Tuesday, August 18, 2009


ugh I just came back from practicing my driving with my dad and the scariest thing to ever happen to me just happened like 15 minutes ago.
NO not getting hit, thank god, but i almost hit some bum on the streets. Well he had the scruffy long beard and a big plaid hoodie thing which could qualify him as a homeless wreck, but thank god i didn't hit him. I mean how the fuck could i see him when it was completely dark and there were trees everywhere. All I did was yell out sorry to him and put my hand over my mouth being scared the rest of the time. See, that's what i get for being a dirty whore listening to that one chick saying she only gets aroused when she has dick up her butt on love line on KROQ. 
Well... i don't blame her, i do too. haha.

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