Saturday, January 31, 2009

Full Figured my ass

or maybe but...I don't really pay attention to pathetic tramps like jessica simpson that often and i haven't really seen how she looks like lately but WOW with these pictures..
dang! her stomach is huge!

I don't think she looks bad at all....but wearing leather pants at that weight?now that's eww. only the THIN can wear leather pants. period. it's a fact. it's the truth. the truth sometimes hurts. Face it.

Size zero NOT!

fuck, i wish i bought more stuff today at the mall. So today i'm bored as fuck, my mother brings me this fucking fat burger with fries from Denny's for breakfast. what's a fagit like myself that's an anorexic trapped in an obese person's body to do? eat the damn thing. anyways, my buddy mel calls, chit chat, and go to the mall. i swear i would have LOVED to have bought sooo many things but
a) i take a SHITLOAD of time to look, buy, try, look, and buy
b) there's sooooo many things. being a fashion fagit has it's downs. You're instantly attracted to everything that's beautiful and gorgeous and that looks good on your figure so you must look.
c) gossiping takes sooo much time too. I mean you when your girlfriends have verbal diarrhea about who's fucking who, whos gaying who, and who's talking shit who, there's no choice but to get starbucks, do some eye candy searching, and talk. Ugh. fuck, being a girl's gay has it's downs no?
i only bought this pearl necklace. cute ain't it?

omg i was freaking out cause when i found the necklace, it didn't have the tag but my friend told me to just ask the cash register skank if there's anymore available that had the tag. I asked the lady the question and she was generous enough to just charge me 3.50( i think it was that) for the damn thing! sweet of her. I love it when people of a lower class have the decency to charge me things for cheap. lol im kidding! i got the necklace at forever 21, which btw i found soo many cute tops like this pajama style top! i know....i was thinking dolce and gabbana ss09 right then and there! it was like lime green colore though, but it was cute. the tops were pretty tight. like tooo tight. i wanted a bigger size cause it looked better like that(style wize, not fit size), so i tried going up a size but they didn't have it. ugh.
forget everything i mentioned, cause the real story is here. i think i gained weight. no, i gained weight. i think. the horror no?!?!?!!!
so me and the fag hag of the day finally decide to head to neimans to look at the marc by marc peices. ugh i saw those gorgeous silver metallicky colored shorts from the resort collection, which i've done a post on. gorgeous for the summer. so being a whore, i decided to try on those suckers on. i know i'm a size zero, i've always flaunted it, always will, always have, but the damn shorts didn't fit me!! i KNOW!!! scary as fuck!!! i mean what would snejana or olga sherer think of me( as if those bitches didn't already have problems, imagine if they knew me! ahah) i'm fucking pissed. i've always been a size zero in everything, even marc by marc, ofcourse. i mean the reasons for this are obvious! in case you didn't know, i've been trying to eat healthy. i mean i felt as if i've been too skinny lately so i've been eating alot here and there. honestly though fuck eating healthy, thin is in! like i get home, eat something fattening and pig out on like snacks. like for example yesterday i spent my night and afternoon at my friends house watching movies and hanging out, which i ate there tuna and crackers. After i left, i headed to mcdonalds like around 10:00 pm and had a big mac with fries and a medium sprite. ugh. never, ever ,ever galliano infinity years ever do that! also like during the week i took a shower at around 12ish am and while getting dressed i had a craving for something yummy. I was soooo desperate that i found a bag of chile and salted peanuts in one of my drawers. fuck, see now i even hide food in my drawers like those fat kids do in what..wisconsin? I mean i think that what i've been eating has gone down to my thighs and ass, cause everything else is perfect. i feel like that fat bitch in that queen sized movie

oh im exaggerating. i'm not THAT fat. yet. where's pro ana then you need it? where's thinspiration when you need it? where's jessica simpson as an anti eating trigger when you need it? i mean just look at this picture. that thin bitch siri has hardly ANYTHING on her plate. ugh i need motivation like that. ugh.
siri for the motherfucking win no? well let's end this post with some thinspiration shall we?
meet lindsay ellingson. i LOVE this bitch. ugh her, snejana, and anabela belikova have the best legs in the business.
(at chanel haute couture S/S 09)
oh those legs!
fuck eating healthy, be thin and gorgeous!
remember bryanboy's thing:
"a pleasure on the lips means 10 pounds to the hips"
i need to diet. remember...motivation is love! 

Tony loves: Empire of the sun- We are the people

ugh i La La La LOVE this song! i first heard it over at forever 21 and ever since then i've been such a desperate ho just to find out who sings it. I finally asked this fat beaner ho who was working there at F21who sings the song today while at the mall, but as usual, i got the "oh, i don't know. sorry". ugh another disapointment in my day. so being the smartest fat ass in my family, i decided to do some online search and WAHLA! handy a computer comes these days ehh? such a beautiful song!
" i can't do well when i think you're gonna leave me, but i know i try, are you gonna leave me now, can't you be believing now". ugh. just hearing it makes me want to get my gucci silver tapper shoes, put them on, smoke a cig, start dancing, and get my boyfriend to kiss me on the motherfucking dance floor(ahah WHAT boyfriend, shit i can't even get a boyfriend let alone cock for the past year!) click motherfuckers and enjoy!

We Are the People - Empire of the Sun
They even have a video for the song. loves it no?

are YOU gonna leave me now?

Bucket hat, where thar out you?

ugh i've been looking for this hat(bucket hat? army hat? you choose?) since ever!!!

well i always had a teeny tiny suspicion that it was in my dad's car. ugh it was on the fucking floor under the seat. eww. someone needs a bath. fuck, i should've bought the one i saw at the mall today. ugh.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Givenchy Haute Couture S/S 09

I'm a little dissapointed with Tisci's latest couture collection. I mean don't get me wrong, it's beautiful, but not the best. as for the rose petals in the makes such a stunning image when the model is walking on it. very beautiful. Loved how it somewhat got glamorous at the end like the gown on lily ending the show. In all an stunning ok collection. But that's just me.

omfg i think poly gained weight! ugh i'll save that for later...but love the exaggerated shoulders
ooooh love the drape on the shoulder


love the veil paired with the dress....very beautiful

stunning no?

my favorite evening dress in the collection..
and this one was love too..

Valentino Haute Couture S/S 09

I think being the first collection by the new designers, Maria Grazia Chiuri & Pier Paolo Piccioli, i think they did a very valentino collection. I mean i don't think it couldn't have gotten anymore closer to garavani's work But there was just something off to it. I mean i feel like there's no emotion to the collection. I defitanely have to agree with cathy horyn about the collection not producing emotion. I mean, it's basically copies to what valentino's work was. Where's the new designer's signature in this? i mean what's new? Is it going to be the same over and over every season? Beeing new designers, you'd expect their own interpretations of what the valentino brand is to them you know. In all i think it's an alright collection. Stunning but just blank copies.

they should've just stayed with alessandra! ugh..

Not True.

If you live in a fucking cave with a television set watching the hills, then you probably don't know about the recent rumors about gareth being a consultant for Dior Homme or to replace Kris Van Assche!!!

heck , i'd love it if the KVA bitch left, left a note saying farewell, moved to new zealand, never hear of him from there on, and gareth takes control with a rave party to celebrate. I mean his latest collection was very creative and stunning, so imagine the possibilities at dior homme? and Kris's latest dior homme collection was blah. well anyways....back on topic...... turns out the latest rumors don't have any truth to them.

from WWD:

TALENT SCOUT: Delphine Arnault, who sat front row at the Dior Homme show Sunday afternoon, also took in Gareth Pugh’s men’s wear debut later that night as men’s fashion week in Paris wound to a close. Arnault, who is deputy managing director at Christian Dior, said, “I am always interested in young designers.” While her presence set speculation brewing, a spokesman for Pugh assured, “There have been no discussions whatsoever with Dior or LVMH about any kind of design role.”

Depressing no? ugh. 

Chanel Haute Couture S/S 09

i love lagerfeld's latest couture collection! It's pure love. i mean PURE LOVE! Whores, you'd be blind not to love this collection! I mean i love it soo much that it's my latest desktop wall paper. My marc jacobs ss09 campaign one was getting too annoying.

I mean who knew the color of virginity prissy religious motherfuckers and cum could look oh so yummy on a total of 66 looks with a little splash of  black here and there. First of all, kudos to the model cast. couldn't have been any better. second of's sooooo pretty. Lagerfeld is my favorite designer for couture and he executed this collection soo perfectly. I mean all the models look like angels with all the white looks no? and the details? ugh stunning. Bitch, don't even get me started on the paper head peices. the collections seems soooo angelic, so pretty, so beautiful, so fresh at the refreshing at the same time with all this halabalooo talk of economy and crap. The details, the gowns, and the pants.....ugh it's time like these that i wish i was a fucking escort. Governer of nueva york....i'm free to do what you want. Any time. WAIT! actually no. that bitch is probably dirt poor living in bumfuck wisconsin. whatever, this collection is fucking fierce.

freja is back, yall. i Love the minimalism of the suit yet it's soo elegant and chic. ugh and look at those long thin legs! gorgeous!
gorgeous jacket no? the head piece!
i'd soooooooo wear this in a heartbeat. ugh.
jourdan dunn at chanel! a black model in chanel? loves it! ugh i'd cut my wrists and bury them in alcohol if i saw that bitch chanel iman at chanel. Jourdan is fiercer and ...fiercer. NEXT!
ugh the gloves, the head piece, the outfit....gorgeous ain't it?

la la la la love!

stunning no?
gimme gimme gimme the coat!
fuck the previous coat, i want this one!
gimme this whole look too!
love the combo of the white pants with the skirt suits. just a beautiful white look.
oh ma gawd. go jaws.
yay or nay? yay!

fuck, it's sequined, short, and cum colored white? what's not to love.
heart attack much? mangina seizures much? soo pretty.
la la love!

it's sequined, it's short, it's the color of the deep black hole of a mouth, what's there not to love?
omfg sasha looks sooooooooo pretty!
look at the top! flower power , bitch.
this is too pretty.
toooo fucking pretty.... fuck that chanel ss06 white dress that i dream of one day will be my wedding dress, this one is IT!
this sheer dress on edita........i'm sooo crying right now! ok fuck that chanel ss06 white dress and the dress above, this dress is IT! this is my wedding dress!
and maybe just maybe after the wedding i'll change into this for pictures and partying and for smokeing and drinking

LOVE the finale look. the white pants, the head piece, ugh it's sooo beautiful. Karl magnifique! fuck dior and givenchy and jean paul gaultier, this is it for me this season.