Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rest In Peace Daul Kim

I haven't blogged in pretty much a while but first things first: I have to blog my feelings towards Daul Kim's suicide. I'm still in complete shock from this. Looking around online on my phone in class and then finding the news out, with my jaw dropping and gasping in front of a lecture, wasn't what I'd be expecting . It's very unfortunate that such a beautiful person, inside and out, had to pass this way. I still can't believe it. So So sad.
You'd think she had it all considering all the fame and money modeling brings you but i guess that wasn't the case with Daul. Seems like she was struggling with far more difficult problems that I nor you could distinguish and relate to. She seemed so happy though. She seemed like such a sweet, unique, cool girl with a fantastic personality and with such a beautiful soul. I mean just looking at this picture you'd think she was living life.
It's very unfortunate because this could've been prevented. It really could've. I'm saddened that no one was there for her and that she couldn't find happiness. and what surprises me is that the signs of suicide had all been there for what..3 years on her blog and yet no one helped her? But lets not get all depressing on this post and let's rather enjoy how incredible she was as a model and as a human being. Take for example the latest Chanel Coco Cocoon videos/campaign she did for Chanel. It's so raw but it captures Daul in such a positive way. Happiness is what comes to mind when seeing these videos and shows the epitome of how great of a person Daul really was.
It's unfortunate because I read that she was Karl's newest muse. She was already big, but it seemed like there was soo much more destined for her. This wasn't her fate. Well rest in peace Daul. You'll never be forgotten. An incredible and talented model, loved by yours truly, and such an incredible person like no other. 

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