Friday, September 12, 2008

I bet i'm fatter than sasha even with the weight gain

ok we all know something is up with sasha this season. New haircut, but most importantly the weight gain. The picture below is recntly with her new gained weight. 
now what do i think?i'm really proud sasha doesn't look "THIN" thin but let's be all honest because many and I mean MANY will just be like oh she looks better but in reality many think the opposite but don't want to upset anyone. But honestly what do i think, i prefer sasha's old weight. People tthink she looked horrible back then but i actually think she looked perfect! she wasn't your olga sherer thin but she was the perfect model skinny, or maybe that's just me. Her weight now is ok but it's a bit distracting from her face and that's what won me over. Her face is what makes me LOVE sasha. now compare her to this old photo of her during ss08:

I still think she looks perfect back then. She looks now alittle.....idk just a bit big. Plus for her it's different thought i cmon we have to fucking keep in mind she's way shorter than the other models at these shows so keep that in consideration. I really hope she goes back to how she was. I'll be honest. She does look a little big chubby on the runway. There i said it unlike many of u bitches who don't. ugh. i think i used the worst possible photos ever. ugh whatever. but i still love my sasha no matter what. sasha forever i tell yah! forever no matter what.

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