Sunday, September 14, 2008

That son of a bitch!

ok i can get jealous once in a while even thought i think highly about myself, but when it comes to fashion i can easily get jealous of one's outfit. For example: this motherfucker from japan(oy vey those bitches know how to work!) who i saw at TFS. Now i'm sooo jealous of his whole look.
Which btw his safari shirt is from Dior Homme SS07. ahhh one of my fave collections under slimane.ugh but how he wears it....ugh! i mean i'm not even jealous cause he has it but just cause it fits perfectly!
I even have the same fucking shirt(which i treasure soooo much!) but the problem is it doesn't fit me perfect cause when i got it fitted alright. well bigger than now. and now....ugh
actually it fits me ok just not perfect like that bitch up there. ugh i envy him! his whole look! btw i can do it WAYY better! i got the DH bracelets
how do you like that bitch! now i think ima get the shirt tailored to fit me perfectly. i love it soooooooooooooo much! i swear! i wanna wear it soooo badly! i'm defitanely getting it tailored one of these days u know.

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