Saturday, July 4, 2009

The life of the rich and famous..ahh..

The Life of the rich and famous my ass. Everybody knows i'm those type of fags that buys and rents shit online like ebay and resells it to pay for my bills cause i'm one poor bitch. haha. oh the wonders of living with your parents. So what does a gay bitch like myself do at 1:36 am? well i just got home like 20 minutes ago and so far i've been online shopping at American apparel. ugh i need tank tops, sheer tops, sweaters... blah blah blah. shit, it adds up to $548? really?....
Confessions of a shopaholic tell all book here we come? true life: i'm gay and buy everything in my fucking way?! i dare any motherfucker to top me! 
ugh i'll probably buy like 3 or 4 things. haha. FUCK.....oh god i REALLY need a job. I barely have anything saved up. sunset strip? ugh i really don't want to work though...i mean imagine me wearing some uniform or something and then having to socialize with fat sweaty whores? no thank you. omfg or maybe just maybe like you know those websites where viewers give random people who want breast implants money for their surgery for in return pictures and stuff...well why not do something like that but for a trustfund for my shopping?
ewww yeah right.
anyways...fuck i'm doing topshop online shopping next. I'm prediciting almost $2000. But what i do need are tank tops. I need to layer layer layer...

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