Sunday, November 30, 2008

omfg! eww how could joshua walter do this!

OMFG THIS is tooooo good to hear. well this bitch that's named Gina Salamino got fired from the school she was teaching at due to having an affair with someone a "bit" too young for this fat cow that's named JOSHUA WALTER!!!! holy shit no?!?! If you don't know joshua walter, well your in for more juicy stuff from this story. He's a high fashion model.....WOW no!?!?! just look at those lovers together:
isn't is cute? makes me throw up a bit. imagine waking up to that pig in bed?!! i mean the guy is gorgeous! wtf, i  mean can't he find a cute gay boy like myself or some fat sexy bitch that's not like a 40 year old women? for fucking sake, the bitch looks OLD and probably has never been fucked before until joshua boy came along. UGH.

this bitch is sexy. actually fuck this motherfucker. he grosses me out. i mean couldn't you find jessica stam and like be horny with her? it's like beauty and the beast in like real life. ugh.seriously though ewww.....this bitch needs tips from natalia vodianova on how to do a marriage/couple. 
lmfao now watch this video of him getting interviewed at around 3:26
" im just a normal guy" " i like to chill with my girlfriend". lmfao. oh god.....
ugh. well i atleast i don't have to fuck with that troll. well actually i wouldn't anyways. thank goodness i'm
fucking gay!

ps. tom w and matt gordon are soooooooooooooooo fucking fierce!
ps2. sam saffman is the hottest guy EVER!!!!! bitch needs to get a plane ticket to cali
and be with me forever ever and ever!
ps3. chad white looks like every fucking latino son of a bitch that i can spy in cali and maybe miami. no? am
I right?!?
ps4: ugh joshua and that old hag. that fucking troll....ewww much.
ps5. ok joshua is cute....have you seen him in his hugo boss ads? sexy!
ps6. ok. fine. joshua IS hot. not as hot as sam saffman but ugh.

Bowie! Bowie!Bowie!

oh fucking god,, give me the fiercest bowie shirt(preferrably in a medium since i hate the thought in me in a tight shirt. sorry olga sherer but a bitch like me would look horrible, i'd look like a fat anorexic muscle marry!) and wouldn't I be channeling dolce for fall!?!? Stunning, stellar, hot biatch! ugh i managed to take these pics before thanksgiving.
ugh. i swear my legs look  fucking fat. thanks all to eating a fucking pregnant white women sized turkey. That son of a bitch of sister i have. I ate sooooooo fucking much at her house. oh well i can lose it in like a week. hah!
now now can't we all have a thanksgiving finale like this:

barf barf barf! bulimia was soooooo a year ago, pro ana no? or better yet something fucking new for christ's sake! ugh.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh gosh, Lanvin lanvin lanvin!

ugh omg i'm soo going crazy over all this model news but oh whatever. the latest? well not really, guess what i found out 3 days ago? Iselin Steiro got lanvin!!!! omfg i know right?

that's hot, that's fierce, that's gorgeous, that's bitchin, that's like omfg, that's haute, that's like hotness to the max, that's like omfg they replaced liya and raquel but omfg that's the good bad. ugh LOVES IT BITCH!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

what does a twilight freak do when.....

so what does a bloody fat cow loser brit hardcore twilight freak do when she watches the twilight trailer? she has orgams, you silly bitch. lmfao. this is sooooo fucking funny.
LMFAO!!!! hhahahha! rosie odonell's british twin is dat chu? lol.

WTF!?!?!? karlie with mariacarla in dolce?!?!

holy fucking motherfucking omfg GOD! anther shocker in the tales of gay boy and the city of fashion life. ugh so how does the news of virginy/pure lookin 17/16 wtf year old karlie kloss being in the ss09 dolce campaign with the curvy numero uno dolce girl caroline and fierceness mariacarla?!?!?! I don't know about you but I'm speechless. since when, right??!
(karlie backstage at Dolce and Gabbana)
but honestly wtf OH MAWW GAWWD! THIS........i have to see. wow. i mean don't get me wrong, i love Karlie even though the bitch walks down the runway like as if she has a piece of turd stuck up her butt or either she has like a major black cock up there as well, but i don't picture karlie and get "dolce and gabbana" but you never know. her editorial work is stunning so i'm really excited for this. Plus she looked gorgeous at the show. well duh right? lmfao and imagine being next to this gorgeous veteran....

omfg bitch. mariacarla takes fierce to a whole other level. ugh. I'm sooo excited! im fucking bitching like the queen i am cause of this, gosh. ugh.

Gucci loves........

ugh thank fucking goodness. i can't stand that buck toothed bitch abbey lee. ugh loves it poly FOREVER!

hotty oh hotty vlad

looky at what i found on COACD. meet vlad, he's represented by Wilhelmina. now isn't he super duper gorgeous? and shouldn't he be the father of my children?

that's hot. really hot. plus he has a brother at wilhelmina too! ugh why can't guys at my school be like this. don't even get me started on them. barf!. but vlad is hot!!!! ugh, does this bitch not know i give the best blowjobs in the pretty worldld?!?. oh and he's 6'1!!! perfect!

So many models, so little time

omfg yesterday and today was full of nonstop fashion info about who got what in campaigns. so here's a ton of info so far from Apparently alot of news. blegh! here we go by model, plus i added a picture to make this post even cuter and fucking get to know which thinspo girl is which cause i'm already confused about who's who lately. seriously, most girls are BORING and not wow. ugh. here we go:

1. abbey lee

- Gucci - Ph: Inez & Vinoodh
- See by Chloe - Ph: Mikael Jansson

apperently it's resort! thank fucking goodness! i'll blog later on who got it.

2. Amanda Laine
- Balenciaga - Ph: David Sims

omfg thank you!!! amanda deserves it! she's sooooooo fierce! loves it!

3. Ana Claudia Michels
- Givenchy - Ph: Inez & Vinoodh

like i said before, just perfect for givenchy. she looked stunning at the show.

4. Darya Kurovska
- Miu Miu - Ph: Mert & Marcus

this girl hasn't even been in any major fashion show and already she has a miu miu campaig under her belt! i really think she has such a stunning face. i mean wow! it's it's soo adrogynous! just gorgeous! loves it alot! hopefully she's at the fall shows. you never know. looks like someone to watch. kind of reminds me suvi. just a little.

5. Eniko Mihalik
- MaxMara - Ph: Craig McDean

ugh i can't stand eniko. ugh. she annoys the fuck out of me. wtf are the maxmara ceo's and blah on crack? omfg they went from snejana to eniko?!?!wtf ewww

6.Giedre Dukauskaite
- Prada - Ph: Steven Meisel
- We are Replay - Ph: Chad Pittmann

ehh. couldn't care less. hate the prada cast. sooo many new girls. gorgeous but boring new girls.

7. Hanne Gaby Odiele
- Balenciaga - Ph: David Sims

i fucking love hanne! such great news!!

8. Imogen Morris-Clarke
- D&G - Ph: Mario Testino
- Miu Miu - Ph: Mert & Marcus
- Topshop - Ph: Max Farago

wow d&g and miu miu! i think she has such a pretty and gorgeous face! i actually look forward to her campaigns.

9. Iris Strubegger
- Balenciaga - Ph: David Sims

i fucking love iris! she has such gorgous cheekbones! they could probably cut glass! great for her! and balenciag!

10. Katrin Thormann
- Mulberry - Ph: Steven Meisel
- Prada - Ph: Steven Meisel

LOVED her at givenchy so i'm really looking forward to her at prada.

11. Katie Fogarty
- Balenciaga - Ph: David Sims
- Miu Miu - Ph: Mert & Marcus

haha what a comeback after having that huge fall at prada. lol. ugh but i don't like her. BORING! NEXT!

12. Lakshmi Menon

- MaxMara - Ph: Craig McDean

i really love lakshmi so i'm happy she got one of my fave brands. ugh PLEASE cross my fingers and every crossable organ so that lakshmi can outshine eniko. ugh.

13. Myf Shepherd

- Miu Miu - Ph: Mert & Marcus

hmmm ok. maybe she'll be great. ugh. whatever.

14. Toni Garrn
- Emporio Armani - Ph: Mert & Marcus
- Etro - Ph: Michelangelo di Battista
- Fendi - Ph: Karl Lagerfeld
- Hugo Boss Black - Ph: Mario Testino
- Prada - Ph: Steven Meisel
- Shiseido Cle de Peau - Ph: Mert & Marcus
- Versace Fragrance - Ph: Michelangelo di Battista

OMFG! OMFFFGG!! wow! sooo many campaigns!

15. Yulia Kharlapanova

- Moschino - Ph: Patrick Demarchelier

so moschino went for mariacarla for fall and then to Yulia? ehhh. ugh.well i think she's stunning compared to all the new girls.

Williamson for H&M!!!!!

so i'm in english class, having such a boring morning like always, until i read this:

their next capsule collection designer for this Spring, and it’s Matthew Williamson (another one down from our list of whodoesn’t have a diffusion line).

Expect neons, clashing prints, billowy silhouettes - basically, the perfect wardrobe if you plan to spend your summer in Ibiza (and if you like being about as loud as a mariachi band with your wardrobe).

The collection hits “select” stores April 23rd (with a second, larger delivery in mid-May hitting 1,700 doors), just in time for everyone’s moment of “I’ve had it!” with saving, cueing a massive splurge without the major credit card damage.


first of all...WOW OMFG YAY!!!! thank fucking goodness! i really really REALLY have high hopes for this. and it's sooooo fucking happy it's like right before summer. i mean imagine a gorgeous summer with gorgeous colorful peices. ugh. loves it. fuck comme, it's now all about williamson! lol jk. but ugh i'm sooooo excited. Williamson is such a talented designer. I love his collections and how youthful they are and especially how he uses color in his collections. His designs are just gorgeous! just look at his fall/winter 08 collection and how gorgeous it is:

ugh love no? and then most recently his ss09 show:

gosh all those colors are gorgeous! i'm really having high hopes for this. plus it's hitting the h&m store for 2 dates!!!!  fabulous!!

better save up bitches!