Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Versus by Versace Fragrance: Lara Stone by Craig McDean

Before I post the damn ad campaign, you really really REALLY have to love Lara Stone after this or else i'm going on a killing spree after you mo'fuckas. ugh, sensational gurl...work it betch..HELLO it's Versace! Well....Versus by Versace. Anywhoo.....you gotta love it.
I've never been a huge Lara Stone fan but hallalujah!!! to that video cause I'm officially a fan. And now the finish product....with teeth and dresses and all.....
I love the video more (obviously) but I love the ad campaign too. Only minor flaw is that there's a tad bit too much teeth going on in the first photo. Whatever, I'm fucking loving this. Love, love, love, love....

btw: I'm SO going to do my best to blog about the menswear collections (I know, fuck me with a fruitcake, I'm soo late) and the couture collections as soon as possible cause homegurl has lots to do with finals being such a bitch starting tommorow. K. Love yah.

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