Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where's Dr.Drew when you need him, am I right Jourdan?

Aww poor Jourdan. She just popped a baby J out of her coochie, made her return to the runway last week at the Aquascutum fashion show in London wearing a fabulous trench, and now THIS happens.

"Jourdan Dunn, who gave birth to a son in December, made a return to the catwalk at Aquascutum just five days ago, but news today may affect her schedule for the rest of the season. Jordan Cummings, 20, the father of her son and her longtime boyfriend (they've reportedly been together about five years), was arrested last night and sentenced to 3.5 years jail time for possession of 2 ounces of cocaine with intent to supply. Dunn, who lives with her mom and younger brothers, made no comment, but it's suspected that Cummings's long sentence was due to similar previous convictions. [Sun UK]"

I think this is one of those times gurl when you need to invite Sessilee "i'm on a tv show on BET ya'll" Lopez, Chanel "Eniko, don't play!" Iman, & the quintessential white girl....Karlie? Yeah....invite Karlie, Arlenis "I have a lancome contract hahaha" Sosa (ok actually don't. She looks hella boring and nice), and Eniko so you guys can be amazed by her big boobies, and while you guys all gather together, pop in some fat free popcorn and cry your tears out gurl and gossip like the girls you are. On a serious note, my best wishes are with Jourdan & her baby though.

ps. I think Jourdan's bf needs Dr.Drew, no? HELLO Celebrity rehab! Anybody can go on that damn show, why not him? Shit, if Joey from the real world(my boo) can make it there, then i'm sure Jourdan's baby daddy can go there too...

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