Monday, November 2, 2009

Somebody send my ass to Harvey Grammer School to get fucked!

I don't know about you, but I'd do anything to have a hot teacher demand a hot steamy blowjob session from me in return for a big ol fat A on my report card. I just read this article in "The Sun" and the fuck do i get my skinny brown ass into the Harvey Grammer School in Folkstone, Kent just to see this bitch blow my ass. Why oh why aren't there teachers like this at my school??!?! There's nothing like a scandal that consists of a porn industry-related guy that works at a school. Am I right? Soooo hot...
turns out a bunch of closeted folks over there found photos of him masturbating and doing blah blah blah nude pictures and later fired him for his "not so safe for work" past. I say hand those damn pictures over ya'll. Actually no, the question the fuck did they find these photos of him? I'm betting it was some fat fagot student over there cumming all over the internets and bam wham bam found the photos on some website like or maybe it was some high authority there like the principal who found them while trying to find his next solo session online. oh well.
Well wouldn't you want THIS right here to be your teacher? All my teachers are bull dykes and old pedophiles and fat virgins....wait except this one I had over the summer but I mean he's hot hot but not like "fuck me right here, right now and cum all over my ass bitch!".  
ugh whatever, all i know is that i'm getting a bucket of friend chicken and sending my ass over there to Folkstone. I need a dose of faggotry red necks and dirty raunchy teachers to fuck my ass. Laters bitch.

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Anonymous said...

omg that guy is sooo hot O.o