Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pornstar there, Pornstar everywhere

ok so the other day i decided you know what i feel like eating since i'm feeling obese and blah blah so i decided to go and eat at subway right after school. Now i fucking love subway. i love it as much as i love cock and chanel.
so hippity skoppity do i go there. btw my dad took me. he picked me up ugh. so i went to this one i never go to cause the one i usuallly go was being remodeled or something like that. Subway didn't pay their financial bill huh? So i enter and im ordering and looking who around here is fucking pretty? so looking around i see this guy right near the window eating and first thing comes to mind was " omfg that motherfucker right there is  pornstar!"

(ok that's not his hand. that's like some four eyes hand who was with his somewhat 9 but i'm ready to be a slut by 14 year daughter)
the fucker was sitting right near the window eating like a fucking trucker. Ok fine i'll admit he wasn't a pornstar but he looked like one. like he had the bod, the face, the facial hair, the tight polo, the tattoos, etc etc maybe even the dick. but wow a gay boy's dream has come true no? i woulda said hi but my dad was there so u know..ugh. geez subway sounds good about now no? fuck i'm pro ana all week. hah

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