Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day was....

horrible. Worst Valentine's day EVER! ugh....I mean all I had was one of the gurls stop over my casa and drop off some cookies for my face to devour and then we went to the movies to watch "Valentine's Day". We get there but then we end up at fucking In N Out and then gave a couple of burgers the best blowjobs they've ever had. After that, we had to pick up my friend's sister but on our way off to get her we went to Mcdonalds to get those know..those $1.00 chicken sandwiches? Yeah....well I only got 4 but omfg I so didn't get full from that In N Out so I just had to get me some Mcdonald's. After that, we picked up the slut's sister and went to their casa and just "chilled" there. "Chilled" basically means we had more food (cookies) and watched Celebrity Rehab with ma boo Dr.Drew. After that, it was getting late on the day of love so I got dropped off at home and had 2 FUCKING TAMALES and from there went asleep like the little angel I am. I'm never EVER binging that badly again. Mkay.

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