Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prada Fall/Winter 2010 Menswear Video

Ugh, addictions are never good. Unless it's cock or fashion. In this case, the latest Prada collection's video. Gorge! Love the runway setting, love the music, but most importantly love the clothes. I'll take that oversized pink sweater and Jaquelyns patent leather looking coat while strutting to the soundtrack around my school's hallways.
thank god I have the soundtrack ready for me to sashay my gay ass around school. Because we all wanna feel like were a skinny Sigrid Agren with flawless skin and long ass legs, here are the songs:
Nirvana: rape me
The Chemical Brothers: song to the siren
The Flaming Lips: See the leaves
Oasis: supersonic
Shakespeare's Sister: stay with me
The Prodigy: Break & Enter

You're welcome sluts.

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