the ad? cause i know i am. pluse mucho fave models and hot men makes everything oh so better. no?

omg the first guy all the way to the left in the pic below is sooo hot. who is he? i must know and blow.

isnt olga just gorgeous?
I love these ad campaigns. :). im pleased.

Prada Fall/Winter Ad Campaign: Linda Evangelista & Patrick Petitjean by Steven Meisel

So only some previews have popped up. Omfg Nick snyder.....replaced!?!?! motherfucing replaced?!?!?! why oh why? first sasha now nick? whats the world coming too. i personally think the menswear wouldve looked better on someone younger but besides that opinion the menswear ad looks pretty good though it looks soo valentino fall 07 no?

omfg i love linda dearly but i want sasha back. the ad looks great( well sorta ish something weird and off though) and personally i wouldve loved sasha to be here. does linda go with the collection? i gguess in a way. she brings out that older vide to it no?

ugh i need to start a "bring sasha back to prada" petition. no? wanna back me up? ill give u a big smooch and lemonade. :-)

Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2008


Yves Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2007

Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2008

ugh one of my faves. mariacarla gorgeous? :)

Yves Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 09

YSl tribe? i love it all

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2008

Brilliant! ugh...i need the first coat. and the hardcore sweater. basically everything.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2008

punk gorgeousness bitches

Karl Lagerfeld Fall/Winter 2008 Video

oh why oh why am i poor and not some rich anorexic fabulous bitch? well i got the anorexic and fabulous part...for now.....
i need mulas, dinero, money, coins, glory, golden cum,$

3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2009

Dont you love Phillip Lim? yah yah i do too and id give him a fuckning blowjob but nonetheless his resort was nice. Lim's resort collection wasn't anything big or groundbreaking but it offered nice peices for a chic bitch's worddrobe. i mean everything was very wearable. nothing big though but just a simple and nice collection for resort and nice styling. would cher from clueless approve? i think yes! wait fuck cher. would tony approve? I think yes!!!

I fucking LOVE LOVE this look. soo chica chic! and the powder blue.....UGH gorgeous. btw is it me or does thise peice not really mesh well with the other looks from the collection? nonetheless this look is a so <3
chanel cardigan much? oh its nice. powder blue!

denim? do u want denim? do i want denim? sure. whatevfer
isnt this anchor dress cute? and the cardigan tied with it makes it cuter. no?

i rreally like this long blazer. i think i need to get it. barneys? oh wait they have the lim store open in LA. :)

omfg i LOVE Lims white peices. isnt this dress cute? :)
omfg i love this dress. short for my cooch to show and the color is pretty. sugadaddy anyone?

i like. i like this look. didnt lim do that cardigan for the mens line? oh i like it
ehh nice dress. its nice. pretty.
so in all it was a nice and pretty collection. pretty dresses for pretty hos? lol oh no for pretty girls for me :). i need to pick up some peices. toodles.