Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear Anja..

Ugh I need those fucking new gap skinnes asap. Actually no. I need Anja's legs ASAP. Well let's do a lovey fagly letter to Anja no? yes? no? motherfucking yes or no?
"Dear Anja,
A boy like me can only dream of being as thin as you. I mean look...Snejy was my muse like a week ago so it's safe to say your my current muse of the moment. i LOVE every campaign and editorial and magazine cover you've done. From Balmain to Gap, it's all been flawless. I'm particularly LOVING your current gap pictures. Gurl, can you say maximum extreme thinspiration? i FUCKING loves it. I neeeeeed those pants but we all know it's more your legs than the pants we want. Ugh i even went to Gap to check them out and i think they're a little pricey(68-ish was it?). Well how about you hook up a cheap fag like myself? oh just kidding. But are one fierce bitch. I NEEEEED those pants. See...that's how influential you are. Your influencing to making me potentially return this cute black blazer i got from H&M a while back to get those jeans which i was going to use the money to get a fur vest from zara but whatever, you can never be too thin or too rich or have too many pairs of jeans right? Well love yah! from your favorite gay whore, Tony."

someone, for in return a blowjob and a lovely hot pocket meal, send that shit to her. fags or closeted whores or skanky fag hags, send that motherfucking shit to Anja NOW! ugh, as if you didn't know she's so in my top 10 fave models. Plus i'm so jello of her legs. This picture says it all....
ooh that guy is cute. I'd so blow him.
back to to the main story...I love Anja and i love Gap and i love a good pair of denim so i REALLY need to get the same pair Anja is wearing. 
They look laid back and casual yet they're skinny and fierce.
Anja is the hotness no? DUH!

Love ya!

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