Thursday, August 20, 2009

Madonna and Balmain=perfection

ooooh my gurl Madonna is wearing Balmain in her next music video "Celebration" and i LOVE IT! gawd i can soo see my skinny ass working to that song..
oooh work it honey...
And on the runway on the ferosha Magda...
Gawd i still get chills when i see the Balmain Spring/Summer 09 show with madonna playing on the soundtrack. haha. But back to the video....from the looks of it, it looks pretty satisfying no? HOPEFULLY she doesn't dissapoint but then again it's Madonna so the answer is DUH. Major duh.

ps. Why oh why isn't the blue sequined dress on Erin Wasson from the show being worn by anybody in the hollywood biz? This dress NEEDS to be worn. Its screams "photograph me".
fuck that, give me that dress, yes you Christophe Decarnin, and i'd sooo be fucking working it on the motherfucking streets of hollywood.

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