Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paparazzi love Carmen & Eva

oh look it's Carmen Kass & Eva Herzigova...and....

oh. haha


holy fucking fucking fucking FUCKING GOD! Chola Snejana Onopka?!?!?! 
LMFAO!!!!!! thank fucking god( or should i say pat mcgrath and orlando pita) that she looks like this now:
makeovers are the hotness i tell yah. ugh to think, i ALWAYS want to give people makeovers( friends, frenemies, enemies, family, sisters, mothers, friends of friends, dogs, cats, fat people, short people, etc etc) so imagine the gorgeous results. hahaha.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Who taught these girls how to walk?"

omfg i just came across this video of the Jill Stuart SS09 collection filmed live, raw, with no editing, no music enhancing, just everything how it is. oh, did i mention you get yo hear the commenting of the photographers and blah while the models walk by? i'm telling you, it's a fucking gift to hear what these lovely men have to say. it's like the whole coco rocha is a woman at zac posen thing all over again. haha, i laughed sooo hard everytime i heard something new.
haha my favorite part is when Katie Fogarty is making that turn starting around 2:48 while everyone else is complaining. lmfao!
so Katie Fogarty, who DID teach you how to walk? suck in those cheeks gurls, do the Sheila Marquez pout!


Thursday, April 23, 2009


I HATE H&M! ok fine, i really don't, but ugh i'm sooooo mad at them. here's how my Matthew Williamson for H&M experience went:
i woke up today brushing my teeth and then i thought "holy fucking god, today is THE DAY for the williamson/H&M thing you know. I told my mom if i could go but being the total mother she is, she said no i couldn't go because of school and then her and my sister decided that i'll go but not at the moment( keep in mind it was like 7:30 am) so she said she'll call me later when to get ready to leave school. So later i'm in passing period to go to 2 period and then i get her call saying that i'll leave around 11-ish or 11 something you know. fast forward to being in PE class doing a mile run. I later get a summons to leave, sister picks me and later we leave to the H&M at the Beverly Center( ugh fucking fuck, this time it was only ONE h&m having the collection instead of the usual 2 or 3). we finally get there( it's like 1ish) and i go to one of the workers there asking where's the hot stuff and all i get is
" oh, it's all GONE"
i was DEVASTATED!!! sooooo pissed! i knew if i went early in the morning i probably could have had the chance to get atleast 1 piece you know. i'm sooo mad. another collaboration collection that i missed. The worker told me that people were here early and when the store opened, everyone rushed in and got what they got. like usual. ugh after her telling me that, i looked around if maybe somebody stashed a piece here or there but nothing was there except for the typical cute H&M stuff. ugh, and i REALLY wanted a couple of things. Color galore love anyone? can you say bright and beautiful?!?! Even if i could of have gotten a couple of things, here's what i would've have gotten:

omfg soooooooo would've have gotten the wide belt below. i mean it's soooo Matthew Williamson ss09 no? but i doubt i'd wear it everyday, so i'd get the pink studded belt instead. oh and i wanted those metallic pink shorts soooo badly!!!

oh this blue metallic blazer!!! can you say LOVES IT?!?! ugh.....oh and the matching pants too.

i think the pink one is too much, so would've gotten the blue one. LOVE the peacock feather detail on the shoulder. oh and also the necklace too. i heard it was really BLING BLANG BRIGHT with stones on it.
probably would've tried on the jacket to see if i liked it. defitanely wanted the yellow sleeveless top below. the detail reminds me of the detail on this cotton candy pink colored dress from his FW08 collection.
oh and definately wanted the leather jacket and the leather vest with the holes. the leather vest with holes!!! loves it! and the scarf too....oh and maybe the clutch. actually yeah, the clutch too.

ugh i'm sooo pissed!!! like i've said before with the Comme Des Garcons one, what's the point of these collab collections if actually not everyone that's having access to's basically certain stores limited to certain people for a certain amount of time. ugh oh and i found this picture of this ebay seller's receipt of ALL the things he bought.....

are you fucking kidding me!!?!?! that's practically the WHOLE STORE.

Natasa Vojnovic for the motherfucking win!

omfg have you seen this video of Natasa Vojnovic?!?! i just saw it and i have a few words: FUCKING WERQING IT! bitch KNOWS how to WERQ it and i LOVE IT!
Natasa Vojnovic for the motherfucking win no? I love the setting too....i'm getting druggie/coke/studio 54/party girl/some blondie/70's no? Can you also say Gucci FW06?

lol. omfg i fucking LOVE Natasa now!

It's cheap, it's Marc Jacobs, and it's white. what's not to love?

omfg so i'm looking at the Outnet( you know, netaporters sister site blah that's new and has past season stuff) and look at what i found....this GORGEOUS SS07 Marc Jacobs dress! can you say gorgeous? can you say loves it? can you say i need it NOW?!?! can you say it's cheap!??!

it was originally $2500 and now it's only $500!!! such a steal! ugh, if i had the money i'd sooooo get it! it's perfection!

Perfect Balmain Knockoffs!

so last friday i'm bored( omfg i had SUCH a boring and blah day) so me and my buddy mel decide to head to the mall. While at Nordstrom, look at what i found and NO they are NOT Balmain....
holy christophe decarnin! they look SOOOO IDENTICAL to the real Balmain SS09 ones....

ugh, if i was a bitch with a pussy i'd soooooo get them in a heartbeat! i wonder what the price is though....considering it's Nordstrom they can't be cheap but i doubt they're that expensive like the original ones. ugh gorgeous no? give me some ripped jeans from oh i don't know pac sun, some t-shirt from h&m, these shoes, and a good stiff jacket or maybe this vest i was gonna get at target that has a similar detail like the jacket above on Anna Selezneva and BAM WHAM BAM! Balmain for less!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Look of the day: are you fucking kidding me?

if your a fashion obsessed kid like i am, then you know about those "look of the day" quizzes/games/whatever you like to call them at so i just finished doing one like 2 minutes ago( i had a tough time picking between comme des garcon and marc jacobs and peter some) and look at what's the "look of the day" so far:

are you fucking kidding me? yes, are you reading fashion obsessed whores kidding me?!?! i mean, alright it's a cute dresss( michael kors FW09 maybe) but it's soooo..............blah! you see, for me, fashion is all about being creative, different, unique, beautiful, wow...blah blah. you get me. but i mean just an orange dress with tan shoes that's against those comme des garcons sheer head pieces with that crystal lip and the pink hair and then there's the marc jacobs 80's look and then there's the soooo versace sexy look and there's a cool printed dress from peter som and then out of eveything, a celeb is getting chosen as " look of the day".....for what? minimalistic? this ain't calvin klein's minimalism. it's so boring. blah blah blah. ugh....whatever....just dissapointed that readers are picking THAT instead of the others.....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I hate Adrian Lima

remember how just out of nowhere fatass slutty Adriana Lima walked in Givenchy's fall collection?
well turns out the folks at TFS were right. The bitch got Givenchy's fall collection. how the fuck are they going from Mariacarla, Lakshmi, Ana Claudia, and Lara to Adriana Lima?!?! ummm is riccardo fucking on crack? from Fashionologie:

>> ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL — Adriana Lima has been amping her high fashion cred back up for a while now, scoring appearances in Vogue Paris and Love and sending shockwaves when she walked for Givenchy Fall 2009.  Riccardo Tisci must have liked what he saw, because it sounds like she's been cast in the collection's campaign along with three other girls who a source promises "are incredible as could be for this collection." [TFSTFS,The Imagist]

ugh. could my fave givenchy hardworking girl Mariacarla Bosnono be one of those 3 hos? pretty please! she fucking reaks Givenchy!

ugh if she doesn't it's all good. i mean i LOVE the SS09 collection and the latest FW09 collection was sooo shitty and boring so Adriana can have it as far as i care.

Don't you miss...

when Dior was like THIS:
oh the youth, the fun, the energy, the fabness, the music, the coolness.... oh how i miss it. what galliano is doing now is NOTHING compared to what he did back earlier.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beyonce in Balmain. Are you kidding me?

howcome i barely found this photo? ARGH....i hate beyonce even more now! and it's one of my fave jackets from the collection! lucky bitch! bootylicious my ass biatch.  selezneva looks hella alot better on the runway than beyonce in real life no? i'm kidding, beyonce is defitanely working that crystal/bedazzled hotness jacket.

sooo jealous.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A beer belly....oh lord

whoa whoa whoa whoa! WTF happened to hotness Sean William Scott?!?!? is that a beer belly i see? oh my fucking GOD! The only thing fabulous there is that cigarette.
oh alright, he's still hot. I'd let him fuck me still....but i mean a beer belly? whatever....right???!
ok FINE, he's still hot. case settled. hah

Everybody wants their boyfriend in ralph lauren, don't you?

hottie alert! well isn't there somthing hot about a masculine man that dresses really great? most guys i know or see dress like shit. well lookey at who i found at the sartorialist...let me introduce you to mr.gorgeous question mark below. isn't he hot? doesn't he make you hard and moist? doesn't he make you wanna get fucked hard and hard while he's wearing his oh i don't know ralph lauren!? is it me or am i the only one getting a dirty brit but oh so sexy vibe?!? maybe he was a burberry checkered wearing chav in the past but went to fashion rehab and now he's reformed and into mens fashion like ralph lauren and dsquared. LOL

omfg if i could ever have my dream boyfriend, he'd be like that guy. sexy? check. hot? check. dresses fabulous? check. i'd want him to be not as gay as me get me?. i mean i'm the only drama queen in a relationship, i couldn't exactly deal with another son of a bitch besides myself. think of it like this: while he's looking at the ralph lauren/dolce and gabbana/dsquared/roberto cavalli section at neiman marcus, i would be looking at womens lanvin/prada/balenciaga/proenza schouler and we'd be hot lovers that like to spend afternoons strolling around paris and milan. lol. haha. oh boy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


what would you do if Kanye and his gang were transformed into southpark cartoons?
lo and behold:


It's a arena, it's a battle, it's Prada!

well the full prada FW09 video is here and let me tell you those gurls looked like chic cave woman and i LOVE IT! who knew miuccia could make those gurls look dirty and cave-o-rifffic yet be so incredibly chic! now is it me, or did Kinga Rajzak own this motherfucking show?!?
haha love how sasha at the end goes in the front. She may not be the main prada gurl no more, but she doesn't give a fuck! haha.
btw. LOVE miuccia's outfit. I rarely pay attention to what designers themselves wear, but i LOVE what she's wearing at the end!

THANK YOU Anna Wintour!

OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG IT'S HERE! the Vogue Us May 2009 issue WITH models on the cover is finally fucking here! model galore love anyone?!?! THANK YOU Anna Wintour! Liya, Natalia, Anna, Isabeli, Lara, Jourdan, Raquel, Caroline, Natasha!!!! omfg NATASHA!!!
i think they all look BEAUTIFUL! only thing i hate is who is where and why some girls aren't here. I mean wtf is Liya, Natalia, Isabeli, and Caroline doing here?!?! i mean they all HAD their what makes them models of the moment?!? Anna and Natasha defitanely deserve to be here. Anna had SUCH A HUGE comeback this season, grabbing 12 campaigns. And Natasha has been opening and closing soo many shows and also grabbing a bunch of good campaigns lately. Raquel is perfect where she's at. Jourdan is also another model that's been making huge waves lately. Lara also...well i guess carine's obsession for her helped her grab the cover. But also there's sooo many models that deserve to be here..i mean where is lily? where's vlada?!?! where's tanya?!! where's freja?! where's sasha?!? omfg i'm surprised they forgot sasha! where's snejana( ok fine, but i would have LOVED her here)?!?! where's Anja?!? there's soo may that deserve to be here. and i sooo would've preffered Raquel, Natasha( atleast Natasha!) and Jourdan on the cover. But other than that, i'm one happy fashion fag. I soo need to get it! omfg, last time i bought Vogue US was like...since evar!

Holy shit, Miranda Kerr is thinspirational!

found these on the TFS celeb weight thread...whoa...i SO knew i wasn't the only one thinking she was looking thinner these days but she looks great. and fabulous. and gorgeous. and fuck, she makes uggs look a bit slightly hot.
ugh i want my legs like hers soooo badly! omfg, i think miranda is my fave VS model. NO, natasha doesn't count, i'm talking about like a contracted hardcore VS model....which in this case, Miranda is now my fave! yay! work those thin legs bitch, for the love of keeping victoria's secret a dirty secret you better WERQ!

karolina kurkova who? haha. well orlanda bloom is looking quite cute.....oh forget him. i'm soo over him... that bitch was so my man crush sooo 3 years ago. haha

A quick update

i take FOREVER to blog about fashion shows, especially when it's fashion week time and there's a shitload of shows in one day so i'm still, till this day, blogging and finishing up draft posts on the shows of the fall/winter 2009 season. If you care, you can see them by looking at the posts of last month which is located on the right. I also did a post of my top collections of the seasons that i loved and that's in either this months or last months posts but it's all there. all it takes is to look around in todays and last months posts section, which is to the right, and you'll find whatever you're looking for...from proenza schouler to karl lagerfeld. love ya!
ps-i'm still not even done with half! LOL. oh boy...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


well spring break is ending and i need a couple of things so why not go to melrose with a couple of fag hags right?
ugh I, just tried it on to prove to myself i look fucking amazing with it on and let me tell's perfect! fits like a glove. made perfectly for me! i swear the leather is sooooooooooo luscious and smooth and beautiful!
ofcourse i had to werq that wang jacket...cross those legs, put the hand and sashay...
well i didn't take much pics until the trip back home. camera whore much? EVEN in a car..
mad? sad? it's not my fault i'm a kid that didn't get loved as a child. lol
give it to me, hun, give it to me...
let's do new poses no? The "hand sash"
Oh me? why thank you. NOT!
holy karl lagerfeld, my hand looks deformed and huge! abort, abort, abort the pose!
and last but not least a good ol hunch back glamorous galliano for Christian Dior pose.
I ended buying a bunch of things! oh is soooo healing for me. fuck pills, shopping is more relieving than anything else.
i feel bad though cause i bought a bunch of stuff before at H&M and Forever 21 like 2 days ago and it feels like i have too much things i don't even need.
now that I think of it, i'm returning one of the things i got at H&M pictured below. I mean i don't honestly need another sweater. right? well i'll return later through out the week. i'm thinking of keeping it because it shows my gorgeous bony collar bones with the V-neck yet i don't really want a V-neck.

ok fine the only reason i bought the sweater was because the grey one i wanted wasn't there in my size and i didn't even notice about the neck at first. to tell you the truth, i've been lusting over wang's spring collection and obsessed with this look below with Anabela. It's just easy and cool which in the end i was looking for a similar sweatshirt that i could wear with my leather skinnies i already have to produce the look.


now that i think about it alot, i'm going to return.

Oh the weight controversies continue...

oh the weight controversies continue! who's the next newest victim? the gorgeous, fabulous, and one of my fave models, Amanda Laine. omfg look at her arm below! thinspiration at it's finest. ugh i've gotten sooo fat.

anywhoo....I came upon this little story of Amanda Laine in the April 09 issue of Flare Magazine that actually happened to her. I feel so sad...NO NOT cause she's thin, she's perfectly fine to me, but because it all happened in public and seems like something unforgettable and tragic. here's the 411:

"Amanda's story: I remember it vividly. I shudder every time I recall those few seconds. I was in New York to model in the Spring 2009 fashion shows. It was a beautiful fall day, and my father and I were walking along 10th Avenue enjoying the controlled chaos that is the Big Apple. I heard shouting, but it took me a while to realize the man going by on the bike was yelling at me.
"You are disgusting," he taunted, covering his eyes. "You should be ashamed." Then, he turned his attack on my father. "Take her home," he said.
It wasn't the first time I had been publicly ridiculed for my thin - I don't like the word "skinny" - frame, but it was the worst. Maybe because I didn't see it coming. 
I'm 17 and I've been modelling since I was 15. I've been in shows and on shoots all over the world. (I was in the February issues of 
Harper's Bazaar and W, and the March issue of Italian Vogue, as well as the pages of FLARE.) Maybe that gives me the perspective other "skinny" girls may not have. As a model, I am surrounded by woman who look, well, a lot like me: tall, long-limbed and, yes, thin. And I'm also constantly surrounded by designers, stylists and photographers with varied notions of what it means to be beautiful. The idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is second nature to me.
I realize, though, that such thinking is not second nature to the rest of the world.
I have always been thin. When I was younger, my mother had trouble finding pants to fit me. But then, lots of girls my age were lanky. It wasn't until Grade 9 - when I started to grow up but not out - that I noticed I was different from the other girls. Everyone else noticed, too. Once, while playing volleyball, my mom overheard a bunch of other 
moms whispering about "that skinny girl."
It hurts. Yes, I am skinny - if we must use that word - but I am not unhealthy. In fact, I'm quite athletic. The presumption that I must be anorexic, or ill, in order to be thin really bothers me. I'm tired of the assumptions - of people being awed when they see me eating. I once had a backstage photographer approach me for a picture while I was munching on a cookie. He couldn't believe models actually ate.
Those kinds of stereotypes hurt us all. Anyone who knows me knows it is genetics, not disordered eating, that explains my physique. I'm lucky; I've been surrounded by friends, family, and other models who support me instead of putting me down. And, as a model, I guess I've bcome somewhat accustomed to scrutiny. But not everyone is as fortunate. I hope I can be a role model for size 0 woman. I hope that by simply being myself, by putting myself out there, we can all start to accept people as they are. - 
as told to Liza Finlay"

ugh what an asswhole though. It's not her fault she's a MODEL, no not a catalogue america's tranny next top model, a HIGH FASHION JOHN GALLIANO COUTURE WEARIN MODEL. ugh. and i happend to LOVE her body....ugh it's not her fault some people ride a bike to lose weight while others look fab and gorgeous going to say a casting she'll know she's guaranteed in. ugh. it's sad though cause i LOVE amanda laine....i think the bitch is fucking fierce and thinspirational. heck, most of america needs thinspiration. last time i checked, there's a shitoad of people in corn bread eating USA suffering from obesity and being plump in the not so ok areas than being super thin. I mean...she's just sooo....fierce!!

well bravo for her for standing up. Amanda Laine for the motherfucking win!!! snejana who? hah just kidding.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Legs Wide Open at the park

haha. i'm not THAT trampy. or am I? lol this is what happens when you spend a cloudy day at the park with some old time friends...
happy happy happy! happyness is So overrated. lol. so today i decided to pop by my friends place and hang out. Well what do you know, we got bored so headed to the park. smiling? would vogue approve? would Christopher Kane approve? i HATE my smile. I need to do something....lip injections or something....
OFCOURSE i had to do a couture pose while at the park. I mean it's just wrong not to. give me fierce, give me galliano couture ss08, give me georgina stajilkovic!
well that's it. worse thing of the day though was stepping on dog poo and getting it on my shoes and then stepping in the sand with sand stuck to your shoe with poo. ewww, haha.

Boom Boom Pow!

i need a slap. I feel soo wrong laughing at Georgina below in that versace video. I don't know why, but everytime i see it, i can't help but laugh. lol. omfg i swear natasha deserves the best walker award EVAR!