Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier is leaving Hermes. Say what?!?

omfg no no no no! Somebody pinch me, but I can't believe Jean Paul Gaultier is leaving Hermes. I thought he was doing a fabulous job over there.
"(NEW YORK) Change is brewing at Hermès, and it's starting with Jean Paul Gaultier. The designer is said to be resigning from the company; his last collection for the house is due to bow in Paris this October. In addition to producing his eponymous collections of ready-to-wear and haute couture, Gaultier has spent the last six years as Hermès' creative director following Martin Margiela's resignation in early 2003. An Hermès spokesperson did not return requests for comment.

Gaultier's accomplished tenure at Hermès has been governed by critical runway acclaim and tremendous profitability, cementing the brand's enviable status as one of the most recession-proof luxury houses. In July, the company released exceptionally positive earnings reports, announcing a 12% increase in second-quarter 
sales ($607.4 million at current exchange) in the 3 months ending June 30. Leather goods were up 33.4%; ready-to-wear and fashion increased by 12.7%."

I still can't believe it. I personally thought he was a great fit for Hermes. I mean if the profits were up, why get rid of him/or leave? I mean he did have incredible, chic, and luxurious collections while keeping it true to the spirit of what Hermes is. Plus, i'm sooo going to miss it when he does a good theme for a Hermes collection(HELLO those wild west, indian, and aviator collections). How depressing. Now the question is who's going to replace him?

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