Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"The Greatest" Trailer

I think this should be a "Slut of the day: Carey Mulligan" post cause every thing that red head does turns to porn for my movie eyes. Anyways, I really wanna watch this the movie "The Greatest" staring none other than Mulligan.
It's like "Riding In Cars With Boys" with a dash of some murder and mother in law shizz. Definitely looks like a tear jerker. By the way, I NEED to watch "An Education" which gave her a nomination for best actress at the Oscars (correct me if I'm wrong). ugh, It looks SO GOOD too.
I can't wait till "An Education" comes out at my local blockbuster so I can grab that and a good ol bag of white chocolate covered pretzals and I think "The Greatest" comes out within a couple of months here in the US of A which means coming up is a movie night with the gurls (I'll tell them were going out to some burger joint in the hood or somethin to convince them to tag alone so I won't go alone).

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