Friday, September 4, 2009

Latest trend: Hair changes anyone?

New hairstyle time. well not yours truly since i'm dying my hair later today but first up Lazareanu. she chopped it off! omfg i LOVE Irina's new hair. Fuck, give the bitch a weave or a bald spot and she'd still be able to work it. I personally love it...
oh so fierce....
omfg now you have me thinking...I'd so love to have that style on me. Maybe i should try it out. Maybe yes, maybe not. It's hot. Next is Ali Stephens who dyed her hair lighter. Bombshell anyone?
is it me but does she look very....90's? Like the new hair color makes her look very supermodel-esque. Well whatever, i love their new hair styles which enhance why i can't wait for fashion week to come! god now i know how it feels for a drug addict when he's inches away from his next pill popping session and on to relapse. i swear i better see Lazareanu doing everything from Marc Jacobs to Chanel cause i I've been missing her on the fashion scene since ever. I SOOO can't wait for fashion week next week.

ps. trentino got bangs. The bitch looks hot. Don't you wish your girlfriend was as hot as her?

ps. oooh my gurl Alyona Osmanova trimmed her hair. Think up to the shoulders. Looks WAY better than her previous hair.

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