Friday, August 21, 2009

A fag like me can't afford Lanvin.....yet.

So i found the next best alternative!
Now if you know me well, you should know that i LOVE Lanvin jewelry. For me it's timeless and chic and well...bascially gorgeous. I mean it's the love to my heart, the crem de la crem, the nudie photos that my eyes masturbate all over for. Basically Lanvin jewelry is the hotness. I mean didn't you love the necklaces from the F/W09 collection? Gorgeous no? Fuck, i'd soo sell 5 minutes of my myself to some dirty hairy perv in return for one of those fall necklaces.
While browsing online, look at what i found. Well i found this necklace on nitrolicious from H&M's party collection for fall/winter. Motherfucking adventures in copyrights right? motherfucking loves it.
ugh i NEEED that H&M necklace. All i need is a fucking thing to take off those dangly things at the bottom that make it look oh so cheap and wahla! we have lanvin for like 99.9 percent less of the original price. That's hot. That's very hot.

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