Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well hello there gorgeous. Shit, i haven't posted a photo here since so long.
(kinda old pic...during the summer. There's nothing like fucking jack in the crack with one of the gurls no?)
i'm soo tired as of this moment. Not like tired as in i'm literally fainting on the fucking floor but tired as in tired of everything. Ugh i have to do this fucking 300 word essay due exactly at 8:00 in the morning for english class. Oh by the way...NEVER EVER wear clothes that don't fit you at all. I mean sure, thinspirational success is the best when everything you have falls on you like a gorgeous sequined dress falls on slutty olga sherer's body but today was a total other situation. So today i'm trying out for the fashion show thing at school to be one of the models and throughout the whole day my shorts were literally falling off. ugh. and when i finally did my audition, all i recieved from the judges(some fat whores) was "can you please go back and walk slower this time". Ouch. bitch please. I mean that's how they react when trying to do my best Snejana Onopka walk? Who the fuck do i have to blow in order to get on that damn list! haha. Whatever. I know i'm the best fagot in the world with the best walk. I mean I am one fierce bitch. HELLO I should atleast get the best fucking award for best street walker in the world...I mean i sure do strut it down the streets like no other. But enough about me let's get back to...oh wait me. So it's 8:58 and it's tuesday. Perfect for doing an essay. ugh. Fuck, i soo wish i could go to this club right now but silly bitchy me is at home doing an essay eating fucking meatloaf. Where's bulimia when you need it? where's Snejana's bitchy walk when you need it? Oh fuck it, comfort food never tasted sooo goood. fucking better than cock that's forsure. Goodnight.

ps. Yay i think i did pretty good on my test. All it takes is hard work and a little dedication. There goes those years of being a good slut to my teachers.
pps. Soooooooooo many fashion shows, so little time. I'll blog as much as I can.
ppps. what's with soo many hot bitches trying to model today at school? Can you say almost dolce and gabbana dream come true backstage orgy?

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