Monday, August 3, 2009

Everybody loves a bitch that does a runway walk. Don't you?

Well look at what i made on Friday. Ugh so me and a couple of friends go to the mall after school and then way later after me and my 2 other friends started heading to one of their houses. Fast forward to walking in this random and place and then I think to myself " omfg, this place is IT! it's perfection when it comes to a quick runway!". Atleast i don't have to worry about getting bashed by some cholo or hillbilly you know. lol. Ugh a fags gotta do what a fags gotta do you know. Even if it means whipping out that weave and working it..

ugh my walk looks shitty, i'm fat at the moment, my outfit is beyond nasty, blah blah it's just a quickie runway video you know. It's the quickie blowjobs of videos. Trust me, that's so not do you call it....signature walk? am i right Tyra? whatever. If i could compare my walk to any model right now it'd sooo have to be similar to Catherine Mcneil's! EWW. I don't even love that bitch. We all know my walk is as fierce as say Natasha Poly's walk. oh delusional much? atleast Kasia Struss's walk you know. omfg, ma gurl Kasia Struss is SOOOO underrated when it comes to her runway walk! i swear! Anywhoo hair NEEEDS to grow out. FAST. Where's those fucking secret mexican guadalupe hair growing myths/remedies whatever things when you need them the most no? Ugh HELLO i couldn't leave the mall without taking a picture HELLO!
god i LOVE the attention when taking a photo in front of a shit load of people. don't you? Attention whores never learn.

Loves yah!

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Kelvy Poly said...

Your walk reminds me of Hanne Gaby's walk!
Which is bad....

However, if I were next in line after you, the attention would shift from you to ME ME ME. With a walk ala Mariacarla-Maryna and a pose as fierce as Vlada and Sasha combined...girl, I'd be UNSTOPPABLE.
<33333 Kelvin