Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Plans? what fucking plans?

ugh my plans were sooo like 5 hours ago. I mean don't you hate when you have plans and then all of a sudden you get the "let's do it some other day" and the "i can't today" from your friends? ugh I made plans to do shopping on sunset and then the club DANCE at the arena but noooo dumb whore couldn't. ugh. Well let's start with what i did after school.......Calorific galore much? Ugh there's nothing better than having an iced caramel machiatto on an afternoon after an oh so rough day at school. And because i'm such a fatass and need my vitamins, why not add a lemon loaf no?
Say hello to breakfast, lunch, and dinner up there.
but now back to my annoying day....I even cancelled on my other friends. I could be at my friends house which she invited me to pig out and chill with a couple of her friends and blah but i didn't feel like up to it. I even was ready for sunset but after not going i got sooo lazy and stayed in watching tv. haha. Plus, i wanted to go to american apparel and steal loads of things! just kidding bitch, no, i want tank tops motherfuckers...and some sheer tops for layering but my plans for that got screwed over. 
ugh sidenote for myself: fucking find a way to go to american apparel. Fucking fuck....car, train, hitchhiking, i don't give a fuck how but i must.
well cheers, here's to studying the rest of the day. ugh...

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