Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas to me, Laryngitis round two

Merry christmas to me. Instead of the usual nice upscale gift for myself or my very own escort to flaunt to everyone, I guess I opted for getting larygitis. Let's just say laryngitis round two. Ugh my fucking god, why oh why oh why!?! I mean i had it like 4 weeks ago and fortunately it wasn't severe to the point where I last my faggot ass voice but it did cause annoyance everytime i pretended to swallow Lorenzo Martone's or Tom Ford's cockerel. Actually I take it back. I mean I shouldn't be THAT responsive since it feels like I might get laryngitis.
I'm just assuming it's in it's early stages considering every time I yawn my throat hurts. No more eating or swallowing for me I guess. Like Deon says in Clueless "There goes your social life". Now all I gotta do is go to my perverted doctor and then get some fucking prescription and then get the pills blah blah blah boo hoo cry me a river. I really hope I'm being just some stupid annoying whore and that my throat hurts for maybe just like one more day. Plus if I do get laryngitis, how the fuck am I supposed to talk with losing my voice?!? A gurl has too much to blab about.

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