Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2010 Ad Campaign: Daria Werbowy by Mert & Marcus

Camp Daria anyone? I have never ever ever in my life have loved a Dsquared ad campaign so much. I thought the Linda & Naomi one was never going to be topped, but this one right here is IT! God damn gurl work that damn plaid dress! Oh! the eye candy! Love Daria's pose! Remember, wind in the face is all you fucking need.
You know, I have never ever left home to attend things such as camping or sleep overs(my mother forbids things like that. The reason? Don't know.) but, If I were ever to attend any sort of camping this is what I'd love to attend and expect. High expectations await my friends! Shit, even the other day me and a couple of friends were going hiking and what do I do? Dress to impress. I kid you not that damn Dsquared collection( I adore that collection) is great camping inspiration, no? Omfg the spead ad is soooo good! Somebody puhlease send me that damn bitch in the orange speedo by mail. Daria looks so fucking phenomenal.
Now if those shots didn't make you a fan, this one will for sure. Gotta love Daria.
I'm really happy the campaign is actually inspired by the collection. Anyways, send my fat brown ass to camp Daria. Gawd, I love this campaign too much. I wanna work that damn shower like that.

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