Sunday, October 25, 2009

From Project Runway to California! and does Tony and Homecoming football games go together?

Well look at who made a pit stop at a mall here in sunny Cali! no NOT Michael Kors(i wish, we'd talk about how fabulous those plastic dresses looked hot in his spring collection), but one of the contestants from Project Runway. Ladies and Gays, Laura Bennet or whatever her name is. omfg Laure Bennet is soooooooooo thinspirational!
They were doing this whole big event at the mall about stylists and designers and all. PERFECT timing with the opening of the Betsey Johnson store like literally 2 feet away. Any who, celebrity stylists as well as Laura from project runway and this makeup artist, who happened to have worked with Crawford and Naomi, were all there. It was really dissapointing overall. I mean the event was lovely, but there was practically NO ONE in the crowd enjoying this wonderful free event. I mean what...atleast 7 people there including me and my fag hag. Laura was really nice though..she chatted with me and my friend and this other woman there who supposedly was a model back in her day and had modeled for Betsey Johnson in her prime days. oh and there were these 2 old farts sitting right next to me mentioning shit load of verbal diarrhea about project runway and blah blah. Homegurls could've SO used that free stylists thing happening there cause all they had were big t-shirts and well the fugliest sweatpants ever. Anways, after chatting with Laura, my friend was asked by this lady to be one of the makeup models to be on stage. It was VERY entertaining to hear she had worked with the fabulous Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. She gave my friend this really chic and but effortless makeover...
It was really flawless. It was basically one of those "less is more" makeup tips which was perfectly executed on my friend who happens to have a alcoholic and drug problem causing her to have bags under her eyes. ROFL just kidding. After that, we were waiting outside the mall for our rides. We later started talking to this guy sitting on the same bench who unexpectedly worked at "The Gap" in the mall. Now the thing is, i applied at "The Gap" and there's this really hot guy working there. Plus I'm pretty sure I've seen a couple of queers ala me working there. well while chatting and to my surprise, he told me how there's a shitload of gays working at "The Gap"! OMFG, imagine me working there? FULL GOSSIP GALORE! plus, apparently all the workers think that the guy I think is hot is "closeted". ugh, someone cock slap the hiring manager there and tell him to add me and i'll suck his hairy cock for in return a sales associate position that consists of folding scarves and saying "hi" to every bitch that enters the store. After leaving, I went to my school's homecoming game just for shits and giggle. I mean i'm not a big whore when it comes to football, but when there's boys and social values to follow, then yes why not ahah. Now spot the fag por favor....
omfg Lagerfeld's bitch Baptiste Giabiconi called me and he SO wants his hair back. ugh i'm never ever ever ever infinity ever pushing my hair back. It looks soo....disgusting? eww? geez why oh why can't I have such soft gorgeous wavy-esque hair? It's those damn genes from parents. FUCK. whatever. Overall it was a great night.

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