Friday, September 12, 2008

Zac Posen S/S 09

ugh i'm a little dissapointed with Zac's collection this year for SS09. well isn't that the case with many of his collections. He shows something but it's not complete or well that's how i feel. so for SS09 soo many things went wrong. For me it bascially comes down to the styling. Paris hilton called(porn tape days) and she wants her light orange tan and mullet hair back, with a side of orgy. Blegh. The hair just looks tacky. seriously. paired with the earring i just see fucking ghetto girls/ i think im hot but in reality i weigh like 160+ at school looking like this. or somewhat. can u say 80's prom with the hair much?But aside from the styling, i think the collection has many lovely pieces. For example some peices are just gorgeous like the dresses jourdan and poly have where as others are just WRONG like that big coat on Suvi.. oh another miss for Posen. btw do you also see some cavalli in there?  

that dress is hot. whos gonna wear it first? take your pick: jlo fat ass or megan fat fox?
oooh that dress is pretty

totally loving poly's dress! gorgeous!!

love this dress too.....

pretty! but the hair and makeup is jsut wrong!
oh this dress is pretty. It just says let's have brunch and like make love no?

jesus motherfucking christ Georgina has motherfucking cheeks!!
oh this dress is gorgeous!

that's hot anja

oh that's pretty but ehh kinda

i really like the bathing suit. finally a good looking one peice.

i don't like this look at all! paris motherfucing hilton

wtf was this?!?!? the proportions are just wrong! suvi looks like a fat cow. She makes coco rocha look like a twig.

ok fine sheila looks like shit. can u say tacky quincenera?


eww.......hi im isabeli fontana and im a whore.

i actually kinda teeny tiny asian dick size like this
the fit of the dress is just wrong. Raquel looks fat which we all know that bitch's bod is fierce to the max.

oh well. last spring was much better no?

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