Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2009 Ad Campaign

well it's here! it's finally here! well...the only reason i've wanting to see the givenchy campaign is because i wanted to see how angel hotness Adriana Lima would look. You see, being a givenchy obsessed whore, i wouldn't want some sexy-lookey-veluptuous-if i were a man i'd wanna fuck my cum up her ass-Adriana Lima to be in a high fashion campaign with along MariaCarla Boscono. In all, its whatever. I'm not loving it but it's not bad. It's somewhat goth and boring. yawn. Shit, even a MaxMara ad campaign is better. LOL. Iris looks good but Ranya on the other hand....looks demented? out of this world? scary? She looks like the albino/wierd bitch that would be made fun of at school. really! Albinos for the motherfuckin win no? i actually love the bitch but she's not looking her best so far from judging from these pics.
Adriana actually surprised me. Her stare...so strong and scary and mean...sooo givenchy! LOVE IT! bitch probably has that face of being tired of wearing lingerie EVERYFUCKING DAY to work! haha.
well well.......lesbians? Givenchy Lesbian girls? no thanks.... give me the western bondage SS09 gurls instead thank you very much. To me though Mariacarla is owning this ad campaign. Bitch is soooo fucking fierce and blah....it'd be wrong to get rid of her for a Givenchy campaign but i do have to admit that i miss Lara and Lakshmi.  look at her.......oh gawd...don't mess with that bitch... she looks like she bites! haha loves it! This one is probably my fave pic of all...
maybe they're confused lesbians that are fucking pissed the fuck off from being forbidden of men. oh well. more cock for me. Lesbianism for the motherfucking win? gosh Mariacarla is GOD! oh well i could care less about this campaign. least favorite collection from fall so whatever for now. I sooo can't wait for the chanel one.
ps. Simon Nessman loooks sooooooooooo fucking hot in the mens campaign! someone for the love of me, fly this bitch out to Cali just for a little bedroom fun. GOD...simon nessman is soooooooooo fucking hot. oh maw gawd......
ps: Read this quote Riccardo gave about the campaign: 
“I wanted to give this feeling of going from a studio to reality. It’s important to give reality to women.” 
I'm having a hard time with this. Why would, especially the brand Givenchy, want to give a image of reality? last time i checked fashion was about being creative and fantasy and far from reality. ugh reality to most woman is jeans and tshirts and blah blah boring dresses. well atleast where i'm from but still....i'm having a hard time with that. sad isn't it? maybe that's why the collection was boring. fuck that, i want fantasy galore. actually fuck that, i sooo can't till the missoni ad campaign.

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