Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm a chocoholic that needs thinspiration.

oh boy. your in for a rough one. fatty patty boom! omfg look at all the chocolates i ate. oh the horror!
lol just kidding. i swear i only ate like 4 or i think it was 6 chocolates. There was already wrapers there before but anyways omfg i need to stop eating candy. ugh remember, a pleasure on the lips means 10 pounds to the hips. thin is in, thin is beautiful. fuck you can never be too thin or rich. ugh i need to cut back on my candy. Luckily all i ate today so far  was a banana, a home made strawberry smoothie, some mints, a medium starbucks caramel iced macchiato and that's really it. tommorow is my fucking mom's bday and that woman is probably going to force feed me. heck, i bet you she fucking LOVES watching her kids eat. omfg now that you think of it, i think she does. ugh. well what do we need to resolve everything? THINSPIRATION!
for todays lesson of thinspiration, we have a familiar lover we all know as Snejana Onopka. She's Ukranian and fierce. omfg look at her legs at Proenza Schouler S/S 07. ugh her legs are soo thin and long! ugh i want them! dr.90210 we need to reassign our legs puhlease. inna pilipenko whatever who? haha. omfg and give me the coat too!
oh gosh i'm getting flashbacks from that collection. I FUCKING LOVED IT. omfg look at her jaw line....gorgeous.
omfg i love that pink shade of lip. which reminds me.....i SOOOOOO need to get that pinkishy lip conditioner from the hello kitty for mac collection. can you say gorgeous? can you say pink lips are the hotness? omfg i want that whole hello kitty collection NOW!
son of a bitch richie nickel has it already. ugh. I need to get something from that hello kitty collection for mac or else i'm throwing a bitch fit. Fuck last time i popped by the mac store for a quickie, i swear it was pastel color galore! if you know me well, you should know i LOVE pastel colors...especially pink. fuck give me the pink lip condtioner, a black and white striped tank top, a pair of teal shorts, and a stack full of bracelets with a my cute new silver bag BAM WHAM BAM it's sooo proenza schouler ss07!! ugh now back to thinspiration.......snejana adopt me? son of a bitch gained weight but SS07 was, to me atleast, her skinniest season and you know what she looked fierce. Snejana Onopka SS07 is my thinspiration thank you very much. Your fat, i'm fat, were all fat, and we need to lose weight and you knoowww it!. haha. omfg look at the gap between freja's legs, also at proenza backstage..
ofmg motherfucking fuck. Ugh.....bubblegum diet anyone? lol. well that's for todays thinspiration.

ps. btw i made a account. why didn't anyone inform me about this ferosha site? it's all about people's style and you post looks and stuff and you get to seee others style and blah.....

well i love it. heres mine. loves ya.

UGH oh Karl..

UGH.omfg ok, remember that gorgeous Karl Lagerfeld bag during the SS09 season at papi karl's show.......

well i'm looking at like usual when i come upon the bag on Candy's hottest things of the moment...and well what do you know those hags at Lagerfeld have the nerve to charge not 500, no not 1000, no not 1500, but a whopping $2032 on the fucking bag! ugh rich oil tycoon billionaire come to papi tony. ugh...who knew it'd be THAT expensive.....i mean sure it has a really cool graphic on it but that's about it. I mean what's it made out of to make it soo special? mixed diamonds with fur chinchilla and leather and a touch of an indian princess?

ugh fucking fuck. anywhoo.....forget this.  fagit needs some bills to pay. And also some matthew williamson for H&M too, which i'll blog later. it's super GORGEOUS! ugh to think i here thought maybe, just maybe, i could afford the bag....omfg what the fuck was i thinking! lmfao. delusional much? haha

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last Weeks Thursday-Carl's Jr

oh nothing beats having a wonderful lunch at Carl's Jr after a long day of testing and boring classes no? omfg my my, now don't i look gorgeous? must be the purging ofcourse. lol kidding.
eating at a fast food place my ass. i'm a working gay, and a working gay needs things fast and done at a fast pace. Drive thru my love...
ugh you should've seent the lady handing our food. this ferosha bitch had a gold tooth(i'm not kidding). ugh the sucky part was when she  told us we had to wait around the corner for our order. ugh. Since when does this place take time to get our orders done. ugh. Last time i checked, the latest hot hot sex of fast food  was mcdonalds. well i had to pull over...ugh. and wait.
finally the hag comes and brings us our food and while she's giving us our things, i'm like "thank you" and she says something in spanish but like saying it towards if i was a girl with a pretty butt. HAHAHA!
ugh it's not my fault i look better than the average girl at my school... makeup and fashion is a friend of mine people. lol. i get home, and wahla...lunch. isn't it yummy?
this face says it all.....

haha. eww my nose!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Love at first sight my ass

omfg have you seen Stam's boyfriend? i barely checked for who he is and it turns out his name is Austin Gregg, son of Huey Lewis. Well whatever. isn't he a little on the.......boring and ugly side? ugh i'm sorry, but he is! he has retard face below no? omfg look it's donatella versace's dark sunburned lost long cousin to the left of stam below...haha
(recently at the NY knicks game at madison square garden)
oh the money shot....

ewww. omfg eww to the guy with the beer with the gross hair next to them.eww.... bumfuck 90's anyone? eww.

Milla at Chanel

ugh i fucking love this whore. work that tweed jacket! ugh isn't she fierce?

milla for the motherfucking win. i love her outfit. now excuse me while i go purge...

Vogue Paris April 2009: Scarlett Johanssen by Mario Sorrenti

ugh is this the result of the recession going on miss carine roitfold? Being a celeb cover, it's stunning and heck i'd love if wintour did covers like these instead of the old prissy blah ones for for Vogue US, but being it's vogue paris, it's a no. I can't STAND covers with celebs.....i want models, models, and models! i want model galore damnit.

brunnette/reddishy marilyn monroe? ugh....heck i would've preffered another lara or anna selezneva cover instead. ugh. dissapointing. if your a fashion obsessed whore who's tired of sexy pinup-ish covers with scarlette clap your hands!

Cato Van Ee's boyfriend is hot!

well i'm bored and decided to watch all those episodes with cato and blah and well what do you know...cato's boyfriend is a hottie!
You know I always look at many models and think wow that gurl is gorgeous or omfg i'd sooo want to have legs like her and blah but i also wonder "i wonder if she has a boyfriend and if she does i wonder how he looks like". i really do.....i mean i guess you can tell alot by telling what type of guys the girl likes. ugh till this day, after seeing this one video, i soooooooooooo hardcore wanna see how olga sherer's boyfriend looks like! i bet you he's a nerd with glasses but deep down inside he get's it really on in bed. haha. but back to Cato's boyfriend....omfg those bloody europeans are the hotness i swear! there's nothing better than a gorgeous white man who dresses good and young. oh the jealousy! i bet you the fucker cheats on this hag though while she's making some $$$? i bet you a fucking balmain sequined skirt the motherfucker gets horny and cheats on this bitch with her cousin!!!! lol. ugh her boyfriend is sexy though........ remember smile like you mean it.....especially when he's hot like that....
lucky whore.......

haha " bette frank why are you touching my cooch?!? i knew you were a lesbian fondling suvi koponen's vajajay back 2 seasons ago but now me? oh my my! the love! the sexual release! give it to me, give it to mami cato!"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tuesday- Ugly Sweaty Betty

omfg never ever ever EVAR infinity galliano years EVAR wear a big oversized super warm material hoodie over a semi sheer american apparel rainbow striped shirt on a hot day. I'm not talking hot in miami with hot sexy sugar daddys and blatinos everywhere...i'm talking a day like out on the hot sahara desert filming a louis vuitton ad campaign. I mean wtf was i thinking when i woke up in the morning grabbing it for no apparent reason being in a hurry to school. OH WAIT! now i know why i took it.....i let a friend borrow this other gray hoodie i wear that's thinner and better for this weather and good ol me thought that ho was going to bring it after not bringing it for a week...and what do you know...she wasn't there. ugh. it's not her fault was one of those testing days for certain students so i should've known she wasn't going to be there. Imagine wearing something like this:
ugh i know it's a bad picture but booo hooo cry me a river. i felt sweaty and smelly. ewwww.... shit i could have given those sweaty girls at the alexander wang ss09 show a run for their money. gosh i felt nasty and dirty. well after that filthy incident, i had to go buy my acne wash. oh i know i'm trying to look good for the summer so i thought why not eat some yummy sushi no instead of the calorific things all the girls ear at my school? it's only breakfast, lunch, and dinner right here:

hahah. omfg ugh i need a facial asap! i need a facial and a foot massage! i need a facial, a foot massage, and a back massage now!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who wants a lorenzo? you want a lorenzo? i want a lorenzo?

awww........ looks like those hot boys, marc and lorenzo, are finally engaged! jason preston who? haha

From Fashionologie:
">> The recent resurfacing of Marc Jacobs-Lorenzo Martone engagement rumors was not all for naught — the two are engaged, and will go public with the news beginning Thursday, when they arrive in Brazil wearing rings.  They're headed to Martone's native Sao Paulo — apparently Marc is meeting Lorenzo's mother for the first time.  The two have been dating for about a year, and a date has not yet been set."

awww well congrats gurl! first his CFDA nomination for designer of the year and now this is defitanely another year that belongs to marc. now who on the other hand like me wants a boyfriend, or maybe better yet a boytoy, like lorenzo that's hot, sexy, manly, hotness, and oh so eye candy? eww to twinks don't we all want a man? ugh i need a boyfriend.....shit i bet you my grandma has fondled a couple of dicks recently, where as MUAH is here being a frigid bitch. lol actually though....a part of me wants a boyfriend but then a part of me is happy that i'm single. well who wants a lorenzo? you want a lorenzo? i want a lorenzo? does karl lagerfeld want a lorenzo? does stefano and domenico want a lorenza?does that homo Isaac Mizrahi want a lorenzo to go along with his curly pubes?

that smile says it all. haha

Carine Roitfeld anyone?

yes it's 3:05 am( don't ask) and i just finished watching Carine Roitfeld's thing with CNN. I think they did a terrific job....showed how incredible this woman is! i mean i WORSHIP this woman.......vogue paris is my bible........she's just incredibly chic, unique, edgy, cool, and fantabulously fabulous! i didn't know she worked with tom ford at first.....who knew!
gosh riccardo tisci is sooo sexy!!! i'd so let him sperminate me
anyday, anytime. fuck where's henry holland to me a do me daily
christopher bailey type shirt for him. 
new york fashion week.......
photo shoot with patrick.....
anna wintour..........ugh. haha i swear i saw carine roll her eyes after talking to her. i swear to my fucking black ass lungs that i saw this balenciaga wearing bitch roll her eyes at miss wintour and her prada fall winter 2009 coat. hahaha!
just incredible. THANK GOODNESS for the interenet. besides videos of orgies and gossip, they have their tv shows on there quick. I slept all day when i got home so i finally had a chance to see it. I loved it! carine is humble( well it looks like).....soo caring of her fabulous......asian tranny kimora lee simmons needs to hand her fabulosity torch to carine cause this woman ACTUALLY lives it day to day. period. carine is so chica fierce! ugh i need to be adopted from this rotting place by her. ugh we'd be the fiercest givenchy/chanel/balenciaga/prada/ysl/marc jacobs wearing fashion obsessed whores EVAR!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Forget size, does length matter?

shut your filthy mouth and listen cause my hair rant is the most important thing right now. and chanel. but that's not the point. I've noticed my hair is getting longer and uglier! i's a bit gross. OK's not as bad as when it was longer but it's getting there. I love short hair and always will but recently it's making me feel look ugly. ugh if i can't love my self, how the hell am i gonna love somebody else.
hairstyle? short. check
color? oy vey color? take dike hotness freja beha erichsen. the thin bitch has such a gorgeous hair color........ugh it's what i want!
being the cheap humble whore that i am, i bought those DIY hair color things a long time go like around december. It was alright but it came out like redishy darkishy brown. I wanted a light but somewhat dark yummy brown. think chocolate brown. ugh i HAVE to get my hair by spring break. I fear those days when you do your hair like right before a day of school and it looks like's like an explosion of acting like such a pregnant whore. So hair color? check
fuck i can't believe there's sooooo many attention loving wannabe's commenting my hair saying it's fierce as of late. hahaha just kidding about attention loving wannabes. oh wait not kidding about the one at starbucks today. oh she was nice.....i mean all i was ordering was 2 drinks and what does she say?
lady: well that'll be ($$$$)
me: oh here
lady:(getting money) oh did you do something to your hair?
me: i just pushed it back. it's pretty long. i hate it. ugh.
lady: oh, it looks good,
i know she only said that cause i looked like shit instead of the usual days when i look like your favorite fag down hollywood. ugh i swear i could've looked like such a straight boy at school......a cock sucking straight boy at that. Jeans and a shirt and a hoodie and slip on was i thinking. I need to be fierce, be gorgeous, thinspirational( omfg i've been eating sooooo much lately i swear!) elegant....i mean what would karl lagerfeld do if he saw me? i mean sure maybe if i'm lucky i'd get touched by sebastian.....but ugh. what would jean paul gaultier think? what would kate lanphear think? what would rachel zoe think? OMFG RACHEL ZOE!!! oh my gawd...anywhoo...back to my black mexican curly hair.......
here's recent pics of me to showcase how ugly my hair is....
( i'll sucky sucky for a nice good ol coffee. you can't go wrong with a blowjob and coffee no? forget croissants and coffee, cum and coffee are the new loves. you hear that paris? karl lagerfeld where are you? hahahaha)....
omfg i look like a busted ass bitch up there. haha. and here's some pics from my bday....oh the color looks fine there.....for once!

ok fine it's not as bad as i'm exagerrating but you should know i exaggerate a shit load. forget all those motherfucking housewives from atlanta bitching all the time........

i'm the biggest drama queen there is. lol. jk. well sometimes.

ugh spring break is coming.....i need a new hair cut. omfg i NEED to go to a beach and act slutty. I mean i haven't been to a beach since EVER and this time it's for 2003! sad! so sad! i want full frontal galore right there and then.

May the fiercest bitch please stand up

doesn't raquel have such fierce style? i mean i'm looking at backstage photos of her at Stella McCartney and i can't help but to admire this bitchin fierce brazilian always lookin so fierce.....
(backstage at stella McCartney)
no wonder that whore made in vogue's top style people in the Jan 09 issue... omfg i love her here in that dior homme leather jacket with the lagerfeld jeans! ugh can you say loves it?
ps. everybody loves a bitchy fierce model don't you? lookey at magda backstage, also at stella....

ugh eniko looks like a fat cow next to magda. may the queen bitch stand up! "watch me work it, i'm perfect"

Doggie gone

well today my dad told me our dog is going to be put to sleep. Our family could tell he was feeling very uncomfortable and wasn't eating right as of late. I kinda saw it coming but didn't really wanna think much of it you know. It turns out he has a tumor or something in him...i really forgot what it is and my dad said they would do surgery to save him but the doctor said it would be somewhat pointless because there's little chance that he'll make it. i feel bad that i NEVER ONCE IN MY LIFE made an effort to play with him. He was more of a gaurd dog so no one played with him. heck, he even barked at me and others in the family except my mom and dad who had much respect for both of them. I feel very sad somewhat you know.....i feel like maybe if i was there i could've have made an impact in it's life. I don't even know the dog's name....that's how distant i was from him. Well ok fine it's clifford....i named it when i was little lol....but still i always referred to him as the dog. well rest in peace doggie. My mom said were defitanely getting another dog and i really am  going to make an effort to spend time with it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who loves miu miu FW09? you love miu miu? i love miu miu?

FUCKING HOTNESS! i swear...miuccia always does a fierce, chic, and fabulous load at miu miu. I mean those coat dresses.....ugh love love LOVE! the bedazzled motherfucking stockings...yum.....those love...... i LOVED everything. wait. no. only thing i HATED with a passion like i hate the mens section at zara were the fur shoes. that shit is GROSS. maybe that's why those petards hate the fashion world when it comes to doing shitty fur things. i swear fur shoes mrs. prada? fur motherfucking shoes? bitch needs a bitch slap but other than that...i loved it all. Am i the only fashion fag that finds this collection a bit more.....mature? well considering it is miu miu it does come off a bit slightly more mature but yet youthful and chic and cool at the same. stunning job for miuccia. now who's ass do i have to praise in order to get atleast one look from this collection. for the love of me por favor. don't lie, love love love! only lie when it comes to fashion haha

those dang coat dresses are GAWGEOUS!
gimme this one asap!

ugh LOVE this one...
LOVE LOVE this look. it's cream/white colored. what's not to love? and paired with the fur sash....orgasmic.
LOVE the blazer.
need this look now...
love this whole look too...
DANG! who knew kasia had such gorgeous the dress too
this ones alright
i must have this look. incredible styling too.
give me the god damn jacket
give me this look too...
la la love!
love this one more!
the black looks were whatever

love the sleeveless coat.
it's sheer and blue. what's not to love. HELLO miuccia...the bra exposed look was sooo SS09. lol. jk i love.
unlfattering no? natasha looks like a pregnant hillbilly here...
oh look its asian persuasian Tao!
ooooh love this look! chic yet sexy!
print galore no? can you say love the look?

oh this is beautiful...
liya! it's liya in such a beautiful look...what's not to love..

the clothes were gorgeous but as for the bags they were BORING. shit even my dogs turd looks as fabulous as dior haute couture and better than these bags...

ok fine if your boring and classy sassy than they're soo for you. i'll have a prada bag from this season instead thank you very much...
oh i'm telling you these fur shoes are hideous....

caveman chic? omfg they're as bad as those fake chanel accessories made out of rats by that artist kristofer paetau and modeled by brazilian trannies from last year.....
oh those brazilians...

remember fur shoes are filth. fuck those though, i lOVE the other shoes in the collection. those boots are chic!

oh love these 2 tone ones...

the bedazzled ones are gorgeous...

well that's Miu Miu FW09 from me to you.

ps. WTF was jessica alba doing in the front row at the show? did she think armani was showing in paris or something?
ugh ewww. am i the only whore that smells a miu miu celeb campaign again? oh the horror!