Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year!!!!!

happy new years bitches! may the next year be better and fucking fiercer. And thank you to everyone who's read my blog or reads it. lol. omfg LOVE YA!

Tony's new years resolution list

you know, it's the fucking end of this naughty year so why not show you my new years resolution? shall we....

I could never stop being a whore. Its like my fucking drug. Plus who in this bloody world is going to fund my trips to bergdorfs and barneys? anyone? ugh i need to lose weight. YES i'm skinny YES i'm not fat YES i'm this close to getting sent to a fucking clinic for having bones pop the fuck out haha kidding but i think i'm fat. Remember you can never be too thin....or too rich. i also need to do more shopping. I wanna have tons and tons of clothes. I'm tired of what i have. plus i want pretty things. A pretty whore like myself needs pretty things to keep them busy. as if you didn't know i love fashion, so clothes makes sense right? duh! I also need to do better in school. I don't really want to talk on that but let's just say i'm doing shitty. Heck if i had it my way i'd give all my teachers sexual favors for money and grades. including the vagina teachers......ewww the scarifices right? maybe not the old teachers.....honey, FUCK NO.  and i need to change my hair color stat! i changed it like a month or so ago to a supposedly light brown but it just seems brown when in the light or whatever but it's somewhat lighter to my orginal black hair. i don't get how many whores around the world want black hair. eww. brown hair is it. well for me. but still. ugh. as soon as it grows a good amount, i'm dying it like brown. ok not like light light brown but a nice pretty light brown. sounds hot no? aha loves yah bitches!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

oh oh oh kate moss

doesn't kate look gorgeous in the new just cavalli ad? gorgeus aint it? oh and remember miley's boyfriend justin gaston? well if you look closely, kate's sitting alll pretty on that bitch's lap.

btw lookey at what i found from :

Justin Gaston, aka Miley Cyrus’s special friend, gets his head chopped off in the new Just Cavalli Spring 2009 worldwide ad campaign.
British supermodel Kate Moss is front and center, laying on top of the 20-year-old model.
His modeling agency Vision Model Management 
booked the job back in November. Justin reportedly got paid just $500 for the gig.
The campaign was shot in Los Angeles by famed photographers 
Mert & Marcus.
DO YOU THINK Justin earned every penny of his 500 bucks?

hahah OUCH. bitch. wtf 500 these days is nothing. omg, if i had 500 right now i'd buy myself some nice philip lim thank you very much. but then again 500 from just cavalli? who knew those italian bastards were cheap over at just cavalli. ahah.

D&G S/S 09 Ad Campaign: Anna, Ariel, Cato, Constance, Imogen, Tanya, and Zuzana by Mario Testino

gorgeous. OK it could've been better, but i find it fucking ferosh and gorgeous. It's so " were the hottest bitches yet and were going on the yacht to gossip and party". lol or maybe not, but ugh i so wouldve wished they made tanya the star of the ad. oh well, i really like it. The setting in monte carlo(?) is stunning, and I love the peices they used and I love how they styled them like swimmers like in the show. Dolce swimmers galore...

what's up with soo many newbies though? ugh. oh well. it's gorgeous. only problemo is the faces of the girls. wish they would've cracked a few faces here or there. Anyways......let's all go swimming shall we? omfg just looking at it makes me anxious for summer so that i can put on some pretty trunks and flaunt my ass and go swimming with a bunch of hotties. ugh.

holy bitch! heidi mount is the chanel girl!

After all these days and weeks, we fashion fags can finally rest. we now know who the chanel s/s 09 ad campaign girl is! after all my prayers and rituals of burning sasha ad campaigns and dancing like an indian bitch, i instead got heidi mount as the chanel girl and i actually like the campaign! ok fine the last chanel campaign i loved were the coco pre-fell ones, but these are fantastic! it's so simple, so elegant, so pretty, and just fantastic.

this one is my fave shot. just so pretty and simple. very beautiful.
ugh karl you feirce bitch i really wanted it to be sasha! aww oh well, sasha fierce is doing just fine anyways. Plus i'm satisfied with model choice. Such stunning ads no? isn't heidi great in these? who knew love was so simple! this campaign is just love.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Marc By Marc Jacobs S/S 09 Ad Campaign: Daisy Lowe by Juergen Teller

you know compared to that fall/winter campaign with hotness cole mohr, this is just bad. bad bad bad bad bad. i'm sorry but it's sooo boring. I mean where's the cool quirky factor that i love in marc's campaigns for marc by marc. ugh. well then again nothing compares to the one's with cole.....those were fucking fierce! 
american apparel is dat chu? lol. i know i know even that was low of me! ugh but marc is HOT so i'll forgive him for his casting.....

Adam Senn on Mtv's "The City"!! fuck me with a fruit cake!

stop everything. and i mean EVERYTHING. so i just finished watching that new spin off show from the hills called "The City" with olivia palermo, which i don't get how she's there, and also with that virginy nice la la girl whitney from the hills and blah. in the show, jay has a friend named adam and makes appearences here and there. i thought he looked sooo much alike like adam senn, you know that one model that i LOVE and which i would love to give him blow jobs here and there, and guess what??! Its him!!! it really is! first of all how the fuck is he in a show like that? Shit i guess when you're in new york, you know everyone. i mean forget porno, i have this bitch waiting for me every monday on tv. jacking off never seemed soo early now thanks to this. ugh he's soooooo fucking hot. my dream orgy is to have one with him, sam saffman, and luke worral. i mean he is a dolce guy, so he has to be hot DUH!

here's him at the last dolce and gabbana show:

(dolce and gabbana s/s 09) isn't he?

hotness. orgasmic. ugh. i need to move to newyork. i mean not just cause adam is there, but everyone. shit, i'm always reading stories here and there how this bitch took a picure with magdalena frackowiak or how some bitch met ali michael or how some other bitch saw coco and lily shopping downtown and etc etc. i need to get my ass to NY asap. well i always wanted anyways for the life, but now i want to soooo much more.

ahah the previews for the new season of the city was sooo fucking funny. there was soooo many clips of adam and he's all fighting with his girlfriend and i think in one of them he's cheating on her! in one clip i think the girlfriend is like crying and he's all trying to deny it. ahaha...remember i love a fucked up relationship. i'm defitanely wathching this crap. fuck gossip girl, this is it! oh im kidding. gossip girl is my main obsession, then this. ugh fuck me fuck me and say that you fucked me adam senn. aren't you happy you get to see a hot dolce model every monday now? i am!

wtf is olivia palermo doing on the city?

really! isn't she like some socialite person blah blah?


btw: gurl is horny! she keeps on bugging whitney about jay.....what a skank no? i LOVE IT!!! team olivia bitches! fuck virginy prissy's all about fierce manolo blahnik olivia! but if i had it my way olivia would be wearing some sergio rossi's or maybe jimmy choo's.....k hun.

Friday, December 26, 2008

I just DIED

Bitches, this is one of those times when you need to put the volume on your speakers high on max, wear something that's totally chic, get to the nearest fucking mirror, and pose mince pose ! cause this chanel video is IT.
I DIED. I JUST FUCKING DIED.  This is soooooooo fucking good. Even though it's not the full chanel moscow video this will DEFITANELY do.
reason numero 19740641186184613691483561957105-1975-97501957-78728740174012710740471027401740147021741741047104704712047 why i love karl lagerfeld and chanel. pinch me!
ps. sasha owned that show! and snejana too....
ps1. milana keller WORKED IT!
ps2. oh vlada....ferosh!
ps3. fuck ss09, i want something from this collection
ps4. the criss crossing the legs poses!
ps5. some motherfucker on youtube or TFS better know or have the soundtrack
ps6. lol. zooming on natasha's face at around 6:20
ps7. thank goodness for this. shit i'v been feeling like a lazy pregnant bitch. tommorow, i'm going out mincing. period. thanks chanel.

love yah.

tina, tina, tina

so i'm looking for atleast a video of gareth pugh on that one british tv show he was on before he made it big, don't ask long story, and instead I found this video of beyonce and her mom, tina, talking about their shitty fashion house with this reporter which things got messy at the end.
lol oh well. bitch puhlease...

lighter is gorgeous

well I hope your christmas was great and merry. actually no. I hope yours was soooooo fucking awfull and that you got the shitiest gifts ever!  lol kidding. i honestly hoped you got the best fendi chinchilla or whatever you wanted. Ugh now there's new years. I HAVE to lose weight. yes i i feel like ive gained a few pounds. I must as well be a sumo wrestler. You see, when i'm on vacay like every fat american, unless i'm in oh i don't know france near the chanel head quarters, i pig a little. just a little. ok or maybe i'm exagerating, but i need to lose some. i wanna be like anabela belikova. oh oh and also need to lose some cause i'm planning on cutting my hair. i wanna make it shorter. ugh i'm annoyed with how long it is. plus i want to make it a few shades lighter. i want nice healthy light poo poo brown colored hair. just think of the type of brown miuccia used in her spring 2009 collection. soo much work. fuck i need an award if i can pull all this shit off. aha

Thursday, December 25, 2008

oh dear...

another prada ad popped up on the internet. WOW. the it like there's no tommorow! loves it!
even though they look the same, ugh just stunning.

Valentino S/S 09 Ad Campaign: Stephanie Seymour by Mert and Marcus

i hate it. i'm sorry but i really do. First of all, making it in black and white is just wrong. Alessandra used such gorgeous colors in that collection and just stupid for doing it in this color. second of all, i hate stephanie's pose. i mean you can see all her muscles. eww. she looks like those body worker women that look like they have binges on steriods and probably stick it up their cooch. well somewhat, but still just wrong.
ugh eww.

Prada Menswear S/S 09 Ad Campaign: Louis and Claude Simonon by Hedi Slimane

well this was unexpected! really. judging from just one pic so far, i'm not liking it. I mean it's not well...prada. It's like dior homme all over again no? i mean i love hedi slimane and i love prada but this just feels like another one of his photography shoots. Plus all i see is suits. I mean the prada collection,even though i hated, had way more better peices than the suits so i mean hopefully there's more interesting photographs than just this.
it's alright. bad bad bad blah  blah blah. ugh where'e edie klint when you need him?

Giorgio Armani S/S 09 Ad Campaign: Sasha Pivovarova by Mert and Marcus

This is what i call sasha fierce. beyonce who? bitch needs sasha for fierce 101. I love armani's ss09 ad. Oh boy, giorgio sure loves showing the same boring looking collection every season, yet somehow it manages to look amazing and desirable in his ad campaigns. Can you say striking? can you say gorgeous? can you say sasha is IT and the ONE? can you say, fuck this, i'm going to cali for dr.90210 to make my disgusting face look identical and i mean exactly identical to sasha's? can you say i'm a fat obese fat cow and tony is the hottest bitch ever known? lol jk about that one. BUT can you basically say armani's ss09 campaign is perfect and bloody gorgeous? there. 
beautiful aint it.

aww poor naomi

aww poor naomi...........her hair line is receding unnatractively....

(pic:thank you perezy)
well then again what do you expect! gurl has ysl campaigns to do one day, while doing numero and vogue covers another day, i think i'd be stressing out looking like a haute couture mess to no? omfg where the fuck is orlando pita when you need that motherfucker? omg i know, that when my hair, starts doing crazy shit like that, please oh PUHlease hand me a shotgun and a napkin thank you very much.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Love yah whores. And may you get what you want. Peace, love, and fendi. Love yah!

when oh when oh when

wtf karl. its been WEEKS since the chanel moscow collection and this is the only vid i could find of the collection.

wheh wheh wheh oh boo hoo cry me river karl. I've wanting to see it since ever. i really have. chanel is like crack. once you pop, you can't stop. ugh. oh well...i might as well keep on watching the ss09 show.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

last minute whoring

oh thank fucking goodness! I finally finished with my christmas shopping. never ever ever EVER go last minute christmas shopping. especially when your phone is dead all day. wow. bummer. good thing though i only had to get like 2 gifts. easy sleazy. one for mom, dad, and well that's it. omfg surprisingly though the mall, known as my second home, according to some of my close whores, wasn't like mayjaw packed. well kinda. ugh i really REALLY wanted it to be full packed. just think of all the people there. i wanted my doctor to be there, my neighbor to be there, i wanted the plummer to be there, i want the skank who has like 5000 stds that lives down the street to be there, i wanted my frenemies there, i wanted my teacher who seems to have crabs according to what i've been hearing lately to be there, basically i love a packed room. plus there's gonna be tons of tired horny guys there from shopping all day and who's the one to relieve them from their stress? me, ofcourse. ugh shopping is such a drug! i think i have that shopping disease where you poop dollars out from your pockets out of nowhere and buy. lol. iwish! 

lol i also got myself a cute bag! that bitch was on sale! recession? loves it. ofcourse i had to get myself something! you silly bitch.
omfg you know i love attention no matter if it's bad or good, i love it all. lol at this one point this old navy jacket looking gigalo no no in the brown jacket below kept staring while i was looking at a couple of things. ugh. it was annoying. i was at the point where i was thinking of blowing the bitch a kiss and waving hello but no. Like i said, attention inflates my ego. i love it. i really do. why stop, when keep the fun coming.

after getting my things at target, i later finished. hallelujah!
now that i think of it i really like last minute shopping. its the worst when your doing it like 2 hours before you have to meet the whole herd for dinner and gifts but other than that it's quite fun. i should know, i do it like every year since i was 12!

peek a boo. booo you whore!
why the serious face? am i pretty? love love me, say that you love me....
smile like you mean it bitch.
want me to love you or punch you or love you and punch you?i'm really strong ;)
suck it, lick it, cheek it, wtf it
awww.....booo you whore!

omfg what's with the one eye pics i've been doing lately. blegh! i must and i mean must hire a camera picture person. soon. I don't pay, but hey! atleast it's like an internship and atleast think of it like a teeny tiny step to being the next mario testino or steven meisel . that won't hurt no? i also give great kisses and the best advice EVER! i'm such an easy whore so you can la la la la me when ever, where ever.
aha. ok love yah bitches. i gotta go rap up these gifts. i got such a cute gift for my mom and starbucks gift card for my dad. hahah i know how fucking boring! haha. ugh. muah! lova yah!

Monday, December 22, 2008


ok i LOVE anna wintour even though her work for US Vogue is sooooo shitty compared to fierceness aliona or roitfeld, but bitch needs a slap! i'm watching the ss09 Blumarine show and noticed that till the end & at the right of the video you see ms.wintour and also a bunch of of others leaving even before Anna Molinari comes out to take her bow.
gurl, once they leave before you come out, it's just plain sad. ugh i know it's probably not her first time, heck i remember my jaw dropped down undah when i saw her do the same shit at the christian dior show during the fall07 season. Rude much? ugh girl needs a slap! and a haircut too! lol jk about the haircut! i love the bob.

Brazilians for the motherfucking win!

just read........

"So there's been some rumors going around that Madonna's been quite the Material Girl lately, already over her reported fling with A-Rod and moving on to some young hot Brazilian booty.

The boytoy in question is model Jesus Luz (above), with whom Her Madgesty worked with on a photo shoot for W Magazine. And whatever Her Madgesty wants, her Madgesty gets.

A Brazilian Web Site claimed the pair were seen making out and being naughty with each other, and that "everyone knows they are ficando" - that's Portugese for "fuck buddies." "

-Perez Hilton

now the main question going through every horny fatass like myself is how does the bitch look like? here you go:

Let's keep our jealousy to ourselves. fuck, You know the world is yours when you're finally getting fucked by a hot brazilian. on a side note, i want a fucking brazilian too! where's flavia de oliveira when you need her? that bitch  needs to HOOK ME UP with some hot brazilian boys pronto.

Calvin Klein Pre-Fall 2009

i love it all! minimalistic never looked soo chic! ahah. It's more wearable than what he sent down the spring runways but it still looks incredibly good. i love it, i really do. somone PUHLEASE give me taryn davidson's whole look please! and those silk gowns! those coats are to die for! ugh. see...this is why i love francisco costa. to me he keeps on getting better and better and has such a great taste and is such a talent at calvin.
ugh love anna's coat.

this dress is so simple yet so chic.

ugh loves it
love the jacket

oh this is so chic

love the dress

probably my favorite look. sooo perfect.
ugh soo love
love this one aswell. the boots are gorgeous!
love this whole look too

ugh another coat

and my favorite gown of the show

ugh someone please give me the outfits on taryn, alyona, and anna like as soon as possible bitch!