Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Someone's found a job!

Guess who might be getting a job? no not me you silly bitch, but Lindsay Lohan! rejoice honey. and remember: smile like you mean it! show me those grills gurl!
well this i SOOOOOO didn't see coming at all from anywhere. From Fashionologie:

>> Since he joined Emanuel Ungaro in 2007 at 23, all has seemed well between the troubled house and Esteban Cortazar — no rifts or tiffs to be reported.  Not so any longer — and Lindsay Lohan may be to blame.

According to several of Page Six's sources, Lohan is currently in Paris, talking to the house about signing on as a creative consultant, and Esteban is not happy: "Esteban is threatening to leave the company if they bring Lindsay on as a consultant. It has been a revolving door of designers there and if he leaves, his team will go with him."  Management, on the other hand, "thinks Lindsay is going to bring the company new energy and new buzz."

It's not that Cortazar isn't open to the creative influence of young blood — his Fall 2009 inspiration board was full of pictures of Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, who he invited to his studio and Fall 2009 show — it's just that, as Page Six's "fashion insider" said: "[Lindsay] is going to be the nail in the coffin. Nobody will take them seriously ever again."

are you fucking kidding me? it's like that whole Rachel Zoe for Halston shit all over again. I don't know about you, but i HATE when celebs try to do the "designer" or atleast get into fashion thing except for the Olsens cause they're some skinny fabulous whores who actually make cute and fierce blah stuff. Imagine though if Lindsay gets hired and Esteban leaves? ugh... just imagine? i think he's perfect for Ungaro. Have you seen his latest FW09 collection? i thought it was very ungaro and very chic..
so what would be the first thing Lindsay would "consult"? leggings? oh ma gawd..all i know is that if lindsay gets in Ungaro, Ungaro, to me, would not be taken seriously. at all. Even the whole Rachel zoe with Halston thing i took serious cause the pro ana bitch was ACTUALLY in the whole fashion field before being all famous and blah. soo....how fabulous would it be buying an Ungaro dress that Lindsay had her say in designing it....hmmm......barf. rubbish. fuck that, I, yes as me me muah Tony, Should be designing for Ungaro instead of coochie lohan. HELLO PERFECTION! lol jk.

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