Saturday, February 28, 2009


well hello there whores. Your queen whore just saw a some sexual activities happening so that's why i have this face below. ahah. omfg my hair looks sooooooo nasty there! ugh i think it's the shampoo i used the night before.
unfortunately, my fucking shower hasn't been working lately. apparenty the gutter is fucking acting like a pregnant ho and can't hold the pressure of the water and blah, so the water comes up the gutter thing and basically the dirty water doesn't go down it or either it takes forever. UGH. i swear it's annoying as hell. even more annoying than me missing lagerfeld confidential today on tv but that's another fucking annoying story. so I took a shower at my sister's house on wednesday using this wack ass shampoo and conditioner that i have NEVER used. the result? when i was straitening my hair with the blowdryer, it came out feeling thick or just not like usual. It's always smooth when i blow dry it and i can run my hands through it and blah but this time it was tangly and just wrong. ugh. whatever. the fucking hag of a plumber finally fixed(AGAIN) my bathroom and wahla squickie clean hair(that's friday, not thursday). So for past days my shower hasn't been working i had to go to my sister's house. can you say annoyance to the max?
well thursday was good. I mean, ugh, it was the first day of milan fashion week(important show wise) so why not look cute no? in the spirit of milan, why take those good ole italian gucci shoes for a spin right?
everybody loves a boy who works IT better than your average girl in highschool. ahah. karl lagerfeld ss08 outfit inspiration much?

a proper lady always covers her crotch.
after school, being a person with a sweet tooth, i had to get starbucks. well i always do, sheesh it's no surprise.
look at all that yummy goodness!
oh looook....that floor is dirrty...

ugh there always lovely at the starbucks i always go to. UGH besides angela missoni doing superb at the latest missoni collection, someone should also give out gold medals to the starbucks employees at the one i go to. those ferosha gurls always give me the best of service. i mean everytime i want extra caramel in my iced caramel machiatto they give me more more more! basically when i say jump they say how high. omfg i actually need to stop ordering that though!seriously... i need to watch my weight and the crappy things i put down my throat.......i wanna do a mischa barton and look super skinny fabulous by my birthday. can i get an amen? instead of ordering my usual that day, i ordered a trusty iced sweetened green tea. faithful no? it's healthy and sweet! i need to lay of the sugar though. hotness galore by my birthday for the motherfucking win no? fingers crossed. blah blah. 


D&G Fall/Winter 2009 Video

i have one word: FIERCE!!!!!! 
ugh like always i LOVE LOVE LOVE the music at the d&g shows and stefano and domenico ALWAYS know how to do a fierce runway show. fucking amazing. It's a cheap and cheerful remix by the kills. ugh look at natasha( at around 1:09) working it! ugh it's all love! can you say my newwest runway track to strut to? can i get an amen?

natasha, magdalena, elsa, yulia, kinga, inna, constance, alyona, vlada, ali, tanya, anna j, olga, ugh all those bitches WORKED IT!. as for the collection, it's gorgeous! but i'm not really feeling those gowns at the end like usual. they feel somewhat tacky with teh writing on the bustier. oh well another fierce D&G show no?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missoni Fall/Winter 2008 is the hotness!

holly fuckign angela missoni! that woman is FUCKING AMAZING! i mean have you seen the latest missoni collection that showed today? incredibly beautiful! i mean who ever styled the collection deserves a fucking award cause every look is stunning and just gorgeous! ugh how i wish i could own any piece from this collection. Defitanely one of my faves so far. I mean even without the styling, every peice looks desirable. i swear angela ALWAYS does STUNNING fall collections and this is just proof. And here i thought her last fall 08 collection was her best. this defitanely surpasses that. Just a beautiful collection. ugh i can't get over the fact how stunning and cool everything is. ugh adopt me angela. homegurl is on a roll! the following looks are the ones that i loved the most in the collection. haha is practically everything.

ugh i loved this look!
this one too...

look at the styling of this. just beautiful

look at all that gorgeous layering
loved this...

cozy and chic
ugh beautiful
oh LOVE the look
look at all those scarves, knits, and everything all together!

ugh this look is one of my faves
this one too.
oh oh and this one
this one is beautiful too

ugh love
chic no? YES!

ugh LOVED this look

defitanely one of my faves of the season so far. just beautiful. ugh, missoni is love.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That's Fierce. NOT.

oh gosh i can't believe there's actually retarded whores who love christian siriano on the fashion spot. disgusting no? well have you seen THAT four eyed son of a bitch's shoe collection for payless? well here you go....
being it's payless, it's defitanely something different than what they normally do but they look SOOOOO MUCH LIKE the Fall/Winter 2008 GORGEOUS AND I MEAN GORGEOUS Rodarte shoes....

coicidence or NOT! ugh, i'll take the rodarte ones anyday than those knockoffs. ugh.

Bye Bye London, hello Milan!

well london is over but it was such a stunning season there. from the raver/sci fi/grunge/90's/80's inspired collection for Topshop Unique to the armand basi 80's inspired collection to peter jensens danish inspired collection....ugh which i all loved....ugh defitanely stunning season in london. 
milan is next whores. i spy with my little eye every fashion whore having orgasms over prada no? puhlease!

ugh doctors

ugh. i had to skip the rest of school for a good ol fun day with the doctors. ugh he's old, he's white, he has glasses, he's yuck. fuck where's my fucking hot brazilian to fuck me on his doctor bed and then give me a pile of prada?ugh i'm soo fucking delusional. haha. 

blah blah blah

Everybody needs a thinspirational Nicole Richie right?

ugh i went to the doctors today, feel fat, love nicole richie(the dang whore is preggars AGAIN according to all my fave celeb blogs), need to lose weight for my birthday ala mischa barton, so why not enjoy a recent pic of her no? WOW you can't even tell the bitch is pregnant looking at the pic below. Ayona Osmanova you got some thinspo competetion. haha. our thin nicole is back.

ugh bitch looks FIERCE up there. fuck, i bet you a fucking gucci hysteria bag, the bitch will get fat, like her first pregnancy, and then thin it all the way after having it. ugh. i want legs like nicole. lucky son of a bitch. anorexia for the motherfucking win no? 

Sunday, February 22, 2009


not like that. sheesh....i only do quickies at school when the school teams are on brake from playing ball. BUT i'll blog later about the the latest london shows. sorry. i mean have you seen peter jensen?! that show is FIERCE!!! fucking love it. and christopher simple yet so chic. blah blah more to come. and i also have a ton of NY show posts...i've just been lazy thought to post them here but they're waiting for submiting on the blog. ugh i'm such a fat lazy bitch. love yah! muah!

Armand Basi One Fall/Winter 2009

i'm satisfied with markus's 80's inspired collection for armand basi one but a part of me doesn't love the execution of it all. I mean i'm not in love with the collection as the SS09 one but i mean there's some cool peices in here you know. Fuck, after last springs gorgeous one, i was hoping for orgasms from this collection but sadly, they weren't that strong. haha. It's an alright collection. I don't hate, yet i don't la la love it. it's basically good. whatever you know? i also would've wished the girls had heels...i mean boots?!?! especially flat boots?!?!? UGH. they looks soooo bad on the girls and very unflattering and maybe would've made the collection way better than it is. 

i do love some jackets though.