Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pearls, bow, grey, white, shorts...

so the day before like at night i thought gee i don't put much effort into my clothes lately since i've been acting like a such an obese pregnant coke whore you know. which i mean, honestly, i think i'm a good stylist. heck, i wanna leave high school, go college, and be a fierce sytlist and style nylon, paris vogue and be BFFs with carine, style celebs(high fashion WISE!), vogue russia, vogue japan, anthother man, blah blah soooo many mags you know. So let's do something bryanboy likes to call, oh what is it? pictionary? haha yes! bring it bitch!
my thighs are ugly! i swear the spot taking the pics was the WORST! i swear!

more proof that i look asian....

i had a TON of pics but i looked like the ugliest boy in the whole school so i covered my ugly faces and plus my emo photographer has horrible photography skills. bitch needs some classes with steven klein. so why does tony look horrible? because:
a. the lighting was bad and we were in the shade
b. im a ugly model
c. i'm not as fierce as mariacarla boscono
d. friend took many pictures without my consent
e. oh fuck it, tony, you bitch, you're fierce but you were super duper gorgeous and it was too much for the camera to handle

pick and choose my lovers

ps: during this day, while walking to my locker going to 4th period, these 2 black guys were like staring and like laughing while passing them. i mean sure laugh but who wants to be them and wheigh what bog white t shirt dresses the size of texas and weight more than like 150 lbs and like be bald and like look ugly and like laugh weird and like have sweat around your stomache and like not have a girlfriend or a fuckable friend and like have HUMONGOUS cheeks and like not be able to pronounce HUMONGOUS and find the definition and like not be as fierce and thin as me and like not habe this gorgeous talent of dressing but then again the whole school can't aswell. ugh i've had enough. gosh i'm glad i'm a thin bitch. love yah!  

Pro Ana where are you?

ugh i miss my good ol pro ana days. really. i'm such a fat lard. lately i've been eating normal and like wtf u know! me and normal? hahaha. i'm tooo fucking fab to be normal. normal is for the fat whores around the world. pro ana till the 30th no? oh i already had a head start so hah! so let's see what i ate today no?
it was some sugary bread but my mom gave me half so ugh! hallalujah!
don't you like sugary popcorn? barf. i only had handfuls.
pina colada......gorgeous yum no?
2 of these.....

ugh im such a fat whore. My friend amy was telling me on wednesday ,when i called her cause she was absent from school so i had juicy gossip that day, about me getting fat cause i was complaining and blah and all she said was well your'e getting fuller. ugh that whore. i love/hate when we mess with each other like that. i was like look bitch you can take what a year to lose 5 pounds but i can take a whole week to lose 5 pound bitch so hah. it was something like that and all she said was fuck you. lol. aww i miss talking to her!. we got in a fight recently. that fierce whore will come back soon. but back to my obesity. ugh i feel gross. maybe i should do crystal meth and lose the weight? oh and tomorrow is halloween. whats a fagit anorexic supposed to do on a day like this? i'll let you answer that.  

I wanna be fucking young forever

i really do. i wanna be like fucking 5 and get everything i want! but now lets get down to business. yesterday  my neice came in crying and blah inside my house and so being a gorgeous nosey whore on the phone i was like what's wrong? turns out she thought she saw something in my sister's(her mom) car and thought she saw something dead in the car. being a full blown beaner mexican, my mother took this bruhaha stuff like as serious as her telenovelas. ugh my mom later responded with let's go buy her a toy at toys r us. now now i was invited so i went cause i needed to go and prance to music but then again i needed gum like asap. so we get there, which btw the guys are alll fucking FUGLY! eww. would not let one of them losers lick my toes. they all looked like skater guys but like the rejects of the group you know. i walk, prance, get gum, shake my butt for the closeted dads, and blah. the little troll ended up getting some phone furry crap. that's the little troll below.
don't i look fucking gorgeous? ugh i've gained weight. fuck. i hate myself. anorexia for 2 weeks. promise. :) but ugh my neice is such a DRAMA queen! i'm not kidding. she makes me, the queen of drama,  look like the most quietest fucker of them all. she even wants people to refer her as princess. that's not a joke. but though i really hope she's like that at like the age of 15. i mean really i wanna the bitch to wear fucking lanvin and chanel and wang where as my other neice to wear dries van noten, valentino, and blah blah and be like the bitchiest popularest whores of the school. u get the point?

oh btw i made discovery! chanel dolls much?

that's hot bitches.
love yah!

The country folks love papa Karl

they do! so as we all know papa karl is shooting the chanel ss09 campaign in Vermont and blah blah. omg isn't vermont where sucky sucky queer as folk was shot there cause if so OMFG! i love queer as folk! but now now, how do yall country folks react to the chanel daddy? well videos. geeez bitch this is ain 17th century news papers. you have to o a video duh!
this chick happened to be a firecrotch hooker out and about and decided to do a stakeout. bitch please youre fucking stalking. don't worry i'd be stalking to. i'd be all over brad kissing, talkking blah blah and being Karl's bitch and also talking to karls new fave girl which i'm still scared on who it is. thank fucking goodness it's not that old hag claudia schiffer. claudia schiffer can kiss my ass. and then tell me i'm pretty. 
even the news people were there.

haha brad! opening the door for karl.....hahah! haha he's karl's bitch alright.  i could see granpa santa in the vid doing armani. and then he and giorgio can have like a fling. haha.

so 4 bedrooms karl? so one for karl, one for brad, one for amanda harlech, and who? adopt me u bitch! ugh i wanna live in vermont now. well maybe until they stop shooting the ad. but then again i wanna live my life as doing quickies and doing drugs at clubs ala queer as folk. hah!

I need a boyfriend ASAP

omfg was i the only bitch that had his jaw dropped when Thinspo fierce gorgeous jenny kissed hot fucking nate on mondays GG episode?!??! ugh i mean could it have gotten any fucking better?
shit 15 kissing a 20 hot something? oh ma lord u. haute!
omfg i but in all honesty i need a boyfriend. i mean seriously i really do. ok fine im exagerating i don't but then again i want someone to buy me everything in the fucking world and to fuck me like no other. he has to be tall, sexy, hot, yum yum, sucky sucky hot, show me ill show you mine hot, rich, RICH, blah blah blah idk cause just looking at jenny and nate kiss makes me hardcore jealous. ugh i want someone that looks like brad kroenig but like a cuter and better cause gosh do we know he's small.
actually wtf i dont  need a fucking bf. i got myself. i just need financial support. hahaha. 
love ya bitches. 

oh my whats up with Tanya D?

OMFG now being a fucking thinspirational obsessed whore, i'n shocked as to what i read today at fashionologie:

">> There have been a lot of big model-agency switcharoos lately, with both Agyness Deyn and Snejana Onopka moving to Women, but conspiracy theorists have a new model on their minds: Tanya Dziahileva.

In the past few days, she has gone missing from her agency IMG's site; when you add that information to the fact that she left IMG's Milan branch for Why Not Models, and IMG's Paris branch for Marilyn, some are calling foul, especially since she didn't walk New York Fashion Week because of a lost passport, but made it to Milan and Paris just fine.

Was the lost passport an excuse because she didn't have New York representation?  Was she dropped by IMG, did she quit, or is her disappearance from the site all a mistake?

now now why the hell would gorgeous quit? dropped? i mean she's one of the top models(high fashion wise) so i mean there shouldn't be a problem. ugh. btw i saw this comment on the post:
hmm.....interesting no?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lets fucking party.

yesterday my cousin jenny came from another state cause she was in town for oh i don't know. the bitch is alway coming back and forth. i found out through my mom that she was in town and well i gave the bitch a ring and next thing you know the bitch invites me for a night out on the town to be pretty whores and get boys you know. she told me if i wanted to come to a party and well being home on a saturday night was sooo not in the fucking picures so i said why not. plus i was like hardcore bored. so 3 hours later, i took a shower and blah and got ready.  i got the gloss, the hair, the face, the look, and ready to go! we first went to encino to get something to drink and got into a fight with this bitch but whatever about that. we later arrived to pick up one of her friends and just went to ameoba which is this awesome cd store here in holywood. we later went to her other friends house who also lived around there and was having a huge party. we finally arrive and ofcourse the party starts cause well i'm there. ahaah. i had such a great time though.. the party was fun and great. sooo many gorgeous boys. ugh. i met the cutest guy named michael and we were laughing sooo much and then he like spilled some redbull on me and ugh landed on my pants. that fucking cunt. ugh. it sucked but oh well he was gorgeous and sexy. i told him it was all cool and he just said oh k cool. we smoked, talked, drank, giggled, blah blah. it was fun. the party lasted i don't when but i left like around 3:30. My cousin told me the guy wanted my number and wanted to hang and party with me again but i was probably too hungry or something so i forgot to give it to him you know. but it was great.

well i took pics of me getting ready and stuff before my cousin arrived so here you go you gorgeous people:

at first i was thinking of wearing my leather pants but then i was still unsure if i'm going to return them you know.

peek a boo. wait why me doing peek a boo? why not you do peek a boo down unda? haha
tony for karl lagerfeld ss09?

thinspirational no? i make olga the happiest bitch ever.

oh my geeez!

haha at the end i was like my outfit looks sooooooo familiar and then i was like omfg! i look like anna selezneva in that vogue paris editorial where she's wearing that prada shirt and those balmain leather trousers! which don't get me wrong i loved! shit the styling was incredible!

i later switched to my topshop pants and like at exactly when i did change into them my cousin arrived. ahh. oh how fun. k ill post more laters. love yah bitches.

btw: anna selezneva or tony for vogue paris?? ill love yah even more if u pick me? oh fuck anna is skinnier and has like access to everyfucking fashion house(in a way) possible. fuck this. lol. i want carine roitfeld to fucking love me!

Givenchy S/S 09 Video

just wow. just gorgeous. just stunning. ricardo is a genius! this is probably my fave collection for spring. ugh just stunning. the whole looks on every model is just love! i need it. i want it. i love it. i must have it! btw look at mariacarla a the end......ugh STUNNING! i'm soooo glad she's givenchy's main girl. they're perfect together!

Angela Lindvall or Housewife ho?

so i'm watching the real housives of Atlanta and guess what the country redneck bitch is wearing?
juicy couture? no
macys? no
Bebe? no
uhh atleast kimora lee simmons look alike outfit no? no
the bitch had the nerve to be wearing chanel!
ugh it kills me cause i want everything from that collection and i mean everything from the shoes to the american stripes peices to the gloves to the dresses to the jackets etc etc everything. well no biggie the peice she's wearing wasn't one of my faves, but still ugh. money can buy everything no? now who looks better angela or blondie up there? do we even have to ask ourselves? does she even look great in it? no. well i can't see her bottom half of her look so i can't fully make an opinion but she looks trashy incuding in everything else she's put on. Plus angela looks classier and chic. 

" Just the ten of us"

well style just released this video just having small interviews, well more like small talk and blah, with the 10 finalists for the CFDA/VOGUE fashion fund. just watch.
you know every one of them is soooo talented but in the end only one will win you know and hopefully the judges know what theyre doing by picking the right winner. Imagine being one of them thinking about winning? imagine thinking about your life changing?. just look at lazaro and jack from proenza schouler. after winning theyre brand is like HUGE and even bigger now than before winning. But let's get down to business. PLEASE let Wang win!

now now people. let's cross our fingers, tongues, legs, every crossable organ and pray for alexander to win.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Anna got Calvin

Well i'm very very happy. It's confirmed about who got the SS09 Calvin Klein Ad campaign: Anna Selezneva

from Fashionologie:
>> ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL —She was a runway exclusive, was rumored to have the campaign, and now it's confirmed: Anna Selezneva will be the only girl for Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2009 — Carine Roitfeld, who uses her consistently, must be proud.  I wonder if that means the rest of the rumor — that they asked Christy Turlington and Kate Moss, but both declined, is true, too? [TFS]

this defitanely needs to be great. maybe even better than those suvi for calvin campaigns that i love.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

marc to the rescue

ugh as of right now, im studying which i shouldn't but oh well fuck it right? i have a test tommorow for music history and one of the composers im studying about right now is Johann Pachelbel which composed this peice called cannon. You know after hearing it for the first time, it sounded sooooo familiar. also im nervous that since i'm one stupid kid, ill forget the composer and crap by tommorow but then right now i thought? isn't that the song marc used in his ss07 collection (which till this day is one of my favorites from him) ?
indeed it is.

so i mean marc to the rescue no? basically it's down like this: just rememeber the song featured in the marc ss07 show is by blah blah you know. i mean i can remember a bunch of fashion notes so this should be easy squeezy right? hopefully.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lets talk Prada and Balenciaga shall we?

well we all know that Ymre Stiekema is maybe a possible choice for miucca's prada ss09 campaign. i mean she did open the prada show and did get the resort 09 collection, but is there more to facts and info about the campaign? ofcourse. turns out the prada campaign is going to be a mulitgirl campaign. that means only one thing......well more girls duh. now now please miuccia let this be better than last seasons with "im not sasha".  ugh i hope Ymre doesn't get it. she bores me to death. I think Toni Garrn, Anabela Belikova, Katrin Thormann, Alyona Osmanova, or maybe even Anna gushina or whoever cause alot of the girls in the show were stunning but as long as the campaign is chic and gorgeous, then i'm satisfied you know. 

Oh btw if you didn't know, Balenciaga is going to be multigirl aswell which is like the best news since ever! i mean since ss06 since a multigirl you know!
now who do i want for that campaign? hahah lets list shall we: kim noorda, raquel, anabela, natalia, natasha poly, Elsa Sylvan(who btw looks sooooooo fierce everytime on the runway), olga, iselin, oh oh oh omfg magdalena omfg please mag!!! omfg basically a ton at the balenciaga show. ugh whatever. i just hope it ends u gorgeous and cool PUHLEASE! please nicolas! ill give yah a kiss and mucho mucho love if you do.

ugh campaigns.....i want the final results already! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If you thought project runway was dumb, clap your hands, clap clap!

i know project runway ended like what 2, 3 weeks ago but i still don't understand how the hell kenley made it to the top 3! i mean really all of her designs are soooooooo look alikes. and supposedly she doesn't know other designer's designs. i mean really shouldn't you know this stuff if your going to design. i mean really i don't even design, and i know my collections you know. ugh shows how much she loves fashion.

take for example her feather dress which every fat 5 kid housewife thought might have been new and wow but honestly it's sooooo inspired by Mcqueens fall/winter 08 dress.
coincidence much? no. plus mcqueens is way more gorgeous. plus lily is skinner and fiercer than that fat runway-virgin.
then there's the painted flower dress which everyone thought was pretty and creative for actually beeing painted on which in fact the shape and silhouette is soooooo similar to nicolas's  flower and sculptural collection for balenciaga during ss08. 

thank goodness that dumbass lost. I think i'll stick to my balenciaga and mcqueen forever and ever kenley, thank you very much. what a loser, no?

Britney's sister is one lucky bitch

she is!. last thursday i went to the the market cause i wanted to get something to eat after school and blah.
i get my fucking quacker house chocolate ship granola bars and blah blah fruits cause i was being one fat whore that day you know. and guess what fucking surprises me at the cashier?
ugh lynee spear's baby's daddy. He's soooooooo fucking sexy. i mean sure i could find one hot " im a hot redneck" at school like this bitch, but i haven't been lucky lately. ugh that lucky son of a bitch. and i mean i never actually saw like a full face photo of him like this one but wow he is hot.

shes sooo fucking ugly and fat. ugh. how much do you wanna bet the man takes a little peep in the locker room in high school?. maybe he's gay and she's like a carrier for his kids cause he feels like he's full blown queer and wants kids before he dies? haha. maybe. ugh lucky bitch though. life sucks.

racism......disgusting much!

"I'm afraid if he wins, the blacks will take over"
"this is a christian nation"
" i believe palin is filled with the holy spirit"
Its just disgusting hearing these racist and ignorant statements. i mean seriously these people are just the most stupidest bumfucks i've ever heard or seen. ugh fucking rednecks. and to answer the lady who said that obama is making white people seem like trash, well the only reason people view some of them like that is probably due to the statements in the video, dontcha think?
crazy how religion plays a huge role in how people think you know. just crazy and disgusting. cmon people it's 2008. geeeeeeez!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

ss09 represent!

let's talk ss09 campaigns shall we? omfg omfg omfg omfg there's already fucking talks in who's getting the ss09 campaigns already and blah blah now but i'm one happy son of a bitch. you ready? i sure know i am but i mean wow the shows were like what 2 weeks ago and now campaigns? life is going sooooo fast. 

wheres the fucking viktor and rolf NO! top from fall when you need it. now thanks to my fashion whores at the TFS i know who got what. here's whats so far sure:

BCBG - M: Kendra Spears; Ph: ?; Info: Hint Mag [#1FashionVictim]
wtf no suvi?!?! that was sooo her show!
Calvin Klein Jeans - M: Anna Maria Jagodzinska, Anna Selezneva, Edita Vilkeviciute, Natasha Poly; Ph: Steven Meisel; Info: Industry Source [Levantar13, Faith Akiyama]
omfg!!!!! poly and selezneva in an ad together?!?!? OMFG!!!! fucking perfection!
Christian Dior - M: Gisele B√ľndchen, Info: [Vini]
ugh i'm soooo fucking tired of this bitch.
D&G - M: Cato van Ee, Imogen Morris-Clarke; Ph: Mario Testino; Info: Imagist [harrietcamilla]
D&G Resort - M: Sheila Baum; Ph: Mario Testino; Info: spfw [Vini]
Eres Beachwear - 
M: Hilary Rhoda, Ph: ?; Info: Scan from German Vogue ([helligirl]
Gap - M: Kendra Spears, Du Juan; Ph: Mikael Jansson; Info: Industry Source [the.Rock.Inc, blue dolphin]
Gucci Resort - M: Abbey Lee Kershaw; Ph: ?; Info: [-MR.D-]
as much as i like abbey but then i again i hardly do why the fuck did she get resort. ewww
H&M - M: Isabeli Fontana, Info: [Vini]
son of a bitch. isabeli is getting on my fucking nerves.
Jimmy Choo - M: Angela Lindvall, Info: shoesobsession's blog [VogueElle Addict]
Lauren Ralph Lauren - M: Chiara Baschetti, Info: industry source [FRANCA ITALY]

Michael Kors Resort - M: Carmen Kass; Ph: Mario Testino; Info: W November [Jacque Marcel]
hahaha oh wow what a shocker. ahahaha
Missoni - M: Isabeli Fontana and Natasha Poly, Ph: Steven Meisel, Info: [Vini]
OMFG! we all know poly will outdo that isabeli. i mean it's a fucking fact. 
Pepe Jeans- M: Giedre Dukauskaite, Ph: ?, Info: PMST [*Bianca*]
Prada Resort - M: Ymre Stiekema; Ph: Steven Meisel; Info: Scan from Amica Italy [fujiko]
seen the ads already but i still miss sasha. sasha forvever and ever and ever and fucking motherfucking ever
Sportmax - M: Heloise Guerin; Ph: Dusan Reljin; Info: Industry source [Faith Akiyama]
Tiffany -M: Angela Lindvall, Heidi Mount, Irina L., P: Michael Thompson, Info: FWD, WWD [VogueElle Addict, kimair]
wait do they mean irina lazareanu?!? oh wow!
Tod's - M: Gwyneth Paltrow, Ph: Mikael Jansson, Info: WWD [*Bianca*]
wtf again?!?! soooo boring. yuck. i rather let michael kors lick my fucking butt then see this bitch again in a tods ad. ewww actually i take back the kors thing. aha ewww!
Chanel Beauty - M: Isabeli Fontana; Ph: ?; Info: [FRANCY ITALY]
omfg chanel and isabeli? ewwww. sooo wrong.
Lanvin L’Homme Sport fragrance - M: Rafael Nadal; Ph:?; Info: WWD [*Bianca*]
Yves Saint Laurent men's fragrance - M: Vincent Cassel; Ph: ?; Info: WWD [*Bianca*]

ugh can anyone give the good campaigns to my faves?!?! pretty please with sugary kisses of mine on top.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where have the models gone? plus one much please?

you know this season there was soooo many freakin new models that seriously i've gotten to the point where it makes me sick. i mean most of my fave girls weren't even at "the" shows. Like for example where the fuck was freja during paris?!?!?!?! where?!?! flavia has seemed to have been gone.......ali stephans? not many shows.... OH AND WHERE THE HELL WAS SASHA!?!?!??!?!?!? can anyone answer that? i swear i saw so many new fucking models at prada i swear probably miuccia has some factories in venice producing these fucking sperm donor kids. but now now the point i'm tyring to get is one model that caught my eye was sessilee lopez. she's gorgeous. she's smart. she's young( or so i think?) etc etc etc. now let's do a timeline of ms. lopez.

i was just bored and happened to randomly see if there were any videos of sessilee and how she talks especially those FTV videos of models so i thought maybe there's some on sessile. well lookey at what i found. here's her modeling some shitty top on channel 4. hahaha wow! someone was a little chunky back then no?
now later we all remember those special black italia covers featuring liya, naomi, jourdan, and sessilee. At the time i was somewhat dissapointed that i got the cover with sessilee cause i have never heard of her before and i've never seen pictures of her before her editorial here plus it was the only one they had at the newstand i got it at and it was like in the middle of the month when i got it. i REALLY wanted the mag with liya SOOOO BADLY but now i'm really glad i got the one with Sessilee. Really glad. she's like one of my new fave models. i mean she's not in my top fave but i really like her.
love her voice.

from shitty modeling news to lanvin.
so i say lets add just this one to the already established models yeah? all these new models is like hardcore annoying. ugh.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chloe S/S 09

After those wonderful and gorgeous seasons with paulo at chloe for like what 3 seasons, Hannah MacGibbon Finally showed her collection for Chloe. Her goal with this collection was to decomplicate fashion for young women and In all i think she did a really good job. I loved that it was cool,young, and hip but then again there were some looks that were a little hard to like. I really hated those circle attached peices which for starters were also hideous back in london at kane's show and also the last dress karlie wore was just wrong with those shoulders but everything else was great. But in all i think she did a wonderful job. But honestly though i miss paulo!
i loved the dress. simple yet pretty.
hate this look

oh i loved this whole look. so pretty and cool.
loved the criss cross tops. gorgeous.

another gorgeous white dress.

love this jumpsuit!
that circle top is just hideous...
love the fabrics she used such as the red one here. love the shorts
oooooh pretty.

love this 

loved the bright yellow sandals..and the look aswell

gorgeous dress but looks way better in video

one of my fave looks.
loved this! just stunning! love is paired with the yellow sandals!
this is just soo easy and looks somewhat comfortable yet looks gorgeous.

this is also one of favorite looks. loved the criss cross top paired with a gorgeous blue colored pant and then also paired with these cool bright yellow sandals. just stunning.
gorgeous as well...
this however i hated. i especially hate the sleeves.