Friday, August 14, 2009

Anna J or Sigrid? oh fuck that, i love them both.

While those pesky whores over at the fashion spot are fighting about if Anna J is new or not in the Bottega Veneta F/W09 campaign thread( pathetic much?), my love for the ad campaign and Anna J has been reinforced. Anna sure knows how to work it no?
ugh she looks STUNNING in this campaign. Seriously. ugh she looks stunning and more but someone PUHLEASE cut back on using this girl. Overexposure much? next thing you know i'm pooping letters saying Anna J. Fuck, next thing you know i'm calling random molesters in the bathrooms Anna J.
While others are picking at my gurl Sigrid( ugh pesky whores ONCE AGAIN at the Bottega Veneta F/W09 Ad Campaign thread), i happen to love her in this campaign.
Sure the bitch isn't the main star of the campaign, but i think she compliments Anna and the campaign itself. She is working it and still looks stunning. HELLO the girl is fierce. period.
ugh i LOVE this shot right here....
Flawless. I know right. 
ugh i could SOOO USE that gay song that i heard at forever21 today right now. It went something like..." Work it. Work It out. Work it. Work it out". haha.
And NO it's not that DJ Disciple work it out song. lol
well love yah!

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