Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There's nothing better than a fag in Chanel

Well lookey what the chanel boutique near my place got. HELLO Chanel Paris-Moscou! ugh i walked into the boutique and couldn't help but notice how everything is sooooo gorgeous! I couldn't help but try on this gorgeous cardigan from the collection. You likey? it's sooo soft and luxurious and oh so yummy. And don't i look super duper pretty in it? give me some pearls and now were talking. oh and a quilted bag por favor.
look at that bitch! lookey lookey....my my my.......isn't it a beauty?!? oh the gold trimming with the red and black and gold cuffs......UGH!
It's the cardigan worn by my fave Urkanian whore in the whole wide world Snejana Onopka during the show. This slut knows how to sell a fucking cardigan no? now buying the damn thing is being fucking delusional so buying it is out of the question but the real question is: who looks better? fagit and gay-orrific Me, Muah, Tony or the hotness Snejana Onopka? please say me...pretty please and i'll give you a blowjob and a pretty colorful drawing.
god damn Karl is GOD. i want that whole snejana look. I asked one of the workers working there how much it was and woah...it was SUPER expensive. Shit, cross my fingers, legs, toes, and every crossable organ so that Topshop or Forever21 or H&M or even Zara makes a knockoff. My bets are going more towards Forever21 no? yes? haha. wanna know what's funny? i thought maybe the scarf would be cheaper than the cardigan pictured above but hella no...Lagerfeld and co have the nerve to charge in the thousands for that damn beautiful scarf. ugh i'd soooo give my own mother away just to feel and touch and lick and wear it everyday. ugh...sigh....oh well. It's always free to dream no? oh well. BTW i also saw that the cruise was on some rack in the corner making me to ask if their is a sale going on and she told me the sale is next month in June( was it the 12th? IDK i forgot..) so maybe just maybe there'll be something super duper cheap. ugh let's dream bitches....give me that Teenage Bad Girl song called Hands of a stranger playing through the show, some gold, some brown, metallics, some pearls, some a little of this a little of that and wahla! my very own Chanel Moscow here in Cali! shit, i need a sugar daddy quick.

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