Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fashion For Relief Haiti

Remember that episode of Sex & The City when Carrie agrees to do a charity fashion show for Margaret Cho and ends up wearing some dolce sequined panties?
Well in this case, Naomi "I'll knock yo ass out" Campbell decided to do something similar for Haiti. Omfg, shit If only I had a dollar for yelling out what dress or blah was from what designer or which model is which I'd SO be a million dollar bitch.

Oh, and remember that little part in that Sex & The City episode where Carrie fall flat on her face and cringes? Yeah.........well umm that same shit happened to 27 year old(DAMN she's 27 already?!?!) Agyness Deyn.. I'm sorry, but....haha....
Don't you just love how big lips Lindsey Wixson just cracks up and up and up!?...
Yay for charity fashion shows!

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