Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Topshop is the hotness

oh finally they're here....i thought some poor bitch stole them or something.
aren't my newest Topshop gladiators cute? and they were cheap! they're made out of this jelly material thing. They're see-thru and go with everything. Sure they're no Balenciaga gladiators but i really love them.
that's hot.

love ya.

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2009 Ad Campaign

well it's here! it's finally here! well...the only reason i've wanting to see the givenchy campaign is because i wanted to see how angel hotness Adriana Lima would look. You see, being a givenchy obsessed whore, i wouldn't want some sexy-lookey-veluptuous-if i were a man i'd wanna fuck my cum up her ass-Adriana Lima to be in a high fashion campaign with along MariaCarla Boscono. In all, its whatever. I'm not loving it but it's not bad. It's somewhat goth and boring. yawn. Shit, even a MaxMara ad campaign is better. LOL. Iris looks good but Ranya on the other hand....looks demented? out of this world? scary? She looks like the albino/wierd bitch that would be made fun of at school. really! Albinos for the motherfuckin win no? i actually love the bitch but she's not looking her best so far from judging from these pics.
Adriana actually surprised me. Her stare...so strong and scary and mean...sooo givenchy! LOVE IT! bitch probably has that face of being tired of wearing lingerie EVERYFUCKING DAY to work! haha.
well well.......lesbians? Givenchy Lesbian girls? no thanks.... give me the western bondage SS09 gurls instead thank you very much. To me though Mariacarla is owning this ad campaign. Bitch is soooo fucking fierce and blah....it'd be wrong to get rid of her for a Givenchy campaign but i do have to admit that i miss Lara and Lakshmi.  look at her.......oh gawd...don't mess with that bitch... she looks like she bites! haha loves it! This one is probably my fave pic of all...
maybe they're confused lesbians that are fucking pissed the fuck off from being forbidden of men. oh well. more cock for me. Lesbianism for the motherfucking win? gosh Mariacarla is GOD! oh well i could care less about this campaign. least favorite collection from fall so whatever for now. I sooo can't wait for the chanel one.
ps. Simon Nessman loooks sooooooooooo fucking hot in the mens campaign! someone for the love of me, fly this bitch out to Cali just for a little bedroom fun. GOD...simon nessman is soooooooooo fucking hot. oh maw gawd......
ps: Read this quote Riccardo gave about the campaign: 
“I wanted to give this feeling of going from a studio to reality. It’s important to give reality to women.” 
I'm having a hard time with this. Why would, especially the brand Givenchy, want to give a image of reality? last time i checked fashion was about being creative and fantasy and far from reality. ugh reality to most woman is jeans and tshirts and blah blah boring dresses. well atleast where i'm from but still....i'm having a hard time with that. sad isn't it? maybe that's why the collection was boring. fuck that, i want fantasy galore. actually fuck that, i sooo can't till the missoni ad campaign.

There's nothing better than a fag in Chanel

Well lookey what the chanel boutique near my place got. HELLO Chanel Paris-Moscou! ugh i walked into the boutique and couldn't help but notice how everything is sooooo gorgeous! I couldn't help but try on this gorgeous cardigan from the collection. You likey? it's sooo soft and luxurious and oh so yummy. And don't i look super duper pretty in it? give me some pearls and now were talking. oh and a quilted bag por favor.
look at that bitch! lookey lookey....my my my.......isn't it a beauty?!? oh the gold trimming with the red and black and gold cuffs......UGH!
It's the cardigan worn by my fave Urkanian whore in the whole wide world Snejana Onopka during the show. This slut knows how to sell a fucking cardigan no? now buying the damn thing is being fucking delusional so buying it is out of the question but the real question is: who looks better? fagit and gay-orrific Me, Muah, Tony or the hotness Snejana Onopka? please say me...pretty please and i'll give you a blowjob and a pretty colorful drawing.
god damn Karl is GOD. i want that whole snejana look. I asked one of the workers working there how much it was and woah...it was SUPER expensive. Shit, cross my fingers, legs, toes, and every crossable organ so that Topshop or Forever21 or H&M or even Zara makes a knockoff. My bets are going more towards Forever21 no? yes? haha. wanna know what's funny? i thought maybe the scarf would be cheaper than the cardigan pictured above but hella no...Lagerfeld and co have the nerve to charge in the thousands for that damn beautiful scarf. ugh i'd soooo give my own mother away just to feel and touch and lick and wear it everyday. ugh...sigh....oh well. It's always free to dream no? oh well. BTW i also saw that the cruise was on some rack in the corner making me to ask if their is a sale going on and she told me the sale is next month in June( was it the 12th? IDK i forgot..) so maybe just maybe there'll be something super duper cheap. ugh let's dream bitches....give me that Teenage Bad Girl song called Hands of a stranger playing through the show, some gold, some brown, metallics, some pearls, some a little of this a little of that and wahla! my very own Chanel Moscow here in Cali! shit, i need a sugar daddy quick.

Damnit, I wanted Louis Vuitton SS08 and i got Miu Miu FW09

ugh hopefully my new By Marlene Birger top i bought at netaporter arrives within the next couple of days. I really wanna wear it. Actually no....those cunts can have atleast 1 or 2 weeks with it before shipping it cause i need to lose mucho weight and i mean alot. I've gained soo much within the last month...shoot me puhlease. Obesity is never the asnwer. Anywhoo...isn't the top cute? it was cheap. and pretty. It was cheap and pretty. So me!
Here's on the runway....gosh looks sooo pretty and sheer. PERFECT layering peice.
oh thank goodness for Netaporter's early sale that's going on. oh btw i can't be buying much shit or well i should buy only on things i REALLY love and like unlike this sequined t-shirt from topshop.
 I've had it for atleast a couple of weeks and I only wanted it cause i thought it could've looked cute with one of my blue cardigans and something else....i basically have been obsessing over sequined things that Marc Jacob's has been doing for louis vuitton with sequins like SS08 and blah so i thought it's soo louis vuitton ss08 but wtf was i thinking.
Photobucket .
i'm not really loving it that much anymore. It's more.....Miu Miu F/W09 no?
whatever. returning it forsure. i soo need the money. sales sales sales..spend spend spend. Please adopt me Marc Jacobs. ugh

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's alright. Cause it goes on and on and on and on...

well someone's a satisfied fagit. Sing after me bitches:
" Alright Aright Alright Alright Alright. Dictation being forced in Afghanistan. Revolution in South Africa taking a stand. People in Eurasia on the brink of opression. I hope it's going to be alright"
"cause the music plays forever
Cause it goes on and on and on and on
I hope it's gonna be alright"
god damn that frida giannina has good music in her gucci shows. omfg fuck that, god damn those gucci boys are thin! and fierce! Forget Dior Homme past, this shit is it fucking anorexic boys. I don't know about you, but if i could any male type of male model, i'd sooooooooo be a gucci boy. I mean they have the hair, the legs, the bodies, the bags, the shows. oh ma gawwwwddd the shoes! haha. well I finally got the Pet Shop Boys song "It's alright" from the show.
fucking limwire and etc didn't have it so i decided to look for the song on youtube and use some converter to turn the video into an MP3 to play music. now am i one smart whore or what? gosh i'm fucking dumb, i should've done that in the fucking first place. oh well.
idk but i'm thinking of doing a whole Gucci Mens Fall/Winter 2009 look sometime soon. YES it's fucking hot in california but wtf who cares. MUST. SUFFER. FOR. FASHION.
Fashion before comfort bitch. gosh i'm getting sleepy. I've been downloading music for the past hour and i'm tired and I need to do my homework for school tommorow.
love ya.

Balmain Fall/Winter 2009 Video

omfg it's here! yes oh yes. ok fine it's fucking ridiculous how much Balmain prices are but you got to hand it to Christophe for making a fierce ferosha show.
Anna Selezneva work! Raquel work! Carmen work! Kim Noorda work! Magda work! Erin Wasson work! omfg Erin Wasson is soooo skinny! considering she's not as well...let's put it like this: homegurl isn't as fresh faced as say Anna Selezneva yet that bitch is skinny! ugh i wanna be that skinny! shit she could be my mother yet i'm this bloated fat brown bitch! ugh isn't Erin Wasson thinspirtional though? gosh, i LOVE Erin Wasson. that bitch is skinny and chic and blah blah blah bless that woman. now back to Balmaim....omfg i'm sooo saving this shit onto my Itunes library. HELLO! perfection!

Pet Shop Boys-It's Alright

I know I've mentioned it before that Gucci F/W09 Mens was one of my fave menswear collections and all and blah blah yaddi ya ya but omfg i HAVE to get the "It's Alright" song by Pet Shop Boys that's played in the show. PERFECT mincing song.
wtf, mincing song? i make everything a fucking mincing song. Doesn't matter if i'm going to the bathroom to take a pee or going to the kitchen i'm always fucking mincing to everything and my latest craze( let's make it atleast 2 or 3 days considering it's menswear) to mince to is that song. Fuck, i need it. Forget cock and chanel, i NEED that song. ugh i've tried on Limewire and no luck and on Itunes in order to get the song you need to buy the whole fucking album. Ugh, i'm just a poor brown obese queen so buying the whole album is totally out of the question. there soooo has to be another way. Hopefully the power of Frida Giannina and whores working at gucci will spare me and maybe send me the song and hopefully a little cute sequined womenswear jacket. haha delusional bitch!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Holy Natasha Poly! Natasha Poly at Cannes Film Festival

Holy Natasha Poly! Thinspiration at it's finest! ugh....thin....gorgeous....looks....can you say fucking loves it!?! ugh, i'd sell my soul just to live the life of this show pony during NY/Milan/Paris Fashion week. NO...fuck that. more like Paris Haute Couture Fashion week! there's nothing better than wearing a gorgeous lacroix white gown while an hour later sipping champagne in a chanel gown getting lagerfeld's maids puting pins and blah on your arms and ass finishing the look. This fucking picture says it all! GAWGEOUS! ugh if only i could be a model and look this fucking thin.
LOVE her dress. It's Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 09. Shit, looks better on her than lily. those fucking fat celebrities...no one does it better than a fucking model and in this case it's Natasha Poly. Reason numero 987349374 why i love this bitch.
WERQ that motherfucking thousand dollar gown. Make us fags proud. Make mama proud.
"hey bitches I'm Natasha Poly and let me show you how it's really done. Oh this dress? oh it's just a little something Roberto Cavalli gave me for being sooo fucking ferosha and opening his last 2 shows. are you already jealous? i hope so". 
Gisele who? haha. Natasha Poly is IT my friends.  fuck i'm going anorexic next week. summer is almost here! thinspiration galore puhlease!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i sooo need a new phone

ugh fucking apple. I'm at the point where i wanna throw my phone out of some window and start from new with something more easier and better but that still has the same cool features of my current phone. well i guess that's what i get for being a clueless whore and dropping it everywhere. It's especially sooooo annoying when i'm texting and i press each letter and it takes like 2 seconds worth of pause between typing instead of just typing without stopping.
OMFG i'm going crazy over small shit like this. Even the internet acts weird and closes the application on its self sometimes. D-I-L-E-M-N-A. ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. where's vodka when you need it. Where's a chanel haute couture show when you need it.ugh.

HELLO MODTV! where the fuck are you?!?!?

Fuck it ain't easy being a fucking fashion fag especially when your having temper tantrums due to those bitches at MODTV not updating their podcasts on Itunes. ugh i mean the last ones have been on top model this or top model that. Who the fuck cares about jessica white??! No runways, no care but she's pretty.bitch puhlease. Forget those dumb bitches, i want some galliano, chanel, dior, vuitton, fendi, jacobs, gucci, mccartney, and blah with a little gay music here and there to mince to. need i say more?
is it roo much to ask for just that?!?
or is someone just being a pregnant whore and being lazy to update?!?! HELLO the fall's shows have happened long time ago, i'd expect those fabulous whores to have all their spring 09 shows. Shit....if i have to see that Balmain show with Isabeli Fontana Montana telling how she likes being in that tutu with the belt( i bet you 5 bucks the bitch has a fetish to getting fucked in frilly girly things haha) i swear ima start ripping my hair out. For the love of fashion whores, i need new updates! Modtv is like crack to me! it soo is!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fuck leather, i need a Khaki jacket.

ugh since when am I a leather whipping daddy....give me soft clean Khaki thank you very much. well finally some pics of those Alexander Wang for Gap jackets have popped up. ugh aren't they pretty and easy and cool and oh so cheap? I think this one would look soooooooo chic on me. ugh give me a pair of my skinny black trousers, one of my black clutches, my boots and bam wham bam! chicness in a matter of like fucking 3 minutes. ugh i could eat in 3 minutes.....anywhoo boo.... don't you like this trench-like jacket? cute no?
i LOVE the motorcycle jacket!!! fuck everything else, i want this the most. ugh idk why but i've been having an obsession with motorcycle jackets. I don't know if it's because they look chic or cool and make me look skinny and anorexic sometimes but god bless the whore who invented them. This one seems perfect for the summer to layer compared to my leather one. Give me this jacket, some black skinny trousers, my metallic bag, a silver baseball cap, a ruffled shirt and blah and wham bam wham it' soo Marc Jacobs ss07!
gawd...i need to get a life instead of trying to produce runway looks. haha. oh well. aren't these shorts cute? i need to get me these shorts too. They're not part of the wang collab though it's from threeasfour was it?!?! ugh whatever i'm confused.
or was it Ohne Titel? anyways...i like these pants too from the Khaki collection. are they skinny or atleast slim fit? gawd...i HATE baggy pants on me.
well that's some June shopping for me. I rather just get one jacket atleast. fuck, i say atleast and it later turns out to getting nothing. haha. oh gawd i don't care if i have to cut a bitch in line or something, i'm defitanely getting that motorcycle jacket.

Vogue Russia June 2009: Natalia Vodianova

omfg i can't believe i barely saw this. The fierce Natalia Vodianova is on the cover of Russian Vogue looking sooooooooooo fierce. She could fucking kill a bitch with that stare. i'm in love with this cover! oh and those arms! thinspiration at it's finest.
oh all that pink is fucking orgasms to my eyes and i LOVE how the Louis Vuitton FW09 bunny ears makes everything.
i MUST get this cover. i really do. all those fucking cunts at my books stores and magazine stands never ever ever infinity galliano years ever have Vogue Russia. i always have to frequently ask. ugh but i really want to get this one. it's soooo pretty!

Michael Jackson in Givenchy F/W07

omfg lookey at what i found. It's wacko jacko going gender bender wearing Givenchy Fall/Winter 2007! you know, the gold studded collection.
and on the runway worn by Gemma Ward(gosh she looked soo fierce back then)

2 words: loves it. pure fucking loves it. I'd soo let him molest me in return for a gorgeous jacket from that collection. ugh...i think we all would.

She needs 8 real cocks. Hello Octomom!

pussy lips! ooh how chic, an octomom porno. i don't watch typical porn( duh!) but i really wanna see this. i really do! call me gross, but i find it funny how some of these movies are.....gotta love that passionate acting right?lol. So she needs 8 real cocks, she's caught hunting for more sperm,and she has fresh donations? The Maury show is that you? Eugenia Volodina is that you in 5 years? hah oh i'm kidding!
omfg that bitch soooooooo looks like angelina jolie up there. it's a little scary. just a teeny tiny bitch. i betcha 5 bucks her big pussy lips can fit all those 8 cocks.

Beauty and the Smell

omfg so it was true about model Eugenia being a dirty bitch kissing Michey Rourke! sooo low! ewww.....why oh why oh why? couldn't you be like caroline trentini and date a major photographer's son? Mickey looks like he....well smells. and sweats. alot. and i mean ALOT...like in every area..balls and all. i guesss some people love the feeling of kissing stds...i know i do! or maybe just maybe he's her sugar daddy! now i love the sound of that!
someone for the love of jean paul gaultier runway shows and muah, slap the bitch. rock bottom? haven't seen this bitch on the runways since FW08...

Chanel "Paris-Moscou" Ad Campaign: Sasha Pivovarova By Karl Lagerfeld

I bet you miuccia prada is probably getting toni garn and those other blonde whatevers to slap her for letting go of Sasha because her Chanel "Paris-Moscou" Ad Campaign is fucking omfg orgasmic gorgeous! i LOVE it but then again i've been loving the cruise/pre-fall ad campaigns more than the pret-a-porter ones. heidi mount who? Sasha, show that whore how it's done.
sasha is perfect with chanel......
beautiful. i need to get my self a copy of the first pic and decorate my wall with it. oh em gee..

Me & Hugh Jackman would have such gorgeous babies!

oh gosh hugh jackman is sooooooo hot. i mean sure my usual hotties are models but this guy is one of my fave hottest actors starting since recenlty. Ok fine, so i may only like him cause he has such a hot body and he's soo sexy but is it so wrong? i mean who cares about personality when you look hot in just a plain ol shirt.
and to think he has adopted kids with his old bat of a wife you'd think he'd be some old man.....but no. he's a hot son of a bitch WITH fucking annoying cunts living with him. i bet you it was all the wife's idea to adopt huh?yes am i right? i'm soo sure i'm right? hah. ugh.....i'm pretty sure his wife could be his grandma too no? or maybe she IS is his grandma and they come from a wierd village in Australia where they do crazy shit like that like in the cord bread eating part of the US right? i swear i soooo don't know why i didn't pay attention to him back then when he was doing all those Xmen movies. i swear forget porn, those xmen movies are it! omfg omfg he's wearing a bloody louis vuitton shirt below? aww and he has style...aren't we a perfect match? get him some dolce and dsquared and we'd be perfect! perfect gays in love! oh  those fierce australians...
i think we'd be a perfect match. YES, a perfect match. I'm the perfect 16 year old jailbait type that any old pedophile or sex craving homo would want. and him and me would be perfection! aww.... he even loves his adopted son. the kid looks mexican right? so hugh jackman must LOVE the brown people right?
he even has the perfect smile and body. welll some little brown bitch has a staring problem below no? hahaha
 oh and did i mention hugh jackman is rich? fucking chanel is screaming! me and him and his money= blowjobs for free and some extra lovin with a splash of chanel "Paris-Moscou". ugh we'd even look good together as you can tell below. wouldn't are babies look fucking beautiful? shit, our babies would soo have modeling contracts. ugh i hate kids so i had to remove the little cunt out of the picture below with my friend Photoshop. Shit, if i'd be dating hugh jackman, i get rid of all those little trolls and send them back to fucking africa or whatver the new adopting place craze is that they live in. oh dirty dirty dirty lovers...we'd be such a hot couple no? i can see it now....i'm wearing chanel haute couture and he's wearing a dolce suit at our wedding......ahh....fuck even i'm prettier than his fucking wife. ....i think. lick it like a lollipop...
ugh, even donatella versace is prettier than that old bitch which i'm assuming that she probably has a stretchy saggy vagina. kinda obvious right? eww. PUHLEASE, i pray for the day that this bitch has a dirty penis/ball bearing fucky fucky hardcore sex tape to arrive on the webs. ugh...oh the day when that happens i swear me and every bitch in the world would have a stroke. shit if kim kardashian's butt can be seen within a couple of clicks on LimeWire, then i'm sure Hugh Can have one too in no time. right? maybe in like 10 years when his career goes shitty? haha.

love ya!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Say Hello To Chanel Venice!

oh it's here! well the first pics that is....but omfg the first pics for Chanel Cruise Venice are fucking here! HALLELUJAH!
omfg there aren't many pics so far but from what i've seen i'm soooo not loving it. i mean fuck, it's chanel with papi chulo karl lagerfeld designing everything from the shoes to the undies to the gowns so i mean i should love it but it's ehh. ugh i was bitching over at the fashion spot that it seems like such a mature collection. omfg lace? omfg red? omfg, i found the PERFECT dress for my grandma to wear don't you think?
oh the wigs! the motherfucking wigs! ugh i bet you karl lagerfeld gets horny when doing wigs for his shows. every fucking time there's wigs and blah. sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. oh look, it's a big black sack ala those gucci sac ss09 dresses but in black no? haha
oh this is pretty! come to....come to baby. i want this, i need this, and give me some good shoes and were going fierce.
Oh my fucking stars....it's Elsa Sylvan! i fucking LOVE this bitch. I love the top detailed part but not loving the legth. Sure i'm a slutty mexican anorexic son of a bitch that loves short things, so long is never an option.
omfg the white and black pieces are a little......blah? pirate Kim Noorda no? omfg omfg did Kim gain weight? her legs look a little bigger than usual...oh my! kim you dumb bitch...
This is soo chanel ss09 no? not loving it....
omfg it's my gurl Lindsay Ellington. LOVE her dress. LOVE those see throughy boots..
omfg what is this? wtf is this cause i need to be wearing this in a fucking heartbeat! maquarade glasses? only at chanel. My wannabe sugardaddy HAS to buy me this whole look below.
loving the long gowns? i am too....
you can't have a chanel show without Inguna Butane....sexy red dress no? don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like this bitch? well don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? hah. omfg i love how the jewelry hanging down loooks like a tie. uhh...cute!
omfg a christian lacroix couture bride? just kidding. oh la la love this. sooooooooo pretty! the hair, makeup, dress, hair piece.....love it. period.
well i think Edita Vilkeviciute stoled this damn show. ugh i'm pretty sure she's one of karl's favorites. While many like Karl's gurl Heidi Mount, I'll have me some Edita and Freja thankyouverymuch. omfg The belt! the brooch! the Red! the fucking red!!! the bloody at red! my fave look so far! work those cheekbones honey..

well that's so far. ugh those fucking cunts at style.com will probably post the whole collection till tommorow. I mean sure there's pretty dresses and all so far but i want knitwear, pants, accessories, jewels, shirts, blouses, seperates, and etc all for a boy/fag like me to enjoy. here's to me crossing my fingers and every crossable organ. well i'll post the rest later.
love yah!