Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Natalia V was at Balenciaga today...

retirement my ass. queen model Natalia Vodianova opened the Balenciaga show today in Paris.

Please let her be at Karl lagerfeld and the rest of paris puhlease! 

oh gosh i'm sick

well sorta. i stayed home today(well monday) from school cause supposedly my throat is sore, no not from sucking hundreds of cocks at clubs, and like i needed my beauty sleep and finish a couple of things. But i didn't feel good in a way too. lol ugh btw i shouldve gone. my friend kayla has my cigs fuck. oh well.

ugh i hate school. i really do. Omg i keep complaing about it and today i was supposed to be editing my essay and my convo with my mom goes like this:
me: mom i hate school. whats the point
mom: yes there is a point. blah blah blah you need to go
me: i just hate it, i just wanna stay here
mom: stop complaing.
me: i just wanna live happy and stress free
mom: you know what go work at subway or some thing down the corner. do you want me to take you out of school so that you can work work work WORK and just do that?!?
me: uhh.........NO! ewwww i don't wanna be ugly

oh gosh i have nothing against people who make my 12 inch sized cock sandwich with vegies and tuna and dressings at subway but hell no would i rather give up school for work. I mean really i need to make money in the future so i need like an education for a career.....i mean really whos gonna pay for the chanel and dries van noten? not the bitch next to you, me, her, him, that, that tranny etc etc but me!

ugh oh and there's no school tommorw......supposedly some jewish holiday. i think its called ramidawn or something. geeez yay

What if Margiela retired?

well today was the 20th anniversary of Margiela's collection in Paris but there's rumors circulating( more fucking rumors i know right!! but loves it!) that hes going to retire completely from fashion soon. Also Margiela said over the last year that he did want to retire and had renzo rosso and raf simons as a successor but now that he's in jil whats up then? Well there's also reports that he doesn't even design his collection but that the design team does. Aww i don't want him to retire..really. ugh. everyone is retiring or leaving these days. ugh. it really sucks. 

It's like Gucci all over again

seriously it is. i mean omfg i feell incredibly horribe about Alessandra and the latest rumors that have surfaced about how long she'll be at valentino and what sucks is the show is this thursday so imagine all that stress till then. According to some people, her last(maybe) show for valentino might be this thursday and that they only had her at the fashion house,according to rumors, to only to keep time going until they found a right successor who they're having they're eye out for Giambattista Valli.


"PARIS) Alessandra Facchinetti's spring collection for Valentino doesn't show until Thursday, but already, rumors are rampant that her tenure at the venerable house may be short-lived."I heard they are giving her one more show," said a top editor, echoing the words of several other industry insiders. Of course, one more show could mean all the difference for the Italian designer who reached Valentino after a long tenure at Gucci and a brief stint at Moncler.

Facchinetti's first Valentino collection for Fall/Winter '08 was lukewarmly received, with critics addressing the abundance of Valentino staples instead of serious innovation. Her first couture collection, shown in July, fared much better. "She did a great job. This collection was so much more interesting than her ready-to-wear show," wrote The New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn. "I thought she completely captured the sense of Valentino but made it more youthful. I can imagine lots of women, young or old, being interested in the clothes."

The decision to hire Facchinnetti, who was Tom Ford's longtime lieutenant at Gucci and succeeded him as creative director of women's wear for two seasons, was made by Permira, the London-based private equity firm that bought a majority stake in Valentino Group SpA in May 2007.

"Alessandra," said a well-placed Valentino insider, "paves the way for Valentino's successor to 'save' the iconic house." As for that successor? Talk has centered squarely on Giambattista Valli, another beloved Italian designer with an abundance of Valentino-esque aesthetics and a growing celebrity following. "He makes perfect sense," said one luxury retailer. "After all, we have to sell these clothes."

While a Valentino spokesperson would not comment on Giambattista Valli, she referred to the rumors that Thursday's show could be Facchinetti's last as "inconsistent."

so this upcoming collection could make it or break it. I really do have high hopes for her but then again Giambattista is somewhat of a good match for valentino but then i kinda feel like he isn't. And if she leaves, whats next for her? first gucci, now valentino.....she can't get this quite right anywhere huh? It just sucks she keeps getting fired almost everywhere she goes. And you can't say she's a bad designers cause she isn't. She's incredibly talented. But then again these are rumors so i guess we'll have to wait till thursday to see whats gonna happen. 

Monday, September 29, 2008

oh yohji.....

well yohji if your'e reading this i just wanna say i LOVE your latest collection for spring. Love that you used just black and white and the collection is sooo "yohji". just gorgeous and love how the everything is so effortless and perfect. loves it.

just effing gorgeous no? 

3 fierce bitches are better than 1 fierce bitch

oooh lookey at what i found at the snejana thread at TFS. this gorgeous picture backstage with 3 of my fave models natasha, anna, and snejana.
thinspiration galore at it's finest no? fuck i just ate a loaf of bread.

now isnt this picture gorgeous to the max??!

those fucking cheekbones and eyes and skin gosh snejana is fucking gorgeous!
loves it!

Balmain S/S 09

rock n roll chic no? omfg Balmain has to be one of my faves this season but then again for a long time i've been loving Christophe's collections for Balmain. This collection however was gorgeous as well. The jackets are stunning and just gorgeous. Love how they were this season and love the use of crystals on them. and the pants......gorgeous. The dresses were pretty but i will say this though: Alot of it looked like past collections such as the dresses and the silhouettes and much more. It's gorgeous but somewhat repetitive. and aren't the tutu dresses like the cutest? and the crystal like lace such as on anjas dress isn't it gorgeous? But in all just a stunning cool collection. The balmain women doesn't care and is sooo cool no?

i think the use of the chrystals is stunning. especially on the jackets. ugh gorgeous. remember tony loves a balmain jacket and pant. :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paris is here! omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg X 1000

OMFG its here since yesterday! gareth pugh, rick owens, balmain, nina ricci, ahh soooooo much more!!! more ss09 fashion to come!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


so yesterday was this macy fashion thingy at santa monica etc etc. and well i kinda regret not  going.they kept announcing the whole shit at school since like ever or i don't know i never really payed attention to it since i'm thinking about the hot asshole next to me. So ofcourse i didn't attend and now i fucking regret it. Like for our school all you have to do is just sign up and wham bam your in but some lucky motherfuckers kissed ass to the teachers responsible of the trip so they had an advantage. I mean its not like i regret that much but ugh there were celebs there. I think it's the same one with celebrities though but really i'm not sure. If so, fucking Sharon stone was there. I swear i would love to see that bitch. And even more celebs i think.

And i barely payed attention to the details of it like yesterday when i was talking with one of my friends who was telling me her signup sheet didn't get approved by the teacher whereas some did. There's this fat guy i hate that she told me got in! i mean seriously all he wears is fucking basketball shorts and some fat oversized shirt and weighs like 230 pounds or even more! seriously he dresses like whatever. He's like th ugliest gay guy i've ever seen and yet my friend who wears the cutest outfits didn't get allowed? wtf this is a fashion show thing right? ugh. i felt bad for her but then again that fat bitch is always like with the teacher etc etc so kissing ass was the thing to do. but hey there's nothing wrong with kissing ass. i might even do it with soem future boss and like get 50 dior bags in a day. But yes i do regret barely realizing what it is.  bet you a fucking dress that the bitch doesn't know who like christian laxroix or alexander mcqueen or like matthew williamson is ugh. but i did have such a great night yesterday too. haha soo fucking funny. 
now now lets end this post with a little game thingy whatever you want to call it. if i could wear anything that night to this event what would i wear?
gucci ss08. im feeling rock n roll at the moment.