Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fuck that, i need a little dazzle here and there

well let' do a quick rant..
good don't i look like the perfect sunset whore? I mean HELLO! I'm 16, perfect fucking jailbait! haha. Actually forget the vanity, i've been feeling sooooo ugly. My skin has been looking like shit lately. Maybe oh maybe it's karma part dos cause i look at one of my friend's myspace pictures and think "bitch photoshops his face". ugh i mean it's especially my forehead that's getting me annoyed. I mean zits. motherfucking zits. I mean i shouldn't bitch cause there'll be days where i'll use my neutogena one day and then the next day i won't cause i'm being lazy and then the whole pattern continues like that so it's kinda my fault but i'm DEFITANELY going to use it daily.
sooo what do yo do when your outfit is so boring? I think i've been toooo inspired by this bet i made with my friend to dress "straight" just to get some action but fuck that. I SOOO need to get into my fashion zone and style, style, style! So what do you do when your outfit is down to tees and shorts? you motherfucking accessorize. DUH!
Shirt and shorts by American Apparel, bag by H&M, shoes by Lacoste, leopard bracelet from Marc By Marc Jacobs, studded bracelet from some cheap stand in good old trusty Mexico, and glasses from this bitch i know. ok brother gave them to me. lol oh and let's not forget my sequined scarf HELLO! scarf from Charlotte Russe or whatever that store is in the mall.

fucking fuck, American Apparel should SOOOO hire me as their marketing bitch. I mean cmon i bought a shitload of things from them the day before yesterday and wahla! i wore what i bought yesterday. Now that's a true fan. haha. btw i hate shopping on a budget. I swear, if i could,i would've bought this sparkly jacket, this sheer blouse, more tank tops, some basic black leggings and some gold ones but noooo i only bought some things. ugh.

more to come...

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Kelvina said...

" friend's myspace pictures and think "bitch photoshops his face"."

Bitch, is you talking about me!?

Oh, nigga. You betta watch yo ass.
Karma's a-comin.