Friday, August 21, 2009

Thriller Fashion: Agyness Deyn by Terry Richardson

Well look at who we have here! Don't you just love Agyness's Michael Jackson ed in Bazaar? well i love it. Like i've said plenty of times, i really don't know why this bitch has soo many haters on TFS. Homegurl defitanely WERQS. well atleast better than that boring tall....umm whats her name....Toni Garrn? booo hooo....
loves it.

A fag like me can't afford Lanvin.....yet.

So i found the next best alternative!
Now if you know me well, you should know that i LOVE Lanvin jewelry. For me it's timeless and chic and well...bascially gorgeous. I mean it's the love to my heart, the crem de la crem, the nudie photos that my eyes masturbate all over for. Basically Lanvin jewelry is the hotness. I mean didn't you love the necklaces from the F/W09 collection? Gorgeous no? Fuck, i'd soo sell 5 minutes of my myself to some dirty hairy perv in return for one of those fall necklaces.
While browsing online, look at what i found. Well i found this necklace on nitrolicious from H&M's party collection for fall/winter. Motherfucking adventures in copyrights right? motherfucking loves it.
ugh i NEEED that H&M necklace. All i need is a fucking thing to take off those dangly things at the bottom that make it look oh so cheap and wahla! we have lanvin for like 99.9 percent less of the original price. That's hot. That's very hot.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier is leaving Hermes. Say what?!?

omfg no no no no! Somebody pinch me, but I can't believe Jean Paul Gaultier is leaving Hermes. I thought he was doing a fabulous job over there.
"(NEW YORK) Change is brewing at Hermès, and it's starting with Jean Paul Gaultier. The designer is said to be resigning from the company; his last collection for the house is due to bow in Paris this October. In addition to producing his eponymous collections of ready-to-wear and haute couture, Gaultier has spent the last six years as Hermès' creative director following Martin Margiela's resignation in early 2003. An Hermès spokesperson did not return requests for comment.

Gaultier's accomplished tenure at Hermès has been governed by critical runway acclaim and tremendous profitability, cementing the brand's enviable status as one of the most recession-proof luxury houses. In July, the company released exceptionally positive earnings reports, announcing a 12% increase in second-quarter 
sales ($607.4 million at current exchange) in the 3 months ending June 30. Leather goods were up 33.4%; ready-to-wear and fashion increased by 12.7%."

I still can't believe it. I personally thought he was a great fit for Hermes. I mean if the profits were up, why get rid of him/or leave? I mean he did have incredible, chic, and luxurious collections while keeping it true to the spirit of what Hermes is. Plus, i'm sooo going to miss it when he does a good theme for a Hermes collection(HELLO those wild west, indian, and aviator collections). How depressing. Now the question is who's going to replace him?

Madonna and Balmain=perfection

ooooh my gurl Madonna is wearing Balmain in her next music video "Celebration" and i LOVE IT! gawd i can soo see my skinny ass working to that song..
oooh work it honey...
And on the runway on the ferosha Magda...
Gawd i still get chills when i see the Balmain Spring/Summer 09 show with madonna playing on the soundtrack. haha. But back to the video....from the looks of it, it looks pretty satisfying no? HOPEFULLY she doesn't dissapoint but then again it's Madonna so the answer is DUH. Major duh.

ps. Why oh why isn't the blue sequined dress on Erin Wasson from the show being worn by anybody in the hollywood biz? This dress NEEDS to be worn. Its screams "photograph me".
fuck that, give me that dress, yes you Christophe Decarnin, and i'd sooo be fucking working it on the motherfucking streets of hollywood.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little Boots-New In Town

" I wanna take you out tonight
I wanna make you feel alright
I  don't have alot of money, but we'll be fine,
no I don't have a penny but i'll show you a good time". 
GOD this song is sooo me!
haha. i LOVE "New In Town" by Little Boots. I swear i've been listening to this fierce biatch for like an hour now. Love the music video as well...
Is homegurl wearing a Lanvin necklace? Whatever, she's fierce no?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


ugh I just came back from practicing my driving with my dad and the scariest thing to ever happen to me just happened like 15 minutes ago.
NO not getting hit, thank god, but i almost hit some bum on the streets. Well he had the scruffy long beard and a big plaid hoodie thing which could qualify him as a homeless wreck, but thank god i didn't hit him. I mean how the fuck could i see him when it was completely dark and there were trees everywhere. All I did was yell out sorry to him and put my hand over my mouth being scared the rest of the time. See, that's what i get for being a dirty whore listening to that one chick saying she only gets aroused when she has dick up her butt on love line on KROQ. 
Well... i don't blame her, i do too. haha.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Blumarine Fall/Winter 2009 Ad Campaign: Edita Vilkeviciute by Patrick Demarchelier

Aren't the Blumarine's Fall/Winter 2009 gorgeous? I mean the collection had alot of color and was skanky chic but oh fuck it i love it and photographing them on a white background is perfect. I mean sure if it was all up to me, i'd get all the outfits on the motherfucking plane to tokyo or NY and photographing on the streets with color and lights and all with a touch of margarita's here and there but oh well, it's called a recession these days. Or lack of thoughts but whatever, the outcome is great. Anywhoo....Call me tacky and skanky(well duh?), but i loved this collection and the ad campaign is fine with me.
Vintage looking much? Gorge...
GOD, Edita makes it loook so effortless no? for fucking sakes, someone send me this whole look below.
loves it.

I fucking hate Dsqaured's website.

like for reals.
omfg!! i'm currently trying to watch the whole video of Dean and Dan's latest fall collection, since those losers over at youtube took off the original music from the show,and it's taking FOREVER to play on Dsquared's website. It plays for like 2 seconds and then stops and continues to do that for many many times onward. ugh either their website is shitty when it comes to playing videos or it's my web browser but then again my web browser on my mac is completely high so who knows.
ugh ugh ugh ugh.

Lesson of the day: This fag needs a fucking car. Preferably a mercedes. K thanks bye.

ugh NEVER EVER EVER go to the "last day" of anything. Take for example today. Being the nice and friendly whore that I am, i promised my friend to go to school on the last day of summer school because supposedly she promised a friend she would go for her and vice versa. I also went because i told her what if her friend doesn't show up so it'd make sense for me to go to accompany her so she wouldn't be alone. Shit, i'd want my friends to do the same for me so I had to do it. Remember, Karma is a bitch ya'll. Well we went and not surprisingly, everybody was leaving the campus and going their own way. I was dressed shitty that day( think t-shirt, cardigan, jeans, sneakers, bag, bracelets so basic yet so blah) so being out in public dressed the way i was was horrible. Anyways, since everybody was leaving, me and my friend decided to fuck everything and leave the school through the front door. To our surprise, the bucktoothed principal of our school was there telling us we couldn't leave and bitching at me when like right in front of our eyes she didn't do much to a couple leaving. Ugh stupid bitch. I made up some excuse telling her we were trying to wait for our friends in the front and our teacher wasn't at our classroom yet blah blah blah. Being the lovely whore that i am, i spoke to her in the loveliest of loveliest voices but NOO, stupid bitch was like "don't talk the way your talking to me. I don't like the tone your speaking to me". ugh. If i could, i'd slap the bitch and give her Oscar De La Renta's number for fashion 101. So we decided to leave the school through the back door and while leaving we saw one of our frienemies and left the school with that bitch. ugh so what does a fag and 2 fags do at 8:30 in the morning on a friday? we head to the motherfucking mall! duh! so we head to the mall but fucking fuck, that shit opened till like...10 is it? all we did for like an hour and a half was get starbucks and sit there and talk. And gossip ofcourse like the dirty school girls we are. OH BOY did i get some new info/411 on everybody. haha. We later went to nordstrom rack and shopped and then headed to the mall and shopped once more. The scary part was that my main friend i was with had to be back to school by the time it ends since her parents are such strict freaks and would kill her if they knew she skipped school. What sucked was we ran out of money by the end of our shopping and had nothing but money left for one bus. Ugh thank god i was there...thanks to me those skanks wouldn't have even seen their next bus rides thanks to my little technique. You see back in the early days of middle school of muah, i would ask helpless poor old men(or fag hags) at the mall for a good ol dollar, but back then i would do it just for fun lol. All i would say is" excuse me sir, do you have a dollar i could borrow for the bus please?". Borrow my ass! lmfao! We FINALLY got enough money from a bunch of guys which took most of our time. Me and my friend finally split our way from our other friend(frienemie is it?) and tried to get on the bus. We then ran, yes RAN with sweat and odor, to our bus stop to take that bus that would leave us right in front of our school. ugh than while waiting at the bus stop i was talking to my friend:
me: eww amy, is that sweat?
amy: yes! i know..eww!
(then these 2 cute guys come walking by and pass us say something like "you sure do know how to please a girl huh?)
lmfao. priceless.
finally me and my friend amy get on the bus and arrive at school by 12:17. Not bad considering summer school ends by 12:20. The day got worser after my mom was bitching at me for several reasons but that's a whole other story.
so what are the lessons of the day? i NEED a fucking car. seriously. I'm an obese 16 year old that can't drive. ugh saying "i'm an obese 16 year old that can't drive" sounds sooo dreadful! I mean i can drive all i need to do is take my tests and my driving classes and were good to go. plus, i'm the only smart bitch in this family so i deserve a nice car. I mean aren't A's and B's in summer school good enough to get a nice black mercedes? loves it right? ugh seeing my sister drive her mercedes makes me sooo jello! I need a car stat. Hopefully within the next month, i'll try to get my license. Hopefully. I mean i'm not reaching for the stars am I? A month seems reasonably. Or else i'll give the bitch at the DMV the best blowjob he's ever had. Gawd HOPEFULLY they don't give me a girl when i have to do my driving test at the DMV. 
WAIT! actually i rather have a female teacher when i take my DMV test. HELLO Fag hag! remember, behind every pretty girl is a prettier fag. Plus, all i need to do is compliment that fag hag's ensemble, say "is that dolce? loves it!" and shit like that, and i'm good to go. Well i'm off to read or do something good with my time. Gawd...i need a cig.
love ya!

Gucci F/W09 is the hotness

Well lookey at what's my iphone wall paper. I have one thing to say motherfuckers. Just one thing to say...
i know...i know.
That's hot. Gucci F/W09 for the motherfucking win!

Dear Anja..

Ugh I need those fucking new gap skinnes asap. Actually no. I need Anja's legs ASAP. Well let's do a lovey fagly letter to Anja no? yes? no? motherfucking yes or no?
"Dear Anja,
A boy like me can only dream of being as thin as you. I mean look...Snejy was my muse like a week ago so it's safe to say your my current muse of the moment. i LOVE every campaign and editorial and magazine cover you've done. From Balmain to Gap, it's all been flawless. I'm particularly LOVING your current gap pictures. Gurl, can you say maximum extreme thinspiration? i FUCKING loves it. I neeeeeed those pants but we all know it's more your legs than the pants we want. Ugh i even went to Gap to check them out and i think they're a little pricey(68-ish was it?). Well how about you hook up a cheap fag like myself? oh just kidding. But are one fierce bitch. I NEEEEED those pants. See...that's how influential you are. Your influencing to making me potentially return this cute black blazer i got from H&M a while back to get those jeans which i was going to use the money to get a fur vest from zara but whatever, you can never be too thin or too rich or have too many pairs of jeans right? Well love yah! from your favorite gay whore, Tony."

someone, for in return a blowjob and a lovely hot pocket meal, send that shit to her. fags or closeted whores or skanky fag hags, send that motherfucking shit to Anja NOW! ugh, as if you didn't know she's so in my top 10 fave models. Plus i'm so jello of her legs. This picture says it all....
ooh that guy is cute. I'd so blow him.
back to to the main story...I love Anja and i love Gap and i love a good pair of denim so i REALLY need to get the same pair Anja is wearing. 
They look laid back and casual yet they're skinny and fierce.
Anja is the hotness no? DUH!

Love ya!

Anna J or Sigrid? oh fuck that, i love them both.

While those pesky whores over at the fashion spot are fighting about if Anna J is new or not in the Bottega Veneta F/W09 campaign thread( pathetic much?), my love for the ad campaign and Anna J has been reinforced. Anna sure knows how to work it no?
ugh she looks STUNNING in this campaign. Seriously. ugh she looks stunning and more but someone PUHLEASE cut back on using this girl. Overexposure much? next thing you know i'm pooping letters saying Anna J. Fuck, next thing you know i'm calling random molesters in the bathrooms Anna J.
While others are picking at my gurl Sigrid( ugh pesky whores ONCE AGAIN at the Bottega Veneta F/W09 Ad Campaign thread), i happen to love her in this campaign.
Sure the bitch isn't the main star of the campaign, but i think she compliments Anna and the campaign itself. She is working it and still looks stunning. HELLO the girl is fierce. period.
ugh i LOVE this shot right here....
Flawless. I know right. 
ugh i could SOOO USE that gay song that i heard at forever21 today right now. It went something like..." Work it. Work It out. Work it. Work it out". haha.
And NO it's not that DJ Disciple work it out song. lol
well love yah!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tight Balmain dresses are the hotness. Right Kate Moss?

Now i love my good ol brit Kate Moss, but how the fuck does her Balmain dress( like say in the $11,000's or more area) rip while partying the other night? would Christophe Decarnin approve? Partying hard much?
Lmfao you know, considering it's Balmain, a bitch like myself would think it would NEVER EVER rip since it's..well...expensive.
Oh fuck that, forget the rip and let's party like it it's new years day in good ol vegas!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rodarte for Target! i MUST be dreaming...

Guess who's doing a GO International collection with target?........
RODARTE!!!! OMFG OMFG! Forget about the yummy white powder i sniffed the other day, this right here is IT! This right here is the hotness. this is something I defitanely can't wait for!

from WWD:
"Designing sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy will be bringing their ethereal sensibility to a wider world when Target introduces Rodarte in December as part of its Go International series of limited collections. 

The 55-piece Rodarte line for Go International will launch at most Target stores nationwide and on on Dec. 20, and will be available through Feb. 6. While it may be hard to imagine translating Rodarte’s hand-wrought designs for the mass market, Target claims to have stayed true to the spirit of the luxury-priced label. 

“What you’ll notice is an amazing eye for detail,” said Joshua Thomas, a Target spokesman. “It’s very feminine, yet very modern. The collection incorporates a rich mix of patterns and fabrications and everything from sequins and bows to faux fur. The key with Rodarte is layering.” 

Prices for Target’s Go International Rodarte collection will range from $9.99 for knee-highs to $79.99 for a leopard print

Rodarte, which is known for evening 
clothes, designed “a variety of great holiday dresses,” Thomas said. “There are stand-alone pieces and pieces that can be worn together to create an ensemble by layering different patterns, textures and prints.” "
ugh now this should be good. Hopefully they'll do similar knits to their own but i highly doubt it. Well whatever, HOPEFULLY it's good.  

oh and another thing... 55 pieces? LOVES IT.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Everybody loves a bitch that does a runway walk. Don't you?

Well look at what i made on Friday. Ugh so me and a couple of friends go to the mall after school and then way later after me and my 2 other friends started heading to one of their houses. Fast forward to walking in this random and place and then I think to myself " omfg, this place is IT! it's perfection when it comes to a quick runway!". Atleast i don't have to worry about getting bashed by some cholo or hillbilly you know. lol. Ugh a fags gotta do what a fags gotta do you know. Even if it means whipping out that weave and working it..

ugh my walk looks shitty, i'm fat at the moment, my outfit is beyond nasty, blah blah it's just a quickie runway video you know. It's the quickie blowjobs of videos. Trust me, that's so not do you call it....signature walk? am i right Tyra? whatever. If i could compare my walk to any model right now it'd sooo have to be similar to Catherine Mcneil's! EWW. I don't even love that bitch. We all know my walk is as fierce as say Natasha Poly's walk. oh delusional much? atleast Kasia Struss's walk you know. omfg, ma gurl Kasia Struss is SOOOO underrated when it comes to her runway walk! i swear! Anywhoo hair NEEEDS to grow out. FAST. Where's those fucking secret mexican guadalupe hair growing myths/remedies whatever things when you need them the most no? Ugh HELLO i couldn't leave the mall without taking a picture HELLO!
god i LOVE the attention when taking a photo in front of a shit load of people. don't you? Attention whores never learn.

Loves yah!

Lanvin Fall/Winter 2009 Ad Campaign: Kristen McMenamy by Steven Meisel

Reason numero 0928091283 why i love Lanvin. The F/W 09 campaign is GORGE!!! Oh those cats make it all come together. Perfection.
LOVE the newest shot....oh that cat tail..haha
One of the best ad campaigns of the season. For sure.

Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2009 Accessories Video

omfg i just watched the accessories video of the Chanel Fall/Winter 2009 Haute Couture and i can't help but say i fucking love it! it's soo.....loves it? there's nothing more chic than a bunch of your favorite models just standing there and posing right?
Vlada, Snejana, Elsa, Edita, Freja, Heidi, Abbey, oh gawd they all look flawless in that video.

ps. LOVE Heidi Mount's solo part at 1:50. oh are you fucking kidding me with the Baptiste part with Lara at the end? hillbilly chic never looked so good!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Gucci Fall/Winter 2009 Ad Campaign is here!

OMFG it's here! it's finally fucking here! geeez! First up...Natasha's solo shot and what else can i say than homegurl is fucking WORKING IT! fierce! LOVE the bangs on her...
love that they used that blue sequined dress. ugh i loved it. Now here's Raquel's, Anja's, and Myf's shot. Raquel and Anja look great but i can't help but feel bad for Myf which she's dissapointing so far. She's just....there. She's rather pointless if you ask me. Just there in the back sticking her butt out...
Well i'm loving it so far. SOOO can't wait for Freja's and Jacquetta's pictures to show up.

Rad by Rad Hourani=My Mangina's moist.

In LOVE with every single piece. LOVE!
ugh those coats and jackets are GORGEOUS! i NEED this red jacket below.
gosh the styling is stunning as well..
omfg i've been looking for a good pair of leather shorts and i think these are perfect. Maybe, just maybe, i should get these? stunning no?
Those jeans with the zippers are just ugh gorgeous.
All those layers....LOVE!!.
Rad by Rad Hourani is pure orgasmic. I need EVERYTHING from this. From the jackets to the shorts to the jeans to the tops, i need it all. It also seems like perfect pieces i could see myself styling with plenty of other things. So where's the sugar daddy in all this? ugh..

Love yah!