Thursday, July 31, 2008

yum no?

yum no? oh im sorry its my fucking gay california self going gaga for him. whens his mtv show coming back? i must know

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


since my computer is acting really fucking stupid ill continue with the normal tommorow. and i even had alot to say. oh fuck. and i would turn my pc off and then on but then it takes forever and then i start getting focused on other things. i promise to continue tommmorow. :)
love ya


i fucking hate my computer and fucking photoshop. right now i cant click on paint and my other applications and photoshop wont let me fucking close. all i wanted to do was a fun post about versace f/w07 lookks yahda fuck!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I hear

OMFG! ok ok. today was sooo fucking embarrassing i fucking swear. So today while driving my stomache starts to hurt. You know im like whatever no biggie its just hhurting u know.
Me: ugh my stomache hurts.
maribel: oh it'll go away
hah try telling that to some dior homme fagit whith KVA in sight
so oh keep in mind i was wearing shorts and up to knee socks with a wierd neck line sweater. very cher of me i must say. so i wasn't in a comfortable mood to be sick you know. heck i would rather have my gap hoodie with me at a time like this but know i felt like beeing a fab bitch and going to school. so im in class and yahda yahda im all right. My stomache later starts to hurt like a fucking bitch! and i had to go pe so it was hurting more. my teacher was cool with me so she let me go to the bathroom and take a walk. I handled my women problems and got back to class thinking oh i took a walk i feel fucking great. well NO! my stomache was making fucking noise i swear if i was some bitch hearing that id be disgusted. its the truth i would. dont tell me you wouldnt cause u know you would. It was soooo embarrasing i swear! ugh!. thankfully my telefono( thanks apple love yah bitches) was near me so i texted my mother and father right away. My father picked me up and whats funny is he almost tripped. embarrasing no? I finally got home and well yeah im better lol. nothing beats like being on perez all day no? :)

btw: OMFG its soo ironic how the earthquake was today and i went home this exact very day. wiiieeerddd. and what sucks is while watching the news about the easrthquake they were interviewing people from my school! OMFg

news: so how did the earthquake feel?
me: oh honey it felt like riding a silly cowboy.
news: so....where were you at the time?
me: welll......thats a girls little privacy no? me and karl lagerfeld were talking about how horrible chloe is going to be

love ya

Shake it honey

Omg there was an earthquake a while ago like 20 mins here in Cali and like the last big one was like in 94 I think. I hope this isn't the other "big" one people keep talking about that's going to happen u know. Shit I better get my fashion goods in a bag just incase u know lol

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jessica, send her a fruit basket

omfg i havent been on perez for a while so i feel like talking about a lot of shit. lol and this was the most shocking ive heard since ever!

"Sources reveal exclusively to that Kathy Griffin's long-time assistant and My Life on the D-List co-star, Jessica Zajicek, has quit.
And, "it's not pretty," an insider tells us.
The split happened earlier this month.
Unfortunately, her Bravo show is not currently under production, so we'll miss out on the drama on TV!
"Jessica had just had enough of Kathy," says our insider. "She put up with her for several years. She couldn't take it anymore."
Sad to see her go. Jessica was a huge part of Kathy's show!"

She was! and She is! ugh well....ugh, no no no! kathy how could you do this you son of a bitch?!? how hwo?!?!?

oh fuck me already

ugh isnt sean william scott soooooooo hot? this bitch is soooo hot he gave me orgasms in like 6th grade.ugh.

stifler baby. ugh. please get that fucking bitch away and no i dont mean the dog. im jealous. sorry :)

Material Girl is dat you?

holy fucking lesbionic batman! omg have u bitches seen madonna!?!?! OMFG! material girl wha?!? this bitch either is fucking stressed out like perezy said or she got something injected in her fucking cheeks. sheesh sshe gives that cat bitch on entertainment tonight yahda shows a run for her money no? omfg and look at her left arm! it looks like the muscle is about to explode. ewww. Women....listen.....never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get muscle on your arms. its just nasty. its fucking gross. if it doesnt go with valentino then it doesnt go with anything PERIOD! shit.....bryanboy needs to go all on madgys ass for those muscle things.

do you wanna be caught wearing a donatella versace dress with all your muscly manly parts exposed? yeah me neither.

Diesel loves a little V&R

From fashionologie:
"Renzo Rosso has diversified once again, taking a majority stake in Viktor & Rolf. The Dutch duo are the latest addition to the Diesel owner's portfolio, in addition to Maison Martin Margiela, Sophia Kokosalaki, and Dsquared."

oooh....could this mean a branch of more stores hitting the world? eh?

Oh another one joins: Matthew Williamson leaving pucci

oh god another one is leaving too
from WWD:
"Emilio Pucci is apparently looking for a successor to Matthew Williamson, as the designer focuses more on growing his own business. The London-based Williamson assumed the role of creative director at Pucci, a division of LVMH Mo√ęt Hennessy Louis Vuitton, three years ago, taking over from Christian Lacroix. Pucci is said to have approached some design assistants about succeeding Williamson."
I thought what he did for pucci was nice. I mean it wasn't OMFG i must this I must that. i was like whatever its cute you know. well hey atleast he's concetrating and expanding his own brand you know and thats good.

Peter Som and Bill Blass....NO More!

Note: im keeping the pucci thing on a different post. its better and more simpler you know.
So as you may have heard already, Peter Som has resigned from Bill Blass! from Fashionista:
"Fashion week is descending upon us and the rumor mill is in overdrive but this just landed in our inbox and something rings true:After only three collections, Peter Som has submitted his resignation at Bill Blass. Perhaps he can't handle the stress of designing more than one collection? Let's face it, he's no Marc or Karl. Word is management at Nexcen is keen on keeping him on board, at least in name, until they can sell the brand.The tip comes a little over a month after The New York Times wrote this story about Nexcen's financial troubles in which they pointedly question the security of the brand's future. Design wise Som seemed to be doing fine. Maybe it's the lack of profits and business side he just can't, or doesn't want, to handle.UPDATE: Another tipster writes in, "Som was unhappy with the control Blass' management tried to execute over his creative aesthetic. He's been fighting with them since he got there."
Well its horrible seeing a designer go plus seeing a fashion house struggling, which is even sadder. Maybe it's better for Peter to keep on working on his own brand no? i mean think about it. His brand isnt a big fashion house you know. It's still developing so maybe this is whats best for him. I wish him well though.

Well it's about time!

well i just got back home like 20 mins from my dad teaching me how to drive. I wasn't nervous cause well...we all know id be driving the fucking truck into say a store you know so thankfully i wasn't scared. He finally took me out to drive since like the longest time. Ive asked him plenty of times but he's been busy but today when i asked he was like sure.....Ahh i swear the sooner i get to learn the better no? i mean what if a bitch like me wants that allesandro dell'acqua patent bag from like their fall collection and its at barneys and its like gonna be sold out in like an hour...whos gonna take me? who? well anyone but if i need to be somewhere asap and i can drive then good for me no? well its 1:30 and im craving pizza hut pasta but i wont cause its like after 7pm duh. stomache is starting to hurt. fuck.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Batman loves galliano no?

Or maybe it's the other way?

throughout the film when the guys were wearing SIMILAR masks as to the ones in John Galliano's fall/winter07 i thought galliano straight ahead
good fashion eye ey? :D

Dior Homme Spring/Summer 09 Video

It's finally here! not that i loved the collection, which btw i hated , but i loves the music! idk its just the presentation i liked. btw anyone outthere that reads my blog(which i doubt anyone) can u please tell me which song it is that plays in the beginning. i know its by justic but what song is it and where can i get it? thanks

Holly Batman!

ok first of all was it just me or did anyboyd FIND it fucking annoying when batman is talking when in the bat suit? i swear i couldnt shutup but complain to my friend that batman had a sore throat yahda yahda lmfao. seriously though it was fucking funny watching the movie. how could u not laugh at the voice! now....if batman talked like that fucking hell let the man fuck me. plus bale likes a little smacking no? right perez hilton?

"i cant understand you"

Can they even do this?

Ok so everyone knows who christian siriano is right? well if you dont hes the winner of project runway(well the last one) and he won yahda yahda. btw i have not seen last weeks episode! i know, i know......UGH! anywho since he won he had the opportunity to sell his collection on . well his yucky collection aklready arrived.....and well.........

It's nothing major you know. sutre there's nice things that are somewhat nice,heck im even fucking surpirsed not to see some jacket with massive volume, but i mean i could find better things from say a good fashion house you know. PLUS the price for some of his things is fucking fucking ridiculous! the following things were mostly what he had and some jacket for bluefly:

Ok for starters this top was orginally 740 but now it's 590. I mean cmon hes not vuitton or lanvin you know but why are they charging soo fucking much? plus the top is ok. i could find something similar. seriously. and cheaper

Now...ill give the bitch some credit for making something nice like the "motocross" pant or jean whatever(project challenge ripoff much?)$280.....sounds ok.

Now this dress is alright. not my style but its nice. $325....thats actually ok. i mean its a fair price for a pretty dress no?

Im not into bashing up and coming designers(heck i fucking love them. wang!(in the day)) but i hate when they overprice things. go ahead and spend 590 on a blouse......I on the other hand will take this lovely and pretty 3.1 philip lim coat on eluxury for 325. ey ey bargain no?

love ya.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fashion week is coming up! can i get an amen?

so we all know fashion week is coming up(NY) in september soooo my essentials for when fashion week is coming are:
1. look fab from head to toe. no oh i dont feel like dressing up crap you know.
2. look like the pretty bitch i am
3. pray for designers to make a collection i love.
4. have my iphone next to me for asap fashion ala fashionspot.
5. drink coffee eversingle morning. HEy i cant apreciate a fucking dress marc's going to make if im not fully awake
6. have water with me incase of fainting from gorgeousness or disastrousness
7. pray again
8. pray ma main girls are there
9. lose fat fat weight
btw: i want marc to give fabness. many may not agree with me but i LOVE EVERY SINGLE COLLECTION he's had at his main line and at louis vuitton. even those ss08 collections which i found to be sooo pretty and coolorful and just fun you know. :)
gosh i really need to stop that. sooo gg of me no?

why oh why are they making me do this!?!?

5 pork chops, 4 peices of loaf bread, aother type of bread(like its big), rice pudding(thanks fucking martha stwewart on tv), trail mix, some spiced/chile nuts, and orange. Yup thats what i atre today. im such a fat ass i swear. ive been eaing uncontrollably lately. i mean im not even hungry and i just want something cause im bored. its omg how fat and pretty i looked back then no?

(15th birthday i had this year. geeez...... this pic is old when i was fat. like soo march ss08)
ugh computer class is soo well not hard well kinda of annoying. im not a computer freak like all the other man's man guys in my class you know. i mean they tell me to do this and im like wha? i know my basics like every fagit should. myspace, copying, saving, pictureing, blogger, fashion websites, editing(well but that depends), porno( yes i mean you, blah blah yahda yahda the basics everyfucking fagot should know you know.
anyways theyre making me get pics of when i was younger for comp class slide show project im working on which the subject is my life. my life....well what can i say im a little boy who played with fantasized and played with barbies and thought as some neighbors as cute. ugh....i hate my childhood...WAIT! i actually love it. its my middle school years that i fucking hate. anyways i have to now find a bunch of pics of me with fam and doing fam stuff and they cant be rude or offending( there goes my orgy pics) blah blah. how fun :(
btw: for my inspiration/influence slide i put mr.lagerfeld ofcourse. oh i might put andy warhol but then i'd lose control and stasrt putting miuccia, the smiths, nicole richie(YES cuase she was thinspiration! DUH!), freja, blah blah and soooooooooooo many designers i swear this page would be hah. omfg i just thought of hedi slimane! now thats someone i def need to put!
now back for me to work.:(

Wendy Williams who? whA?

did u see the wendy williams episode like last week or this week whatever with omarosa?
omfg ahahaha this is like fighting perfection! its like barbara walters and oprah! its like vlada and olga! its like oh idk...

hot fierce trannymess.
no i like wendy. this bitch is FUUUUNNNNNY....i swear. especially when she starts instigating things you know but then again what bitch doesn't like problems you know.
xoxo tony

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Can You Believe

Can you believe its been like 11 years since my last living granpa died. it sucks. it does. i hardly even knew or know my grandparents. I have one grandma left but our relationship with her is weird. were not the happy family relationship types you know. Well today i visited my grandpa's(dad side) grave since like ever. I HAD plans to have a girls day out with my friend amy and maybe some other bitches but I had to cancel because i really wanted to spend time with the fam and with my mom who i havent been spending alot of time with lately.

It was good doing what i did today spending time with the fam you know. We went to the cemetary to my grandpa's grave and can you believe no one had visited! no one since like the last time my dad visited. If i was my dad i'd be ashamed you know. All my uncles and aunts from my dads side are just..........rude and unappreciative you know. yah i shoudlnt be saying anything about them since i dont even know them at that level so whatever. So we put flowers and did our usual remember happy thoughts with him you know.

I was only like 4 or 3 when he died. My mom says i was always happy when he was around but then again being the fat baby i was i was always happy at the sight of food. oh i kidd. Can you believe the only memory i have with my grandpa was when he was at the hospital during his final days. Weird huh? at such a young age and i remember
Now....i had to take pics. im sorry but i had too. im a camera whore duh!

Ooooh i love the last pic dont you? There were more pics but i didnt feel like putting them all up.
oh gosh its exactly 12:00 and i still need to get my clothes for tommorow and study for my spanish test at 8 ugh. love ya.

Gucci Much Much?

Dont worry your'e not the only one feeling disgusted by the rapper gone gucci mucho logo go go explosion.

ewww frida you got some explainin to do.....
ofcourse it has nothing to do with frida but with the guccigroup
im also ashamed with these same gucci logo sneakers i got when i was 13. i wanted them soo badly back then just cause i thought they were cool. blegh. tacky.
i know.i know. id be happy to sell them to anyone who would be happy to buy them :)

William Sledd no more vids+ The FashionSpot

Ok i dont go to others for fashion advice. i never have and i never will. Now you may wonder why do i watch william sledd? well no its not for the fashion advice, i already have lord lagerfeld for that, but i do watch his video blogs for little school girl giggles and for entertainment purposes like the real world. heck his fashion sense is well.....ewww and heck he prob has no clue to who is francisco costa or christopher bailey is you know. i woudlnt be caught sporting a "william sledd" look, its just well like i said eww and well eww. im more of a hedi slimane boy. now is it me or am i the only fagit around thats noticed his lack of videos lately? i mean he does a new one on steady times no? wtf happened to him? i know i heard on i think with his vid with isaac mizrahi aasking him about his show on bravo yahda yahda. so is he busy doing that for now and then later with a vlog to catch up? omg lol. ugh. anywho oh i fucking activated my TheFashionSpot membership. thanks to this guy i kinda know from MS for getting me in their. it really means alot. I signed up a long time ago like last month with TheFashionSpot and finally became a memeber but since im in summer school and being busy like 24/7 i barely acticated my account like today. lol sorry if anyone from the TFS is reading this im sooo sorry but then again who reads this shitty blog. sorry though. :)

Jessica Simpson let herself go

( photo from
ok im not trying to be an asswhole(well maybe yes maybe no idk) but holy fuck balls j simpson has defitanely let herself go like waddle judge ty ty. I remember back then when she was with hunky yummy delicious nick lachey and i used to see her and be like wow this bitch is fierce in a way and well now....shes like a z lister. i mean she has no more good cds since like what the 90s idk and the only thing she was ever in the hollywood scene in the last 10 years was cause of her divorce with sexy lachey or cause her being with ugly freak john mayer which btw i dont get how u left nick for that scrawny little bitch. But now jessica is well....FAT! fat fat fat. lol sorry but she did get fat. her stomache clearly is big. theres no doubt about it. sad that her career is like over and shes fat. hah and making a country album....ahah. no thank u. oh well karma is a nick so i can give that fucker a blowjob asap!
btw: i bet you a fucking dollar and a chanel dress that she'll be appearing on dancing with the stars within the next year. ok fine top 5 years lol.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I finally got it!

I think people or some shit-looking son of a lard gave me the oh is he gay look in computer class. ahaha its soo fucking funny though really. i FUCKING LOVE IT. my purpose in life is to be a fucking attention whore. period. OK fine not an attention whore but i love it. i cant get enough of it. yeah im a fagit so what but thats what you get when in high school. oh well aslong as i have my chanel and numero mags and fucking cocks up my mouth im totally like fine. plus the guy staring was fucking ugly! just think kim kardashian(ill get to that post like after this one) guy version and uglier. as cher would put it, AS IF! Oh and we had this sub aas u can see below circled. omfgh she was like fucking crazy and had like those diseases where your like paranoid by everything! music,clicking,this,that, everything!

now...back to the purpose of this post. get ready to cringe fashion fagits. I finally got the Vogue Italia mag as in the Vogue italia black issue thats like sold out in alot of places yahda yadha! i first went to borders but they didnt have it there but i shoudlve known cause they rarely have the mags i want. then i went to barnes and noble but they didnt have it their either. The lady like checked but she said she could check in front but i rather not waste time you know. btw i go into fucking barnes and noble and the first thing i see is like 3 teens well 2 but they had some bitch with them and they had like makeup on them ala joker from batman. i was like am i being robbed here? i was close to saying ill suck your fucking cock if you let me go in peace. fucking movie fanatics. i swear. its just batman. fuck. i rather watch it at home, well then again i rather do and masturbate to christian bale or the batman guy but whatever. itll be at blockbuster in what 2 months. Tops 3 months you know.

So......aren't you jealous? luckily this newsstand had it. one happy bitch.

Sparkles. thanks bitch

so the other day when i took a shower i started to use the tropical caress shower gel. Well what can i say when my fucking perfume smelling shower gell smells like every fagits fantasy land of pretty pretty pink and makes me feel like paris hilton then wahla sparkle perfection bitch. Ive used this thing before but like the peachy vanilla colored one. it was great but now this one is "the" fucking bitch of them all.

THANK GOD i finally shaved. i havent shaved since like what 2 weeks before yesterday. ugh i really dont get it. how do men not shave their legs and wear shorts? why? eww. disgusting. fucking fuck fuckers.

well thats the wonderful world of tonys shower world.
loves yah. tell me im gorgeous. muAH!

How could you Marc!

">> THE ZEITGEIST —Could it be? The models with no faces and no personality are finally getting kicked to the curb? Word is that Marc Jacobs is marking off "unexpected" types of girls for his Spring 2009 show. But he's not the only one: "eclectic is in . . . As in highlighting curious, interesting and quirky girls who confound the old idea of models."
Uh-OH! NO! wait! hmm........omfg whos like model hotness and has no personality?!?omfg suvi!?!?! siri?!?!?olga?!?!vlada?!?! omfg! and old ideas of models yahda?!?! what!!!!

2008 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Nominees

This years nominees are:

Richard Chai
Jason Wu
Alexander Wang
Irene Neuwirth
Albertus Q. Swanepoel of Albertus Quartus
Alejandro Ingelmo
Juan Carlos Obando
Swaim and Christina Hutson of Obedient Sons & Daughters
John Patrick of Organic
Sophie Mayock and Lisa Buhai of Vena Cava

Hmmm....ooooh!who am i rooting for? alexander wang ofcourse!oh and ofcourse richard chai! richard and alexander are CFDA/Vogue hotnesses!

Hedi Slimane is indeed back in fashion!

Hedi Slimane is coming back to fashion not now but soon!
from fashionologie which is orginally from wwd:
">> INSIDER WIRE —Hedi Slimane is still playing coy about his return to fashion designerdom, but he does expects it to happen one of these days: "But it has to be right, the right project." He also confirmed that all the swirling rumors about him "in talks" about starting his own label are true: "I didn't want to deal with that for a while, but now [over the last] six months I'm considering options." With whom? Again with the coyness: "It's a secret." Sounds like the talks may still be in progress." OMFG OMFGH! panic attack! this is like heaven right fucking here. am i the only anorexic bitch here fucking excited like major or what? omfg! puhlease though let it be soon though! thats just talent thats wasting time! Best news so far no?

The Virgin Suicides

Ok so on wednesday i was over a friends house and we decided to watch a movie called The virgin Suicides which I've never seen before and well i have to say I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Its about these like 5 girls that all kill themselves. They're like bored with life and they don'y really enjoy it much either and theyre parents are like religion freaks yahda and theyre like strict yahda and these boys are trying to uncover why they killed themselves and theyre the narrators telling the story about the girls's lives. The man characters are like 5 girls and theyre all like mucho conservative yahda excpet the main one played by kirsten dunst who is like the slut in the movie like fuck me asap. Oh i love it when a religious kid goes naughty.It's defitanely in my top top fave movies you know. I love it. From the music to the storyline to everything. I defitanely recomend it!

Like my clothes, im very picky about my movies of what and what not i like. I know what a bitch. Oh remember that gorgeous cavalli collection for ss08 and the beautiful music? well when watching the music i kept thinking is that the air song? and then i was like oh yeah! thats the music video clip!

Well i love it. cinco stars!
btw: its directed by sofia coppola!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Halston says goodbye to Marco

Remember how Halston is back in fashion and they brought Marco Zanini as designer? Well it turns out He's no longer working at Halston anymore according to WWD. Oh and the best part...Rachel Zoe as advisor for red carpet and celebrity styling to the brand is also being affected. None of Zoe's clients have been seen wearing none of Marcos's Halston designs! Aha bitch! well....what does tony think? Well it really sucks for a designer these days. I personally didnt love his fall08 Halston collection but i liked it. It was interesting i mean who wants the aesthetic from the brands older image. why not do something new to the Halston fashion house and build a new fan base there no? Plus it really isnt fair that just after one and just ONE single season he's out! like that! thats not fair. its just one collection. i mean we dont even know what wouldve been next you know. Its hard for designers these days.....and well it isnt fair.

Tony loves Ali Stephens!

Check out the gorgeous Ali in Chanel's new Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara. Isn't she modelesque perfection? oh i see Ali getting bigger and doing big in the future and I cant wait!
love ya Ali!

Louis Ooowy Goowy cake. MHMMM!

Hey there. you like the new cake i baked for my husband marc jacobs. yeah hes a really hard worker. he designs like millions of dresses and shoes and bags and yahda yahda and is like really really good looking and well why not bake him a cake soo yummy. oh jk but isnt this cake titled "The World's Most Expensive Cake, the Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Cake." by baker Gregory Paul Soriano the coolest and most prettiest thing you've seen yet! omg i would and i mean WOULD eat it yet i feel like fucking getting the handle and taking it down the streets you know but then again they'd fall all over my precious feet. oh darn. And can you believe its all edible! you love it marc? i love it. we all love it.

you eat the chicest things!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer School Week

Hey bitches.hows it going. did i tell u i started summer school like last week? well i did. wait oh yeah i did. whatever. well yeah i started and let me tell u its not anything hot yet not anything boring just 50/50 you know. its funny thought cause i thought it was going to be such a fun time having many people i know finally again in one space since alot of my friends go to different school i barely hang with them like weekends yahda yahda and sometimes weekdays but whats funny is i expected all those things and iits not what the outcome was. many people have changed. they think ive changed but i really havent. well maybe alittle but people have changed. Plus theres already fucking drama starting with one of my friends and one of my ex friends i really dont have patience for it. im not going to deal with it. i fucked up in school so im going to summer school and do good and im nto really going to be worrying or wasting my time while i have like what a test the next day. i dont think so.

But yeah drama. alredy. one of my friends thinks ive been ignoring her. yeah like i would but see i thought we were gonna hang andf blah blah but we didnt. she mentioned like tons how shees going to be with "her friends". i mean i dont care but to atleast not stop by me once in a while? ugh, maybe it did seem like i ignore but hey i really didnt i mustve been mad. thats all. then therres fucking people that u havent seen for what 2 weeks and they dont have the fucking decency to say hi at summer school?!? wtf! i fucking hate that, i really do. thats why i havent been as enthusiastic as i normally am. plus i have alot of friends that are acting like fucking assholes. lets just say like 80% of them fall in the asshole category as we speak. but whatever. what happens happens.
so sumer school is great class wise. i first have spanish which is wayyy more easier than the last bitch i had. then i have computers. its blegh. i really cant say much u know.
are there hot guys in them? welll......ehh. i cant realy say. omfg i really need to stop my starbucks drink after school obssesion. its insane. i guess since ive been waking up late i need something to waken me up u know.

i would never get a frapachini thingy in the morning heck i dont even get them anymore. their fattening and just boring and just fucking nast in the morning. i have this friend that drinks pepsi soda yahda in the morning. thats fcking nasty, i swear. i couldnt drink that its just well i guess weird to me u know. im fine with my coffee bean vanilla latte thank u very much.

all these problems just cause me to go out u know. i went out friday with one of my fag hags. it was fun. atleast took me off my problems and gave me major eye candy.

what does a boy do when theres a good cement block thingy?
u take pictures duh. whatever i mean i needed to do something.

from all that food binging, my arms look huge no? eww. jenny craig where r u?

you like mr lagerfeld?

you likey neil barret?

well thats that week.

Food is....omfg

omfg You know fucking people these days make food to seem a bigger deal than it was back then u know. I mean ofcourse people do well since i livein good ol Fatass blonde bitch cali i mean u cant like not think of food when living here in this place no? theres food like everywhere...and i mean everywhere. tv mags school. many many. how much of a problem is food? well u have your anorexics(thanks snejana for the recomendation. love ya sista), bulimics, obese fuckers ala britnet spears and yahda yahda. heck theres even "those" bitches from maury that are afraid of pickles below.

what she got fucked by a guy with fucking warts and bumps on his dick which is why shes afraid of pickles?i wanna pickled shaped dick up ma butt, dont u?

well whatever food is whatever to me. devil at times but when isnt.
so i was looking at aol food slideshows they have that have that fucking thing that its good for u, its bad for you yahda yahda type of thing yahda. its like fucking oprah and her food obsession but just on aol and its like slideshows yahda yahda.

and guess what i saw? tonys memory lane is dat chu?(ahah ala bryanboy is dat chu? ahah)

omfg so there was the quarter pounder in the bad fattening section ofcourse but i mean who could resist this beautufil fucker u know? heck its even sometimes better then cock and cigs am I right?OMFG i fucking remember lots of times in middle school going right after school when i was hungry and i'd order this from time to time. id recomend it. sure its like 510 calories but why not!

what fagit doesnt love yummy fruit juices no? i think it has like 180 calories but whatever.

dang isnt britney every fucking white trash hillbilly's dream of a wife? oh britney you little fat bitch.560 calories in your starbucks grande peppermint white chocolate moch with whipp. omfg that fucking name is long! shit its probably fucking longer than my rich oil tycoon iranian billianair's name ugh!. well....oh its yummy. cmon people we live in America were all fat anyways.ahahaha

OMfg! this is love right here fuckers! MOTHER FUCKING LOVE! yes its like alotta calories but fuck u! heck if i could die in chanel and eat this id be in fucking heaven but then again since when is KFC and chanel a match? match?fuck matches? would lagerfeld agree?
the clothes are not anorexic but the girls are
oh boy

OMFG now this is tonys child right here! every fucking saturday when i was a little fat porker my dad would get me this! omfg recomend recomend galore! its sooo yummy. i especially remember like eating this and watching my cartoons and shows yahda yahda. S club 7 much?

now.....were all fucking fat anyways. why now fucking throw it in the gutter?
well you can aamerica.....yes problems for you but go right ahead US fat A. you can

we all know thin is beautiful. lagerfeld agrees. heck hedi slimane agrees, just look slim is in his last name

as for me,ugh i need to lose weight though. ive been going binging alot.
wanna be britney? go ahead.
but a while. :)

look at those collar bones. i make daddy hedi very very happy.