Sunday, August 31, 2008

No show for Snejana! no no no no no

Omg fellow snejana freaks, your not gonna be happy cause of this:

OMFG nooo snejana for NY then? ugh slap me!
no no no no
but then again she's a working girl so she deserves her time to relax and be pretty and fabulous.
gosh what is the world coming to?

Are you kidding me?!?

The pants....................

well excuse me while i go take a quick barf

Fucking Sasha

It's models like these that i love and envy. Envy? Yes! why? well Mrs. Miuccia gives this blonde twat(lol jk) lots and lots and lots and lots of gifts ljust like how sex kids give away condoms like THAT. So i was reading the model weight thread at TFS and looky at what i found! sasha wearing this gorgeus flower printed SS08 menswear prada cardigan that i WANTED sooooooooooooooo badly but the fucker was $1000 dollars!! yes with 3 zeros. *sigh* i remember badly that i wanted that cardigan soooooo badly.
oy oy oy sasha

can't wait to see sasha later this week in NY fashion week! i fucking couldnt take it anymore with her not being there during F/W season. I swear i was like another no show with sasha another fucking wrist cut it is. 
oy oy oy vey

Wide awake omfg

oh hi there! oh omg omg omg i'm awake. ugh i hate waking up early but then again i do. I'm one fucking paranoid bitch but enough about that. Don't you love coffee for breakfast? i know i do
i just warmed up water, mixed in the dark crap and wahla! bam hot coffee. I LUV it oh and with some creamer.
but if i had it my queer way i'd like to swallow a big ol spicy russiany cup of whore like snejana. swallow?  god knows how much business men i'd fuck within an hour drinking this huh snejana? 

I love snejana!!!!
oh fuck i need to stay awake. Like alll day. i need to go shopping for things and meet the fag hag for lunch laters. :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Never say never to prada

seriosly u shouldn't and basically u can't. I mean really u can never say never to anything hotness miuccia designs. ugh. Like the blue trousers below. I wanted them SOOOO BADLY that i was going to buy them but i didn't cause i was late in finally realizing i wanted them as bad as those gucci plaid pants. I never got those blue checkered trousers. But point is.....some baldie was wearing them at the sartorialist. ugh.

i want them soooooo badly!! Cole Mohr makes them even fucking hotter.

Don't i look pretty today

I'm trying to be a really prettty friedly caring bitch so i decided to accompany my mom,with my sister, to the fucking hospital. I'm kidding but idk i was bored and i felt like accompanying her and blah blah blah so i went. Boy does it suck as you get older. I guess cause she has boobs and a vagina it would make soo much sense but idk. I mean she has appointents for this for that for this for that lately. She's not even sick it's just her yearly checkup. Ugh. I'm glad i don't have to deal with that kind of diarrhea. not yet anyways. do pretty boys like me have checkups when they're older? gosh I don't ever ever ever ever ever ever galliano infinity years ever wanna get older. ugh thank god i'm fucking young.
oh i decided to dress pretty today. I've been a fat whale waking up lately in nasty baggy clothes smelling like dog poo. lol i smell pretty every fucking minute i swear
we later went to jack in the box. ugh there goes my diet. oh well.
sheila marquez sucker cheecks is dat chu?. what a pretty princess i am. I deserve a pretty lap dance.
nothing beats a good ol binge and purge friday :)
I later fell asleep after breakfast and my friend amy never called. that hot skanky bitch. oh well i did end up having nice yummy chocolate cake at my sisters house

I feel like going to the fucking fridge and getting some right now. Laters you fat whores
loves ya

Friday, August 29, 2008

I can't get no satisfaction

i really can't. I'm sooooooo bored as of late. I need some excitement. really. I'm soo bored. And when i do something fun it's not as exciting as it usually is. maybe i need to meet new people. No it's not my old friends(well some are acting like assholes apparently) but i want someone WOW u know. idk. whatever. Well today was sooooooo boring. was does a girl do? Ummm oh wow get some errands done. woopty do :(. i hadn't thought of doing anything today so i went to the pharmacy to pick up some pills for my brother since today he went to the doctors cause his back is in major pain. I hope he gets better though. I think he has to do soo many things it's stressing him out. So i went to pick up his pills and blah blah. 
(i think i need a haircut. I really wanna get that dior homme ss07 look but i feel like i already kinda have the fucking cut in a way. ugh)
i later went to get some things for school like dividers and a folder. I have this wierd tendency of getting new things such as new folder new colored pencils new stapler new bakcpack new pencils new this new that basically EVERYTHING i fucking see at the store for school just incase i might neeed it sometime but this year i decided i need to fucking stop. Like last week my mom was telling me how i'm "maturing" but only because i told her i'm changing my spending habits for school and she was stunned. Oh fucking booo wooopty do. I mean really what's th point in spending sooo much in school crap that i probably wont need why not go to school and just see what i fucking need in the future and THEN buy it when i need it. Smart ey! ;) . So I only bought some dividers and pens. Hopefully later this weekend i'll get some black folder and that's it. really i have everything and highlighters and soooooo much shit from past years i mean really it's just pointless spending on new things.
oh my god there was this really cute guy leaving the store. but anyways and there you go. one thing done from my shopping list. I have soooooo much things to get done on that fucking list. sooooo much clothes to get i swear! oh btw i accidently closed my safari web browser yesterday and so all the things i wanted on my topshop checkout list were GONE!!!! i was sooooooooooooo pissed i swear! i got everything back except for these black boots that looked like the one's poly wore at gucci and this star knit top that was soooo chanel ss08 i swear i would've worn it with my silver shoes and bam i got karl styling me. fuck i'm still pissed though. I can never get what i want :( .  those black boots were GORGEOUS!!!!
oh well......everything happens for a reason i guess

btw saw one of the latest YSL ads. That dress is gorgeous! the layering at the bottom, the color, and the cut are just fabulous!

stefano pilati please fucking adopt me!

I wanna be a hot thin russian dammit

This is for my hot russians:
"From September 2nd to the 16th, Marc Jacobs Moscow boutique will be hosting an on-going competition -- “Marc’s Girl” – a search for the most fashionable fashionista. The winners will be invited to a Marc Jacobs fashion show in New York, will be featured in a photo-shoot for a yet-to-be-confirmed glossie, and perhaps best of all, receive Marc by Marc Jacobs clothing."

ugh ugh. lucky bitches. Well hopefully whoever wins is a hot  fashion obssessed whore like myself but then again ofcourse they'll find some gorgeous girl cause cmon it's Russia. Hot men, hot bitches, thin girls.....remember fucking snejana is russian. oh well maybe in my next lifetime i'll be some winner of some sort. like viktor and rolf said: DREAM ON!
oh btw remember how i corrected Perez on that marc jacobs post? well i was wrong. lol it turns out gorgeous marc is having the t.a.t.u. bitches in a russian Marc By Marc Jacobs ad. 
oy vey

What does my queer hole think?

Yay fucking yay! Another Gay sequel: Gays gone wild is hotness!!!!!!!!!! sucks they don't have the same bitches from the first one but OMFG Brent Corrigan!!!! hotness! my mangina fucking exploded seeing this hot bitch smiling!
hahahahah he looks EXACTLY like zac efron there!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LMFAO.!! Ru fucking paul!!!!!
 where's my fag hag were watchin this.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

i fucking love you Snejana

the world is just just tooo cruel. There's your pretty ho's and then there's your ugly accidental kid like me. lol i kid. OMFG if i was an accidental kid i'd like freak and slap my parents. But now......a thinspirational moment. ok i was just looking up photos of snejana(yes i'm fucking bored at 2:15 i woke up late) and lookey at what i found! A pic with Vlada, Snejana, and Sasha.
I swear no one does heroin chic at the shows like Snejana. Look at her.......bitch is fierce! phone, cig, lips, hair, bag, leg, pose, fierce!
ugh her legs! why oh why can't i have her legs?!? i swear. lucky bitch. haha she even manages to make thinspirational vlada look fat. 
oh oh oh.........oh god. I want snejana's legs. who's with me? geeez i'm fat.
love ya

Lagerfeld is a handy helper

Chanel faggots, like myself, aren't you happy cause of this? :
">> There are plenty of Coco Chanel biopics in the works, and Karl Lagerfeld is now involved in at least two of them.

was announced last month that he is working with the costumer for Chanel et Stravinsky, and yesterday came the announcement that Coco Avant Chanel, which stars Audrey Tautou as the designer,will feature Chanel dresses (I assume archival) and Karl will be supervising the re-creation of costumes and accessories for the production.

It seems like Coco Avant Chanel has been in pre-production for forever — Audrey's attachment was announced last May — but the 12-week production 
is finally startingSept. 15 in Paris. The movie is slated to be released in 2009, and since Warner Bros. is behind the project, expect a full-out, hopefully gratifying, film."

i'm telling you 2009 is gonna be hot! Vintage Chanel gowns an tweed suits? :DDDD. oh btw karl PLEASE with all these fucking movies i want a hot chic young youthful hip LOVE chanel collection for SS09. PLEASE fall was....ugh!. i even liked Fendi more. Well except for that dress Snejana wore at chanel which was an exception. That dress was sooo gorgeous i wear. BTW: warner bros........HUGE theather film then? OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! Must buy chanel cruise and wear at movie premiere 09 it is!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh Loves It

oooh loves it! lookey at what i found. 2 of my all time fave models sheila and freja together backstage at Gucci F/W08.

what a stunning collection btw no?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vogue Paris September 2008: Anna Selezneva by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot

OMfg have u seen Anna's cover for Vogue Paris lately? can i just say that I LOVE IT! the purple, the gold, the veil, the FACE! i fucking love anna! she won me with that editorial from last months vogue paris. How much do you wanna bet that this is Carine's new "girl". no? maybe i mean it isnt it kinda obvious. She got the cover for Vogue Russia and carine styled the cover for it and now she ends up in Vogue Paris and also got that August editorial and blah blah. I really hope to see Anna in the upcoming ss09 shows. pretty please fashion gods! She's gorgeous!
Anna is defitanely one of my new fave models. she's up there with fucking poly and blah. oh btw i really like Daria's editorial. Nothing major but i love it. It reminds me of those chanel F/W06 ad campaigns.
Daria in Vogue Paris September:

compared to Chanel F/W06 Ad Campaign
Similar huh? lol oh well can't wait for the issue! editorials with kinga, anja, poly,agyness(surprised with the few pics i've seen) and etc etc. can't wait!

edit 11:32 : omfg! just saw agyness's ed and wow! poly's is fab as usual! anja's is fucking fab as usual! :D

I can't wait for GG either

i can't fucking wait for gossip girl! seriously! so here's the first 5 mins

OMFG dan dating new ho's? noooo. serena lonely looking likea hot mess? ugh say it aint so. chuck being a hot player? loves it. nate fucking some skank? oh loves it more. wait!? where the fuck is Blair?!? where's my fucking blair?!??!

umm perez........

perez posted a post saying the t.a.b.u chicks whatever are going to do the marc jacobs fall 2008 ad campaign. ummm that's a little wierd because.........
we all know Kirsten Owen and Stella Tennant are already in the fall/winter08 campaign pictured below like duh.

Maybe i don't know about something but i doubt it? but other than that oh perez. lol

so......oh great it got fixed you whore

ok so it's like 1:34 right now, listening to fab music, and well it's more right to say yesterday i went to the mall( i couldn't stand waiting till tuesday to fix my fucking phone) to get my phone fixed. I also went to get some shorts. let's start bitching no? It's soo hard to find things in my size ugh. But i did get my phone fixed. All it took was to get my pretty queer ass to the other mall. the one i don't like which offers a shit load of shitty clothes but that depends etc etc. geez the apple store i went has the nerdiest/ugliest/i masturbate to my fucking science book/i fuck ameobas/blah blah type of guys. NOW the one i usually go to has the cutest fuck me type of hotties. they're cute young and horny looking. now isn't that a much more interesting way to spend shopping at a nerds porno store?. oh i stopped by at the gap to by shorts and check out the fall collection by Patrick Robinson which everyone is making this halabaloo omg talk surrounding this bitch for designing all the gap international collections and that the brand is losing money blah etc etc it's complicated well i checked out his latest collection at gap and wow really many nice things. I really liked his fall/winter collection especially that easy and cool feeling..  i fell in love with this wool blazer and this knitted blazer and these fucking cute hats and plaid shirts and blah. i mean really nice things. Well i'm planning to make another stop at the mall throughout this week hopefully to buy some of the things i mentioned. I still haven't finished shopping for clothes. I fucking put this on my dior homme item's graves that I must buy these plaid pants i saw at h&m from when i went last week. FUCK i swear there's soo many things i want. I want a fuckin sugar daddy that like smokes a cigar like roberto cavalli and has fucking looks like david beckham and has a fucking cock like a fucking porn star and has the bank account of donald trump. now.... i must finish this post and others. i don't wanna end up sleeping at like 5 am and waking up at like 4 pm and being fucking late missing the premiere of the new season of janice dickinson modeling agency. i can't. really. i have a horny addiction with  the guys on there. especially Dominic Figlio.
isn't he fucking hot? i'd let him rape me and tell me i'm pretty. Why hasn't anyone givin this fucker a dolce and gabbana modeling/perfume/catalog/etc contract? why? 

stefano and dominico why? why? omg how creepy while typing this the fucking dolce comercial song popped on my mac. ahahah. oh wait why u bitches?
now i should be getting my face acne clean and be in bed dreaming of that fucker up there. love ya.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm still pissed!

ugh i can't fucking take it anymore! no more! with my camera still being a bitch. so yesterday me and the fag hag go to the mall since i had some errands to do blah yahda blah. ok i actually wanted to go cause i have this obssession with plaids( thank u fucking dolce and gabbana) for fall and remember my phone fell so i had to fix that little fucker. First i go to apple and i couldn't even do anything while i was there. I had to make a appointment with this very nice lady so i have that planned out for next week. Oy Vey what a nice plan for the last week before school no? ahah
I really can't take it anymore. I'm even fucking jealous of my brothers new phone. It's pretty...i guess but ugh i NOW! Oh and i couldn't find anything nice at the mall. There's soooo many hot things i keep seeing at topshop so i;m thinking of buying things. I swear nothing wow at the mall these days. Is it sooo hard to fucking find a farmers plaid long sleev shirt anyone? i don't think so. oh well i still have plenty of time to buy things. Plus i should save up for those leather throuser i've been wanting which i know hot topic should have them during halloween according to them or either the one's from topshop which i know are gonna sell fast like fucking hotcakes. oh actually did buy some things. well i did buy a pair of shorts and 2 pairs of jeans. I needed bottoms so there. ugh. By the way zara has soooo many gorgeous coats and jackets for fall. omg. and so did h&m which had this gorgeous coat/jacket which i tried on and it was heaven! i swear i looked like a fucking hot bitch from the sartorialist. oh i did stop by h&m mens but it sucks fucking boring boring i don't fuck with fagits ass. everything there is fucking boring. I mean IF ur into the whole dolce mens and i a man clothing blah then thats you but not me. You'll see me in the womens section thank u very much. ugh oh can u believe i've gained weight. well i no. ugh. why me? i'm just a pretty queer boy who loves being pretty and dreams of having a mansion and closet full of chanel and lanvin while has his boyfriend that's like a prince to some place in russia or some place called xajbdslfalfn or whatever island u know. oh wanna know my latest well more like year obssession i've had? well Im addicted to these fucking croissants. I get them like every saturday and binge and now i've been getting them more often. Like today i wasn't going to ask for none, even though i wanted sooooooooo badly, and my dad got me croissants for breakfast and all i could do was say " oh thank you". Though the only reason he got me some was because he called me a spoiled brat blah and that my blood is blue blah blah some shit like that. Idk. my mom told it to me in spanish. so go figure. I'm obsessed with them though. Heck i'm sooo obssesed with them that a long time ago i made one into a nice long penis to fuck my mouth with.

don't u like them white and fluffy. oh boy. ugh. Im starting my diet.........................................................................................................................................
........................................................NOW!. where have my anorexia modeling days gone too. oh wait they're around the corner.

i need thinspiration. here's mine for the moment. Magdalena is fucking FIERCE! and u know it! admit it! fucking admit it and say magdalena frackowiak is a fucking hot bitch and i'm willing to get my gender reassigned to be like this bitch.

Now i need to pretend i'm a model that's on a fitting and runway diet that's going to a fitting for rodarte. laters. :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

oh raquel

luckily i can understand some of it but like barely anything. thanks fucking spanish parents. oy vey gucci biker jacket raquel? :0
lucky! raquel muy muchu sexy. maraviosa! ciao

Holy shit Ali Stephans is American!!

from UTAH! OMFG! i fucking thought she was European like born over there!

edit(3:30am): ugh she's 16!! i'm barely 15 here fucking doing nothing while she's in oh i dont know doing a fitting with Alber Elbaz by now. ugh. just a year older...........

Thursday, August 21, 2008

How could you fucking do this Wendy!?!?

Did anyone watch wendy today? well omfg i was watching wendy today and she was talking about the type of bags she likes(her bags are HUGE!)
she pulled out this fendi ss08 bag pictured below which was a tannish brown with out any print design like the one below. She mentioned that when she bought it she thought it was going to be stiff and squared but the one she got through mail was like sooooooooo the oppisite. she even had it there and it looked sooo crushed and like the total opposite of stiff. since she didn't like the bag being like that she putt like duck tape inside the dam clutch/bag to get that stiff effect or whatever look she was trying to achieve. first of all never ever ever ever ever ever even iff u have a fucking cock or gun loaded up in your face NEVER do that. it's just wrong to do that to a fendi clutch.
she mentioned she ordered it through the catalog. ok. this is why i never like ordering things online. you never know if you'll like the fit or look of the thing you ordered. NEVER fucking do that. I mean cmon. If i was her why not go down to fucking Fendi and buy the bag and blah and see hmm " do i fucking like the way it is?"
BTW stay london was on the show. UGH i fucking hate her soooooo much. bitch thinks she knows about fashion and styling yet she looks like shit and the people she dresses with that faggot on her show on TLC. she makes every outfit look so boring and unispired. I mean what's soo special about her. she's getting fatter by every episode and everything has to do with the "waist" with her. "waist"? do you agree marc? do you agree anne demeulemeester? do you agree with hips karl? do agree with fucking fat hips mr.owens? me neither.
oh big bags
i want a big cock.

I spy Balenciaga Spring/Summer 08. thank you

thank you! thank you riri for being fucking bold in hollywood and wearing something interesting unlike say lauren conrad or ugly vanessa hudgens wearing girly this or girly that and this boring this or this boring that ENOUGH! enough is enough. that's why i thank u riri. Like me. when i wore my gucci metallic ss08 shoes. I knew they're different than what people are wearing around my surroundings. did i care? no. why? cause i LOVE fashion and everything about it. and also cause i'm  pretty bitch that fucking goes horny for shiny things. now back to business.
oy vey shannan click!remember that guy at the sartorialist with that balenciaga top? lucky bitch.

ugh nicolas ghesquire....your'e a fucking genious.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lagerfeld Chicness

look at my papi Lagerfeld. Chicness no? i swear put him in yellow, orange, lime, brown, shit,etc etc...anything and then wow

adopt me karl! i'll even like start licking all the letters and blah at the Chanel offices!

Siri you bitch, your a fucking doll

siri you hot bitch! can you say awesome? check out siri starring in a Harajuku Lover commercial. i say fierce. i say cute.i say omg. i say asian persuasian even though she ain't asian

i say what shish is siri taking to look so young and pretty? i want some of that shish

I hate this fucking phone

ok well i just got home like a while ago from the movies and well today was good/bad day. here's why. first of all the worst thing that just had to occur to me is that my iphone camera broke/well more like isn't working. That's what i use to take my photos and this just fucking sucks? is it karma god? god? what? i was in my room and i took the plastic phone cover thing for own reasons and then BAM WHAM HAUTE COUTURE BAM! it falls. and now when i take a pic the pic comes out blank and just goes back to the home screen. This fucking sucks. Worse than getting fucked by a old saggy titted 80+ yr olds. why oh fuck me why why!?! So for the rest of the post i've had to use my mac camera which isn't the best.

now back to what today was....pre registration for school. it was great talking and seeing people i haven't seen in a while. What i fucking hate is when you talk to people that talk to you differently when with certain people. Like they're tooo cool when with these people and feel sorta like that don't wanna let down the other person blah blah in a way. Like i care. Bitch puhlease. too cool? around them? you HAVE to be kidding. Oh well if that's how you are then so be it. it's not like i need people like that. i have plenty and plenty of friends that would love to have me in their presence and not give a shit. karma. period. being the queer that i am, i was up late last night thinking of what to wear. i had orignally had planned to wear this diamondy looking pattern sweater shirt with my black skinny trousers but then in the morning i decided to wear this sorta red turtle neck with denim blue shorts. why picking a outfit? ID! HELLO! I get to school and blah do my thing. don't i look like fucking fierce in my school id? i know i look  fucking deranged. fucking nasty. fucking weird. fucking fat like lauren conrad. fucking pretty like shit. fucking weird nose like kinga rajzak. fucking nasty hair like hilary alexander on crack.fucking fucking_______! you pick. fuck i swear i would have gone man pussy up in the air and pose pose POSE! but NO. i'm not a  fucking free cock sucker. a bitch has to make money these days no? i don't hate my picture it's just that well i wish that I wouldv'e looked WAAAYYYY better.

Being the fashion fagit, ofcourse i had an inspiration. ofcourse i did. HELLO who the fuck do i look like? JLO? i was like why not do some fierce "backstage photo" photo? like the ones with the models backstage at a show looking fucking fierce and hotness.well..............OMFG look at Sheila Marquez backstage at Chloe fall/winter 08. Now that's a fucking hotness backstage photo. Bitch is FIERCE FOR LIFE. well do i resemble a little Sheila in my ID? more like i resemble a fucking fat twink. fat twink? ugh...
btw look at all those fucking books. this defitanely means getting covers and blah blah. i always see the "wannabe" fashion girls at school with A&F/hollister/armani exchange/ blah blah. shit looks tacky. I'm fine with my basic colored covers. Everyone knows if i had it my way i would have eric rhodes showing his cock on my books for a afternoon delight.

oy vey sooo many things to do:
-fix phone so go to apple store
-book covers
-get new clothes. i have my eye on that menswear fendi disco shirt at can you say GORGEOUS!
oh im such a material bitch.
love ya

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Spy Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer08, lucky bitch!

i know i HAD to post this one. ofcourse i watched the hills premier on monday. i'm not proud for watching it. it's addicting yet i fucking know it's a full fake show that's fake shit with fake shit tanned colored people with fake houses with fake attitudes with fake tits with fake hair blah blah. like perezy said. its like fucking crack. the point. Lauren had the nerve to wear that Beautiful ss08 roberto cavalli dress! the one Lily Donaldson wore

oh lily!
does lauren fullfill that dress?
answer: woopty do. i guess. but lily donaldson makes it perfection. watch her work it she's perfect
ok fine. it doesn't look bad on her. there. happy. ugh. but her boobs look bad though.
lucky bitch.

Monday, August 18, 2008

OMFG he's everywhere

omfg ok like i came back home like around 10 from errands and blah blah and so before getting here i went to CVS( the pharmacy) getting some things. I walk in with my huge afro looking pubic looking hair which trust me isn't amusing. so i walk in and i see this guy(one of my friend's friends) which is fucking annoying. I don't mean he's annoying, I don't even know him at that level to decide if he is, I actually don't even know him at all. What's annoying is that i always run in to him like everywhere. I'm not kidding. I can name like many places where i've run into him. ok not like many I'm exagerrating. i hope I don't come off as a stalker to him. That's like creepy. ugh. If i had it my way i would be fucking stalking tom ford in milano. I mean is it a sign? seriously. why oh fuck me why am i running into him in soo many places? Sign? sure.maybe.   
oh well. who knows. I bet you a fucking chanel couture gown that I'll run into him this weekend.

by the way, i got a better creamer. I just found out like 3 minutes ago i got hazelnut which i like but i fucking love my vanilla like i like my white boys. I had the vanilla chai spice one which tasted like spicy shit. 

oy vey

Marc Jacobs F/W08 Jewelry/Accessories

Remember my last post talking about brooches and my weird creepy obsession with them? Also remember that interesting uninspired collection Marc did for fall/winter 08? remember the jewelry/accessories from the show? Well i do too. I'm in LOVE with them. I've been thinking about them lately. I think about them more than fucking food and porn. Food or accessories? do you have to fucking ask?

I don't know if these are ties or brooches or clip ons but whatever. They're fucking beautiful! Love it LOVES IT!!!! 
OMFG that brooche! i must have. How can you not say no. I can think of the possibilities. I mean it's on the BryanBoy bag. mucho inspirations. oh the bracelet!

I love the rings. Just think hey i'm getting my fucking chanel bag robbed. what do i do? well you fucking stab them and run. Cher: that's just a lawsuit waiting to happen! No? The bracelets are fantastic!
I love the choker! and more gorgeous bracelets! OMFG Vlada is the hotness!!
oh wait they're necklaces! I really wanna get one of them. they're sooo.......pretty. I mean a silver/light bulb looking tie? :D
brooches galore! must.have.all.or.marry.sugardaddy.anyone?.
OMFG the cuffs!!! the ones that resemble the brooches. wow!

oh i really love it all. I fucking do. There are soo many things that i want. so who wants to be a pretty little giver and buy me mucho marc?I bet you a fucking chanel dress they're each above 500 no? prices these days......ugh. i guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

 oh soo much time for full time fall/winter to come!