Friday, July 24, 2009

OMFG Jourdan Dunn is PREGNANT!!!

I seriously thought this was just a rumor by some twat(Chanel iman, is that you?), but NO. Homegurl is in FACT pregnant. No No No No NO!

oh the saddening news from Fashionologie:
">> Jourdan Dunn is Pregnant —The sudden surge of pregnant models keeps growing: 18-year-old Jourdan Dunn is confirmed to be pregnant and due in December.  Sessilee Lopez commented on The Fashion Spot, implying that Jourdan, like Karolina Kurkova, is expecting a boy: "Everyone is so excited and can't wait to welcome him into the world!!!!" Jourdan walked the Strenesse Blue runway during Berlin Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago (left), but it seems unlikely that she would walk during the upcoming Spring 2010 season this Fall.   [Vogue DailyTFS]"

So, she was born August 3 1990. 19 and preggers? oh my my! oh she'd make all the ghetto gurls in compton proud no? Nothing says chic in da hood then getting preggers early! omfg maybe oh maybe she should give those fat cows on that MTV show "16 and pregnant" and run for their money! ugh stupid bitch....I mean look if i was you Jourdan, i'd live my life to the fullest. I mean your probably at one of the most cherished moments of your life walking runways from Prada to Chanel to Fendi to Christopher Kane to Alexander Mcqueen to blah blah and yet you fucked it all up. Ugh i mean if were you gurl, i'd be fucking every male model backstage with cock galore here and there, snorting cocaine, being a bitch, tripping this bitch here and there, doing ad campaigns, going to parties, crashing parties, drug scandals, editorials,  blah blah and THEN I'd get pregnant. Think like late 20's or think Carmen Kass's sexy age of when to have kids. Well folks, time to say bye bye to the thinspirational body...
ugh, i LOVE her body you whores, the fucking thinspirational body! The legs! the arms! bye bye sticks and bones, hello stretch marks galore!
Fuck that, you Chanel Iman, yes YOU honey, are my newest fave black thinspirational model. Dont' be too overwelmed. You see being one of my fave thinspirational models is an honor but don't get too carried away. Your "omfg i'm tony's thinspo bitch" will expire once Jourdan is back on the runways k. LOL.
Well we all know next year's trends for sure. Next years trends for Jourdan are babydoll dresses from vintage Chloe, sweats from Alexander Wang and Juicy Couture, stretch marks from own, and mcdonalds with a cig here and there. Well let's forget the negatives for a bit and let's think of the positives..OOOh Chanel Iman this is your time to shine gurl! I mean HELLO Prada's and Chanel's main token black gurl is obviously gonna be gone, this is your time to take that motherfucking spot honey. and Sessilee can battle it out so whatever.
but in all...
ugh how could you Jourdan?!?!

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